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Photos Of Gay Couples Kissing In Churches Gets NYC Show After Vatican Disapproval


When Rome’s Galleria L'Opera tried to artist Gonzalo Orquin’s photographs of gay, lesbian and straight couples kissing in Rome’s Catholic churches, the Vatican threatened legal action and had the showing stopped (the opera cited “security reasons”).

But it looks like those photos will still get a showing in Manhattan’s Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art on April 30.

The New York Daily News reports:

The photos were taken without permission from the churches involved. A Vatican spokesman claimed the photos could “harm the religious sentiment of the faithful.”

Another exhibition from Orquin — this time showing a woman dressed like a priest — was later vandalized.

But in New York, Orquin’s work is receiving a warm welcome. It will be featured in the SoHo-based museum’s window gallery and will be visible to passersby on the street.

Leslie-Lohman Museum Director Hunter O’Hanian said of Orquin’s church photos, “These were very beautiful, simple portraits of same-sex couples in a space that they held sacred and important to them. I hope visitors [who see them] leave with a wonderful feeling of compassion and humanity.”

Tumblr Of The Day: 'Boyfriend Twin' — Men Who Wanted Someone Just Like Them


"What's sexier than dating yourself?" asks the Tumblr Boyfriend Twin, a photo blog dedicated to pics of boyfriends who look alike. What we're wondering is whether dating yourself is vanity or just self-love.

It's also reminding us of the Urban Dictionary word "dopplebanger" which means "someone you want to have sex with purely because they look similar to another person you want to do," in this instance yourself.

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'90210' Hottie Trevor Donovan Strips Down For Homeless Animals: PHOTOS, VIDEO


Trevor Donovan, the 36-year-old hunky actor who appeared in Days Of Our Lives and played a gay character in 90210, stripped down recently to promote the charity Helping Homeless Animals.

Kinda reminds us of gay NFL hopeful Michael Sam's recent dip with another four-legged friend.

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Meet Brazil's Hottest Subway Security Guard: PHOTOS


Meet William Leon (or as they say in Portuguese Guilherme Leão). He is an unfortunately straight, 176 pound, 22-year-old subway security guard in Sao Paulo, Brazil who stands 6 feet tall with green eyes. He recently become an internet heartthrob after being voted as the “hottest subway guard” in a cheeky workplace promotion.

The company that hired him said, “Our custodians of the subway are not only beautiful they are trained in immobilization techniques, first aid and care to the public."

Since winning the contest, he has told reporters, “I’m not able to work because of harassment: ask me for photos, autographs, interviews. [They’re even able] to recognize me out of uniform!"

He has also reportedly worked in China for a brief while as a model. If you want to, you can continue drooling over him at both of his Instagram accounts.

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This Parrot is a Woman Posing in Bodypaint: PHOTO


Keep looking. You'll see it.

The photo was created by artist Johannes Stoetter, a former world champ body painter.

Writes the Daily Mail:

The 35-year-old artist, who lives in Italy, spent four weeks painstakingly planning how he could transform the female model into a parrot. He took four hours to paint the woman's body using special breathable paint - adding intricate detail, dark shading and even a bright green eye.

Check out one of his frogs, AFTER THE JUMP...

(via gizmodo)

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Joe Hanson Shows Off The Most Important Science Images Ever: VIDEO


It's Okay To Be Smart's Joe Hanson has returned from a stint with bees and snowflakes to show off some of the most important scientific images ever captured. From medieval times to the twentieth-century, Joe convinces us that pictures have played a huge role in the development of science and the dissemination of knowledge.

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