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 roadRead transcripts of the federal Prop 8 trial HERE.

 roadMan found dead on gay cruise in the Cayman Islands.

Pbkid  road"Nutty" fan at UGA-Tennessee game figures out a way he can get on the court without anyone touching him.

 roadThis ad has triggered my deepest fears.

 roadGay pianist Earl Wild dies at 94.

 roadArjan Writes talks to gay artist Matt Morris about his new album and his duet with Justin Timberlake at the "Hope for Haiti" telethon (if you missed their performance, watch it here — it was definitely the best part of the telethon).

 roadHere are all the 'Hope for Haiti' performances.

 roadBeautiful ad fights deforestation.

 roadGlee's Jane Lynch plans to marry in May, according to reports.

 roadThere's an 80% chance Harold Ford Jr. will run for Senate in New York, says a supporter.

 roadIsrael's top gay dating website celebrates 10th anniversary: "The number of active surfers on Atraf has already passed 100,000 - and while the site associates itself with the queer community, some 41 percent of regular users identify themselves as straight. The surprisingly high figure of 'straight' surfers can likely be attributed to those who have not yet come out of the closet and are wary of identifying themselves with their picture (even if it is hidden) as 'interested in men.'"

 roadWATCH: Betty White proves why she's a national treasure.

Gohil  roadGay Indian Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil to marry in Nepal: "The ceremony is the start of what Nepalese lawmaker Sunil Babu Pant hopes will become a lucrative business for his country, whose once thriving tourist industry is still reeling from a decade-long civil war that ended in 2006."

 roadLithuanians apply for Gay Pride parade permit.

 roadMale model fix: Francisco Lachowski.

 roadJudge gives 30-day deadline in lesbian child abduction custody case: "Lisa Miller has disappeared with 7-year-old Isabella Miller-Jenkins, and Miller's former partner renewed her call for help finding the girl."

 roadNew York courts growing accustomed to transgender name changes.

 roadArchy & Mehitabel: Musical duo pens track to benefit Matthew Shepard Foundation.

Swans  roadSwans in rare divorce: "It is not unheard of for the birds, which usually mate for life, to find a new mate but it tends to be because one of the pair has died, they said."

 roadGeorgia upholds life sentence in gay panic murder case: "At trial, Hall said he was high on cocaine when he stabbed Cook more than 20 times while in a trance triggered by childhood memories of seeing his father stab his mother to death."

 roadWestboro Baptist to picket at Stanford.

 roadHawaii's long history on gay unions. "Regardless of H.B 444's fate, no one believes the controversy over same-sex unions will fade any time soon. Arakaki said he can't recall any other issue during his 20 years in office that touched such a raw nerve. 'It's because the evangelical and other churches are a lot more involved. It's become their issue and what they stand for and what they represent. It also speaks to traditional family values that we have here in the Islands and in the country,' he said."

News: Rhode Island, Neil Patrick Harris, Bombay, Audrina Patridge


Rhode Island passes Domestic Partner rights — for the dead.



Jason Mraz shares his tips for squatting in the woods.


Dixie Carter's 'Exorcise' Video.


Setting the Gay Wedding Table: the birth of a new California campaign? "...a little-known gay-rights group based in politically savvy Sacramento has suddenly become a major power broker — by very cleverly and very quietly filing the first official ballot language for a pro–gay marriage measure for 2010. 'We really see ourselves as moderators of the situation,' says Chaz Lowe of Sacramento, co-founder of a brash new group that is taking action without waiting for the old guard — Yes on Equality. 'That way, there doesn’t have to be infighting between Equality California and the Courage Campaign.'"


'Loving Day' is coming up.


What to expect from Neil Patrick Harris this Sunday at the Tony Awards: "Maybe no shirt. Maybe just the tux and the tie. Maybe not."


Conan O'Brien stole his set from Super Mario Brothers.



New Zealand's first Gay History book is a finalist for the country's major literary prize.


Ricky Martin's Miami mansion is for sale: $11 million.


Original Land of the Lost actor Wesley Eure: I'm gay.


Hills airhead and PETA spokesperson Audrina Patridge chows down on burgers in Carl's Jr. T&A ad: "I had an absolute blast shooting. It was my first experience shooting a spot with food, and when I pulled up, I was literally salivating looking at all the rows and rows of perfect burgers waiting for me!"


20 years ago yesterday.


Stem cell contact lens cures blindness for some.


Catfight between Real Housewives of New York and New Jersey.



