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Manger-gate Continues

Becksposh2 KevinbritThe Madame Tussaud's wax figures of Joseph and Mary, played with stoic reserve by David and Victoria Beckham, have been damaged in an attack by a spectator, who apparently punched them and fled. The waxwork couple has since been removed.

So on to more important things. Who will replace Becks and Posh now that they've been vanquished? We hereby nominate the other couple whose marriage record befits an exhibit with the taste of this one.

While Joseph and Mary are certainly the focal point in the story of the birth of Jesus, it's puzzling to Towleroad why the figures of Becks and Posh would be interpreted as more scandalous to an onlooker than the cynical placement of the nearby Wise Men, George W. Bush and Tony Blair (who've attracted the least of the attention), whose "wise" policies together have caused more Western-influenced death, strife, and conflict in the Middle East than any in modern history. Food for thought.

P.S. — Note to attacker: Wax melts. Next time try a lit match.

Charmed, I'm Sure


You may have noticed there's not a lot of girl talk on this site, however, I couldn't help but think, after seeing this photo of Paris Hilton's recent brunette transformation, that Shannen Doherty has to be a little miffed that her younger, harder-partying evil twin has surfaced.

Near Riots in WeHo

Like you, I was wondering what all the commotion was last night on Santa Monica Boulevard outside A Different Light Bookstore. Throngs of men peering through the holly and colored lights like children gazing into a dazzling snowglobe.


This had to be A Different Light's biggest crowd since ten people died in a stampede to meet Christopher Rice two years ago. What kind of event would inspire a crowd in West Hollywood to rival a Russian bread line?


Boy Meets Boy 2 Auditions?

Free Botox injections?

A visit from S-s-s-santa?

And if not Santa, whose lap could hundreds of homosexuals be lined up to sit on?

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Just Married


A reader sends in this photo of Star Jones and banker Al Reynolds, married over the weekend in a star-studded ceremony attended by guests like Hillary Clinton, Spike Lee, and The View co-host Barbara Walters.

Rumors questioning Reynolds' sexuality have circulated on the internet for months, with The NY Post reporting his attendance at a gay Halloween bash dressed as a stripper in a white Speedo and bathrobe. Other reports have him at a Fire Island party in another Speedo, but this time dressed as Bam Bam from the Flintstones. In his juicy Filth column, Billy Masters reported on the Halloween party: "When my spy asked what his costume was, someone in the crowd yelled, 'He's pretending to be a straight guy marrying Star Jones.' Reynolds corrected him by stating, 'I'm a male stripper.'"

Whether or not Reynolds' Halloween costume choices and context in which he chooses to wear them are indicative that he's a gay man marrying a woman is anyone's Gest.

So does this photo show "a man frozen in fear" as our reader noted to us, or does it depict a couple intent on preserving the sanctity of the important institution whose protections are afforded to heterosexuals whose love for one another merits the label of marriage?

The wedding apparently went off without a hitch. Reports co-host Walters,
"I smiled a lot."

D.C.'s Biggest Dick?

CheneybulgeWell, here's a picture worth a thousand words. Not much more I can say about it, but blow it up and have a look.

Blue Lemur has the story on this photo, taken by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel photographer Mike Guldan, who insists the photo hasn't been retouched.

"Guldan explains that he took between 100 and 200 photographs that day with a digital camera, chose six to eight images for possible publication and didn’t notice anything odd in the Kopp’s image because Cheney sat in the shadows. Incredibly, a “dozen or so” editors saw the photo before publication and nobody raised a red flag, he says."

It's obviously very exciting to be working around a lot of Bush.

Larry Kramer Speech at Cooper Union

L_larry_kramer"The Tragedy of Today's Gays". Author and activist Larry Kramer gave a 90-minute speech Sunday night, November 7, at Cooper Union, NYC. In the early days of the AIDS epidemic he was as outspoken as outspoken can be — founding Gay Men's Health Crisis, ACT UP, and writing a play that's been produced hundreds of times, The Normal Heart.

So for this, his first major public address since the early days of ACT UP, 900 showed up, 400 were turned away. Nobody walked out, according to reports. The speech, which follows, is characteristic — shrill, wildly political, disturbing, accusatory, often off-putting, at times engrossing. You may not get through it. But here it is, a call, a plea to action by a man who's made that his life's work. If anyone was there on Sunday, please comment.

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