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The Art and Letters of Becks

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Folks can't seem to get enough of David Beckham. Two letters and a drawing done by the footballer have sold for £1,058 at auction. They were written when he was 16, and sold Monday to an anonymous buyer. They show no interest in skin care but do show an interest in girls. Becks wages at the time were £120. According to the BBC, he earns approximately £100,000 a week at Real Madrid now, while other reports which include his revenue from sponsorships peg him at $83,000 a day.

Annie Proulx Pelts the Academy with Sour Grapes

Annie_proulxWith her typically brash economy of language, Brokeback Mountain author Annie Proulx offers up her Academy Award experience, "three-and-a-half hours of butt-numbing sitting" which ended, as we all now know, with a shocker.

Proulx spins her Pulitzer Prize-winning prose into a no regrets diatribe directed at Tinseltown in this Guardian commentary.

On entering the venue:

"On the sidewalk stood hordes of the righteous, some leaning forward like wind-bent grasses, the better to deliver their imprecations against gays and fags to the open windows of the limos - the windows open by order of the security people - creeping toward the Kodak Theater for the 78th Academy Awards. Others held up sturdy, professionally crafted signs expressing the same hatred."

On "the Academy":

"Roughly 6,000 film industry voters, most in the Los Angeles area, many living cloistered lives behind wrought-iron gates or in deluxe rest-homes, out of touch not only with the shifting larger culture and the yeasty ferment that is America these days, but also out of touch with their own segregated city, decide which films are good."

On the Best Picture:

"And rumour has it that Lions Gate inundated the academy voters with DVD copies of Trash - excuse me - Crash a few weeks before the ballot deadline."

And on choosing a Best Actor:

"Hollywood loves mimicry, the conversion of a film actor into the spittin' image of a once-living celeb. But which takes more skill, acting a person who strolled the boulevard a few decades ago and who left behind tapes, film, photographs, voice recordings and friends with strong memories, or the construction of characters from imagination and a few cold words on the page?"

Proulx ain't happy. And she calls her bitterness as others might see it, signing out: "For those who call this little piece a Sour Grapes Rant, play it as it lays."

Blood on the Red Carpet [guardian]

Are You Ready to Jump?


Even those keen to deface subway advertising have Brokeback on the brain.

As seen by Towleroad correspondent Adam in the NYC E Train Subway Station at Spring Street. Click for larger version.

FrontRunner Debuts in Utah


Now that The Deseret News has picked up on the fact that the Utah Transit Authority's's new rail line, the FrontRunner, bears the same name as Patricia Nell Warren's gay novel, watch the wingnuts stand up to have it changed.

The chairwoman of Equality Utah said: "Maybe now enlightenment will be riding into the state on the rails of transit."

The new train, which the UTA says "can whisk you from Ogden to Salt Lake City in 15 minutes," replaces the Brokeback Express, whose cars, after many years of use, were still having problems coupling.

New rail's name has unexpected gay links [the deseret news]

Gay Penguins March to a New Shelf in Missouri

TangoDo children often read non-fiction? A Missouri library has "re-classified" And Tango Makes Three, the children's book about Roy and Silo, the gay penguin couple at the Central Park Zoo.

Parents expressed concern about the book's content, so librarians moved it to the non-fiction section in order that it wouldn't "blindside" readers. Now the chances are highly unlikely that its intended readers, young children, will ever find it at all.

The book's authors, partners Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell, told Towleroad: "We were only yesterday musing over a new review on our Amazon page which angrily labels our book "Brokeback Mountain for preschoolers." This led to a wish that we could have done a take off on the movie poster with Roy and Silo in cowboy hats under the title "Brokebeak Mountain."

'Gay' penguins book frozen out in Missouri libraries [sun times]

Something for the Kiddies [tr]

It Was Just Too Easy

New_yorker_brokeback_1 Bushcheney

The New Yorker takes a potshot at Dick Cheney with this week's issue. They're the first print publication I've seen to jump on the Brokeback poster spoof chuck wagon. The title of the cover illustration by Mark Ulriksen?

"Watch Your Back Mountain".

We have seen a similar fan-created iteration of BushCheney (above right) in relation to Brokeback, but that was before the shooting incident. The VP sprayed this twist into Conde Nast's lap. Or would that be Conde Nasty?

The Cheney shooting incident was also parodied on last night's Late Show as Dave premiered a new spoof commercial "from the White House" encouraging the press to move on to other topics of importance aside from this silly shooting incident.

Brokeback Mountain spoof posters. [tr]
Vice President to Break His Silence [tr]


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