Bombay Dost, India's first and only LGBT magazine, relaunches: "The original Dost, which printed from 1990 to 2002, was available mostly through roadside vendors and often wrapped in plain brown paper. 'There is a sense that certain sections of Indian society are now much more liberal and tolerant, something that would be unheard of back in 1990,' editor Vikram Phukan told via e-mail. Six weeks into the relaunch, Bombay Dost has sold two thirds of its initial print run -- nearly 1,000 copies."


ABC News profiles gay Indian Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil.


Blake Lewis returns.


Former candidate names South Carolina lawmakers who are closeted: “We have more gay people serving in South Carolina than probably in anyplace in the United States; they’re just not out of the closet. We have an awful lot of people in the closet — Lindsey Graham, Glenn McConnell who’s our Senate president pro tem, our Lt Governor [André Bauer].”


Alberta, Canada passes legislation allowing parents to pull their kids out of school when classes are being taught on sex, religion or sexual orientation. Lawmaker: "People of Alberta are better off for it and we had the courage to actually bring it forward."


News: Octuplet Mom, South Carolina, Gene Robinson, Skating

road.jpg South Carolina state senator Robert Ford introduces Civil Union Equality Act: "It would allow same-sex civil unions in the state that would have all the benefits, privileges, rights and responsibilities of marriage."

Baleroad.jpg Christian Bale: "I acted like a punk."

road.jpg Insane octuplet mom speaks!

road.jpg Bishop Gene Robinson testifies for same-sex marriage at New Hampshire state house - VIDEO: "Ladies and gentleman of the Judiciary Committee, don't let the religious opponents to marriage equality you will hear from today and in the days to come make you afraid to do what is right."

road.jpg Gay panic: Bahamian man acquitted for stabbing death of gay, HIV-positive man.

road.jpg Canada to launch "tough" campaign in order to de-gay figure skating. Watch video.

road.jpg Sex and the City sequel confirmed!

road.jpg Simon Cowell is a homesaver.

road.jpg British teen admits to killing gay retired truck driver: "Michael Worsely, QC, prosecuting, said the attack happened after Smith, another man and two women taunted, spat on and threw eggs at the victim and his partner on the pavement below the block of flats. After leaving the flat, Smith punched Mr Dixon, who was recovering from a stroke, in the face, smashing his cheek bone and leaving him with head injuries after he hit the road. Mr Dixon, who lived in nearby Wellington Gardens, died of a brain injury shortly after the attack."

Gohilroad.jpg Gay Indian Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil no longer a pariah in his home country: "Many believe that his growing celebrity status — being invited on the Oprah Winfrey Show and as a contestant in reality shows on British television — may have helped him gain acceptance. But, the prince is also an extremely genial person. 'In the past, many taboos were attached to homosexuality. But thanks to media attention, there is growing awareness and hence they understand me too. Besides, I have removed barriers of royal family and started visiting people to solve their problems,' Gohil said. Farmer: "I had avoided Gohil after realising he was gay. But, I saw that he was the only member of the royal family concerned about us. Since then, I have attended his functions. I salute his dedication to the people of Rajpipla."

road.jpg The world's youngest transsexual?

Camgigandetroad.jpg Did Cam Gigandet's publicist give him a shirtless ban too?

road.jpg Gay activists request end to Russia's policy banning visitors based on their HIV-status: "ussia and Armenia are the only countries who are members of the Council of Europe to impose a partial travel ban to HIV-positive foreigners. Eleven countries around the world ban or limit the right of HIV-positive people to enter their territories. The list also includes Colombia, Iraq, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Solomon Islands, South Korea, Sudan, and Yemen. Although the US Congress passed a measure lifting the ban six months ago, the ban has not been fully lifted in USA."

road.jpg Schoolboy fights back after being bullied, stabs classmate with knife.

road.jpg Margaret Cho, Janice Dickinson, Alec Mapa and gay radio host Greg Sherrell to host GayVN Awards (site possibly NSFW).

road.jpg Freshman New York state Senator Daniel Squadron: Same-sex marriage unlikely in 2009 or 2010.

News: Space, Katy Perry, Torture, Hong Kong, Wentworth Miller

road.jpg GQ's photographic portrait of the '08 campaign.

road.jpg Given the subject matter an tone of some of these, I'd rename the list "most powerful" rather than best, but here they are. Vanity Fair's slideshow of the 25 best news photographs.

