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Fantastic Man: Helmut Lang Loves a Big Black Cock


I've mentioned Fantastic Man magazine here before. Via Gawker comes this shot of their latest Bruce Weber cover (preview the issue here) featuring designer Helmut Lang, which gets its point across.

Such humor is par for the course from the folks who bring you the wickedly irreverent Butt (NSFW).

Fotolog Leaps Out of the Blogosphere


Over the past couple of years I've posted occasionally about various sexy Brazilian fotologs, though my friend at Made in Brazil has made an art of it.

Fotolog has now leapt from the virtual world to the real world in the form of A Global Snapshot for the Digital Age (Thames & Hudson), a book which anthologizes many of the best user-created sites out there. Fotolog (the book) is not all sexy Brazilians (though maybe that would be a great subject for their sequel tome) but it does provide a unique window into some stunning amateur photography that otherwise might get lost among the millions of click-thrus in the blogosphere.

They've also started a fotolog site expressly for folks to post pictures of themselves reading and, uh, wearing the book.

Fotolog1 Fotolog2_1

Among the book's contributors are a NYC member named Luce, who has an affection for double portraits, and Gazelle, a chronicler of NYC nightlife. But there are many other contributors included here, even Fotolog co-founder and CEO Adam Seifer, who has photographed every meal he has eaten since 2002 (now that's an obsession), and the book's editor Andrew Long, who was once the photography critic for the New Yorker.

The 344-page book is nothing if not inspiring, and at moments, sublime. Great idea.


Cargo and Radar Back as Real Laddie Mags

You may have heard the rumblings recently about the collapse of Cargo and the resurrection of Radar. What you haven't heard is that both pubs. have been subject to intense scrutiny and focus groups, and have decided to relaunch, acknowledging their audiences in a more appropriate way.

Cargogay_1 Gaydar_2

A Strange Sense of Deja Vu

Genre_mar_2003_1 _gay_times

When I was editor of Genre magazine way back when, photographer Hudson Wright delivered a shoot to us from St. Croix featuring model Josh Saunders. It's unlikely Britain's Gay Times ever saw the cover we printed in March 2003 when they designed their latest, but they certainly know what all gay publishers know — a set of hot abs makes those newsstand figures rise. Not that it matters to the average reader (vintage beefcake never goes out of style, does it?), but I wonder if GT knew they'd been sold a second-hand model.

Hudson Wright/Splash Out/Gay Times [ohlala paris]

Letting it all Hang Out

Vman_weber2_1Picked up the new issue of Vman yesterday — the best deal you can get on the newsstand for $4.95. This one's chock full of hotness, and the best Bruce Weber bathing trunk scrap book I've seen in a while.

>> Of note also are two interviews, one with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who featured brilliantly in the film adaptation last year of Scott Heim's Mysterious Skin. When asked if he was worried about playing a gay character, Gorden-Levitt replied:

"Oh come on! The Rock played gay! No one's worried about that anymore. I'm about to do two studio movies, and none of the directors or studio people were like, 'I don't know...I think the kids think he's gay!' Plus to me, gay is a normal person who likes people of the same sex. The character I played in Mysterious Skin had a very damaged, unhealthy sexuality, whether he was with women or men."

>> A few pages later Brandon Routh is confronted with the question of whether or not he feels comfortable that Superman is a gay icon. His reply?

"He's a heterosexual icon as well. Females lust after him just like males. I think even heterosexual men look up to him and think, Wow, he's a handsome man. I'd like to be like that. If they don't, we're doing something wrong, I suppose."

Way to dodge that question! And on the other hand, I was never aware that Superman qualified as a gay icon. The new Clark Kent also confides that he wasn't required to remove his shirt for director Bryan Singer in order to get the part. Said Routh: "They could tell I was big enough and they could train me." Indeed.

Sigh. [turns page] On to something a bit more revealing...


Josh Hartnett Piles on the Glam [tr]

VMAN: Josh Hartnett Piles on the Glam


Josh Hartnett goes from gender-bending glamazon to street tough in these hot new photos by Mario Testino from the latest issue of Vman, which imho is the best-produced men's fashion magazine in the U.S..


Rough, sexy, Josh never looked better. I think that lipstick shade is just right for him.

Josh_hartnett_d2 Josh_hartnett_d

But wait, there's more. In his new movie, Lucky Number Slevin, he gets the crap beaten out of him by a number of people and spends a lot of time in a towel.







It's about time we saw more of Josh Hartnett.

V Like It [tr]
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