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Penn Badgley Tells You Everything He Knows About Sexy


Perhaps Tom Cruise's recent fawn over 'breakout star' Chace Crawford is causing Gossip Girl's Penn Badgley to sex up his image.

Badgley did one of those things glossy mags and publicists force celebrities to do, and talked to InStyle about what he thinks is sexy. According to Badgley, sexy is an attitude, being different from what's aesthetically good-looking, playing sultry music, playing sports, being active, being around cheerleaders, Paris, New York, or actually anyplace, and yeah, chocolate-covered strawberries.

For some reason a hot dude in a white tank top soaked with water wasn't on his list, although in the print issue, he passes along this sage bit of poetry: "When you're wet and your clothes cling to you, you feel more exposed, almost more naked than naked. Everything is more romantic by water. Everyone remembers his or her first kiss in the pool, in the rain."

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Tom Cruise Coming Between Chace Crawford and Penn Badgley?


Jealousy between the male Gossip Girl stars apparently flared at the Met's Costume Institute Ball when Tom Cruise showered all his attention on Crawford, the Daily News reports:

"The problem? Audiences have gone gaga for Chace. The girls and the gays alike have brought the buzz his way, thanks to smoldering good looks and boyish charm. 'Penn was supposed to be the show's break-out star and now it is obviously Chace, and Penn doesn't like it,' said one insider. In last week's episode, Chace got no screen time at all while Penn was featured prominently. But jealousy still reared its head Monday night at the Met's Costume Institute ball. Both Penn and Chace walked the red carpet, but it was Chace who was mobbed - and (OMG) invited to George Clooney's after-party at Bungalow 8. To make matters worse, the king and queen of Hollywood, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, gushed all over him. 'Tom and Katie went up to Chace to say how much they love him and the show. They didn't talk to any of the other cast members,' our spy snitched. 'Penn didn't get any love.'"

Gossip Girl Guy: I'm Gay [tr]

Gossip Girl Guy: I'm Gay


So last night's Gossip Girl episode featured the big coming out for one of the boys, who was caught making out with newbie Asher Hornsby (above). As a courtesy to those of you who haven't engaged your DVRs yet, the key reveals are AFTER THE JUMP...

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Gossip Girl About to Get a Gay?


Last October, I posted an interview in which Gossip Girl's Penn Badgley expressed hope that there might be a gay Gossip Girl character in seasons to come.

PennSaid Badgley of his character Dan's sexuality in the novels Gossip Girl is based on: "Yeah, I think [Dan's] straight-up gay in the books. But I don’t think network TV really has the balls to make one of their [teenage] series regulars gay. Let's say the show builds up to become a big hit, then I think they'd maybe explore it in year three or four. It would be an interesting thing to do. It could bring in a whole different demographic."

Well, according to TV Guide's Michael Ausiello, that may be happening much sooner:

"I'm hearing from an extremely reliable source that a male character on Gossip Girl will be revealed to be of the gay persuasion when the show returns on April 21. Who? Can't say. Won't say. It's too good a surprise. I will, however, offer five tantalizing clues.

Gossip• This person may or may not be pictured [here].
• The revelation significantly impacts the lives of at least three people.
• The aftershocks will be felt on both sides of the East River.
• Some viewers will be surprised by the twist, others not so much.
• In the Gossip Girl novels, Dan was known to be a bit of a switch hitter — which isn't so much a clue as it is a fact. A misleading fact? Perhaps. Perhaps not."

While it's tempting to wish that Nate or Dan will come out, the smart money's on the young, troubled Eric van der Woodsen, played by Connor Paolo.


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Gossip Girl Guys Engage in Well-Dressed Three-way for Out


Gossip Girl's Chace Crawford, Penn Badgley and Ed Westwick bat doe eyes from the cover of Out magazine's March fashion issue.

Says Badgley to Out: "I don’t think network TV really has the balls to make one of their [teenage] series’ regulars gay. Let’s say the show builds up to become a big hit, then I think they’d maybe explore it in year three or four. It would be an interesting thing to do. It could bring in a whole different demographic."



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News: Sean Penn Badgley, Scottsdale, Hello Kitty, Giorgio Armani

road.jpg Sean Penn: The future Harvey Milk ends his 11 year marriage.

Pennbadgleyhot02road.jpg Penn Badgley: hot and bothered.

road.jpg Censorship debate continues surrounding the BBC's dubbing, and then undubbing of the word "faggot" from The Pogues' Christmas tune "Fairytale of New York". Times Online: "The present consensus is with MacGowan – that there is nothing wrong with using the word 'faggot' in this context. Lighten up, you Milly Tants. My unfashionable counterview is that there is something very wrong in using it, that Radio 1 was right in its original decision and should have shown more balls and stuck by it. 'Faggot' is a term of anti-gay abuse; in this song it is most definitely an insult...To say that you’re offended these days is to risk being accused of being humourless; of not getting the joke. It’s the same risk you run as a woman who is offended by the endless parade of breasts in magazines such as Nuts. The new casual homophobia is couched as a perfectly acceptable, knowing joke, and coincides with a general feeling that gays have had quite enough equality: equal age of consent; civil partnership ceremonies (but not marriage). That we are getting a little too big for our boots."

road.jpg First shots of Edward Norton as Bruce Banner in The Incredible Hulk.

Hxroad.jpg Fashion designer and Project Runway contestant Jack Mackenroth talks to NYC's HX magazine about his reaction to Sarah Jessica Parker on the show and his cameo in the upcoming Sex and the City movie, among other things: "When I watched [the reaction] back I was like, 'I am so gay.' Which is fine. I embrace the gayness. I’m super-gay. I’m a big ol’ queen...[The Sex and the City cameo] was completely unrelated. A friend of mine knew the person that was casting the extras, so he called me up and said they needed a gay guy with a good body, and I was like, 'Alright!' But she’s super-nice and totally genuine. It was very painful for her to do the critiques because she doesn’t like being mean."

road.jpg Fans swarm Giorgio Armani as he visits his NYC Soho Armani Exchange store: "Everyone rushed him and started asking for autographs. It was mayhem."

road.jpg Hello Kitty for Men, coming soon.

Scottsdaleroad.jpg Scottsdale, Arizona bar owner converts to a gay nightclub after year-long dispute over the banning of a transgender patron: "Owner Tom Anderson (pictured on right, with co-owner brother Ted) said he made the transition in an effort to 'change Scottsdale.' The city saw a number of high-profile anti-gay and hate crimes this year, said Sam Holdren of Equality Arizona. Anderson made headlines last year when he banned a transgender woman from Anderson's Fifth Estate after female customers complained about transgender patrons using the women's restroom. The woman, Michele DeLaFreniere, filed a discrimination complaint with the Arizona Attorney General's Office."

road.jpg A theory on Rednecks vs. Gay Marriage: "...if we are trying to explain (but not excuse) why the churchgoing divorcees oppose it, the answer is that they see homosexuality, married or not, as non-traditional. The churchgoing divorcees are not asserting their family virtue, logically conceived, but their family virtue as traditionally defined. It is the traditional definition of family virtue that prevails in the communities where the churchgoing divorcees are trying to ingratiate themselves, as a way to compensate for and cover their fractured family lives."


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