Spaceroad.jpg Outer space smells like hot metal and fried steak: "Nasa asked Steven Pearce, the managing director of Omega Ingredients, which makes fragrances, to recreate the scent after hearing of his work creating smells for an art exhibition in July, one of which was of the inside of the Mir space station. Mr Pearce is interviewing astronauts to help him with his task. 'We have already produced the smell of fried steak, but hot metal is proving more difficult,' he said. 'We think it’s a high-energy vibration in the molecule.'"

road.jpg Katy Perry dives on a gigantic pink cake.

road.jpg Religious leaders in Florida come out against anti-gay Amendment 2, which would place a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage: "Florida Clergy for Fairness, a group of interfaith clergy, say that Amendment 2 is mean-spirited and an infringement upon the religious freedoms of all Floridians. 'Hatred and bigotry are the motivations behind this,' said Father Frank Corbishley, an Episcopal Chaplain at the University of Miami, during a conference call with reporters Thursday morning. 'It's sending a dangerous message about intolerance.'""

road.jpg Wentworth Miller causes hysteria in China.

road.jpg Musical indie film Once coming to Broadway.

Bunnyroad.jpg The pink bunny you can see from space.

road.jpg Hong Kong sees sharp rise in HIV infections among gay men: "Four percent of Hong Kong's gay and bisexual men are HIV-positive and genetic analyses of virus samples found three HIV strains circulating in the local community."

road.jpg James Bond for Obama: "I strongly feel there needs to be a new way forward. Barack Obama is pushing things in the right direction. I'm excited about the election. Unfortunately, things will probably get dirty. I hope Obama can stay above the fray ... I'm hopeful for the first time in a long, long while. It's one of the most exciting elections in my lifetime."

Princeroad.jpg An update on Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil of India - he's now dating a 35-year-old Brit named Michael Lower.

road.jpg Madonna drinks toast to divorce???

road.jpg GOP Rep. Virgil Goode denies involvement in Eden's Curve, a "2003 art house film that depicts gay sex, violent beatings and drug use...The film is about a young man who goes off to an all-male college and begins to explore his sexuality, eventually engaging in a ménage a trois with his roommate and his roommate’s girlfriend." Said Goode: "I never gave any money to that film. Wouldn’t do it. Haven’t even seen it. Wouldn’t see it."

road.jpg Cleveland to bid for Gay Games in 2014.

road.jpg Eminem titles new album Relapse.

road.jpg A clip from the PBS documentary on torture that PBS won't show before the election.

road.jpg Connecticut Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage may help cause in Vermont: "Bills proposing gay marriage are commonly introduced at the Statehouse, but usually gain little traction in the relevant committees. But advocates and lawmakers say these and other developments across the country have changed the political climate, increasing the chance that the Legislature will seriously consider a bill early next year."

Gay Indian Prince Says He Plans to Adopt a Royal Heir

Gay Indian Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil, who appeared earlier this year on Oprah and discussed his coming out in a country where homosexuality is still illegal under an archaic 1861 law put in place by British colonists (Section 377 of the penal code), says he plans to adopt a child so that he will have a royal heir.

GohilThe Times of India reports: " The prince was in Rajpipla on Wednesday to perform the annual ritual of garlanding his great-grandfather Vijaysinh Gohil's statue on his 119th birth anniversary. Asked who would continue this tradition after him, he said: 'I have carried out all my responsibilities as the prince so far and will continue as long as I can. I will also adopt a child soon so that all traditions continue.' Manavendra, who is a divorcee, added that adoption was not new for the royal families as many had taken this route in the absence of a legal male heir. "The Gohil dynasty itself is a case of adoption. Rajpipla was ruled by the Parmar clan, not the Gohils. But the Parmars at one point did not have a male child. One of the Parmar princesses then married the maharaja of Bhavnagar."

Although no single men have adopted children in India, Manvendra says he does not believe that should be an obstacle for him as the only stipulations in place are having no prior offspring and a significant age difference between the adopter and the adoptee.

Gay Indian Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil to Appear on Oprah [tr]

Oprah to Feature Gay People Around the World Today


Today, Oprah will look at what it's like to be gay around the world and feature an appearance by Indian Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil I posted about at the beginning of the month.

When he came out in 2006, Gohil said: "I knew that they would never accept me for who I truly am, but I also knew that I could no longer live a lie. I wanted to come out because I had gotten involved with activism and I felt it was no longer right to live in the closet. I came out as gay to a Gujarati daily because I wanted people to openly discuss homosexuality since it's a hidden affair with a lot of stigma attached."


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