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Peter LaBarbera Has No Clue How To Enforce Criminalization Of Homosexuality: AUDIO

Peter LaBarbera

Anti-gay activist Peter LaBarbera seldom has any clue what he's talking about - something we have documented at great length - but a recent interview with Alan Colmes LaBarbera revealed a new level of how clueless he is. After hitting the tired bigoted talking points of how gay couples are unfit to raise children because it would normalize perversion, Colmes asked him how he would plan to ban homosexuality and punish violators. Rather unexpectedly, LaBarbera didn't know how to respond. He tried avoiding Colmes' inquiry, but was eventually pressed into admitting:

“I don’t know what the punishment [for homosexuality] should be.”

Mildly shocking given that in Jamaica, where he recently proselytized to keep anti-gay laws on the books, homosexuality can earn a jail sentence of up to ten years. Colmes then took him to task, which you can hear in the interview below.


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Anti-Gay Wingnut Peter LaBarbera Went to Jamaica to Foment Homophobia

Illinois-based anti-gay wingnut Peter 'Porno Pete' LaBarbera traveled to Jamaica to stir up homophobia.

The Gleaner reports: Labarbera

"The United States has no business lecturing anybody about sexual morality. America has rampant abortions, rampant promiscuity, and I stand wholeheartedly with Jamaicans and encourage you all to hold to your beliefs, " LaBarbera told The Gleaner.

LaBarbera made the comments Saturday following The JamaicaCoalition for a Healthy Society International Human Rights conference at the Jamaica Conference Centre in downtown Kingston.

"We are all watching Jamaica to see what happens (buggery law), and I believe if Jamaica can stand up and not bow to the pressure, you can be an example to the world. There is no need to follow anybody," LaBarbera said.

LaBarbera's appearance only serves to support laws criminalizing homosexuality, as if there is not enough mob violence and killing going on there without his help.

You may remember LaBarbera from his pathetic protest outside the Illinois marriage equality bill ceremony.

Wingnut Peter LaBarbera Angered By Secular Thanksgiving And Those Giving Thanks For Gay Rights

Peter LaBarbera, a perennial unfavorite here at Towleroad and the head of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality has issued another deplorable statement of homophobia and intolerance. This time his rage is holiday-specific, taking aim at the shameful "thanks" that "homosexuality advocates" give for the progress of LGBT rights during, well, Thanksgiving. LaBarbera sees this appropriation of a decidedly American holiday as an affront to God, who should be receiving more credit from the general public on this most celebratory of days. 

PeterlabarberaRight Wing Watch reports content from LaBarbera's website:

As secularism and – dare I say – godlessness deepen in these United States, many are leaving God out of Thanksgiving Day. Language always follows the heart: have you noticed the habit that has crept in of being thankful for this and that – without being thankful to God?

Now homosexuality advocates (and others) have taken this regrettable phenomenon a step further: using Thanksgiving as an opportunity to be “thankful for” developments that are decidedly ungodly – e.g., the advance of out-and-proud homosexualism, including “same-sex marriage,” in the United States.

I came upon this homosexual website article timed for Thanksgiving about homosexuals being thankful for various “gay rights” achievements, including more lesbians on TV. We know as Christians and Bible-respecting Jews that Our Heavenly Father is not smiling on that.

Though the first Thanksgiving celebrations in America may have occurred amongst Puritans and Pilgrims "thankful" for their new-found religious liberty (and soon to impose harsh theological restrictions on other groups), one would be hard-pressed to constitute the annual holiday as a purely religious one. LaBarbera, of course, disagrees.

And so, we have come full circle: citizens of a nation founded “under God” use our annual day of gratitude — conceived to humbly give thanks to God — to celebrate sin. How insidious is the “Progressive” Left’s radical redefinition of everything noble – patriotism, liberty, equality, and now even God Himself – to advance their destructive agendas?

What were you thankful for this Turkey Day? I know Peter LaBarbera did not cross my mind.

Anti-Gay Activist Peter LaBarbera Outside the Illinois Marriage Equality Bill Ceremony: PHOTO


How pathetic.

Via activist Waymon Hudson, who is tweeting from the event.

Wingnut Peter LaBarbera: LGBT Students 'Getting Scholarships...for Embracing Perversion' - AUDIO

LaBarberaPeter LaBarbera, President of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, joined religious right radio host Janet Meffered yesterday in a discussion about the Illinois marriage equality vote and the U.S. Senate's approval of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.

While on the subject of ENDA, LaBarbera argued that far from being discriminated against in society, LGBT people are even "getting scholarships on college campuses for embracing perversion." The people who are actually facing discrimination, LaBarbera asserted, are the patriots like him who oppose homosexuality.


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Wingnut Peter LaBarbera: Not Surprised Hallmark Removed 'Sexual Perversion' from Ornament


We know what Americans for Truth About Homosexuality wingnut Peter LaBarbera is trimming his tree with this year.

Says LaBarbera to wingnut site One News Now:

"Who could blame Hallmark for changing the Christmas carol from 'Don we now our gay apparel' to 'Don we now our fun apparel' because homosexual activists stole the word 'gay.' It used to mean 'happy' and 'joyful' – and now it means, basically, identifying a sexual perversion: homosexuality. So I don't blame Hallmark for making this change. Homosexual activists stole that word just like they stole the rainbow. Now, I don't believe we should let these words go, but it looks like 'gay' is too far gone. We're not going to let the rainbow be used solely as a homosexual symbol, so we're going to fight that. But the fact is, homosexual activists are constantly stealing good things and adapting them to suit their sexual perversion."


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