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Tom Ford Fluffs Jake Gyllenhaal

Jakevf1_1 Jakevf2_1

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Fluffer. In the professional, stylist, haute-fashion sense, of course.

These are caps from the "Tom Ford's Hollywood" Vanity Fair issue portrait sitting of Jake Gyllenhaal. Annie Leibowitz is the photographer. For you Gyllenhaalics, it's another few minutes of Jake being Jake, just enough to satisfy until your next fix. Tom Ford seems determined throughout to insert himself and sex things up. I guess if you can't get the boy naked, you do what you gotta do.


As a postscript to some earlier news, the shirts that were being auctioned for charity from Brokeback Mountain finally sold for $101,100.51...

Vanity Fair B-Roll [vf]

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Jason Statham Gets You Wet


The photoshoots in Men's Health are usually more barbell-oriented. Hats off to them for showing off Jason Statham's unconventional routine, particularly this photo of the soaked rough god climbing out of a pool, even if the only workout he's facilitating is for the reader's eyes.

Tom Ford Takes a Bite Out of Hollywood


This photo, buried on 132 of Tom Ford's "Vanity Issue" of Vanity Fair, just one of the dozens of behind-the-scenes photos of hairy-chested Ford hobnobbing with the Hollywood elite, makes me wonder if this wasn't a better choice for the cover than the Keira Knightley Scarlett Johansson nude threesome shot.

After all, the metaphor for Ford dabbling in the phony artifice of Tinseltown in this shot is much more precise:

Tom Ford tries to get his teeth around something entirely make-believe.

Friday Afternoon Sports Shorts


Head to the movies this weekend if you're interested in the testosterone-charged Annapolis, where you're sure to catch a few glimpses of the musclebound James Franco in the ring with the musclebound Tyrese Gibson, as well as dozens of soaked-to-the-skin cadets doing push ups in the rain.



While we're on boxing, check out the photo of this beast from Russia, the tallest and heaviest boxer, ever. For all you into big, hairy, smelly men, here's your dream come true.


Finally, for you football fans, here's Superbowl-bound Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck posing for his "Got Milk" campaign, which I guess is a requirement if you achieve any kind of fame in football.


Bumper Crop of Beauty: A DNA Preview

Kevintr001 Kevintr003

Friend of Towleroad Lewis Payton has allowed me to share a few images with you from the upcoming issue of DNA (now one of Towleroad's sponsors!). Lewis Payton fans should be happy, as the issue features a bumper crop of eye candy all shot by Mr. P. I asked Lewis for a few words about the images, and the guys in them.

Kevin Burns: "This shoot features a new face, Kevin Burns. Kevin is only 21, but he's already experienced more than many people ever will. Stationed in Iraq for two years with the US military, Kevin earned the Bronze Star for bravery when his quick thinking saved an entire village from terrorist attack. His stories of Iraq were shocking, moving and very sobering. It breaks my heart to think of so many of our best and brightest youth being maimed and killed fighting a war with such dubious justification.

Kevin is firmly against the war and feels a lot of anger towards the Bush administration. He lost many friends in the two years he was in Iraq and carries countless non visible scars that will never heal. It was surreal to be creating a superficial fashion story with someone who has so recently witnessed and experienced such horror and devastation. Don't get me wrong, I love my work and I feel very honored to be able to showcase beauty in the world, but I felt very humbled by this shoot. When the war get a human face like Kevin's, it really brings it home."



Sean Harley: "Sean was my first ever magazine cover model (DNA #56) and we've stayed in touch ever since. He's a great guy, very humble, totally genuine and a real pleasure to be around. While he's currently based in California, his heart is definitely back in Nebraska - this is one guy who loves the country life. When we did our first shoot, Sean was toying with the idea of competitive bodybuilding and he was huge, even after leaning down for the shoot. In the two years since, he stopped bodybuilding in order to pursue modeling and acting. When we did this second shoot, Sean had lost almost 40 pounds of muscle - quite the transformation! This is a really clean and fresh shoot and it's one of my favorite DNA covers."

Seantr002 Seantr003


Rusty Joiner: "Pretty much everyone has heard of Rusty Joiner. He's graced the covers of countless fitness magazines and developed a massive following over the ten years he's been modeling. Rusty was DNA's December cover star and he was such a hit, they've brought him back for a second time. Rusty is a very sweet guy who brings professionalism and a tirelessly good nature to everything he does."

Rustytr001 Rustytr003

Dolce & Gauguina?


David K. over at Charmed Life puts on his art history cap and offers up a critique of the latest set of Dolce & Gabbana ads — a rather cryptic set of photos that folks have been comparing to Nip/Tuck promos and a whole slew of other tableaux.

David sees more than a passing reference to Paul Gauguin's famous muralistic work Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going? It's an analysis which reminded me of a comparison I once drew between a set of suggestive Diesel ads and a Hieronymous Bosch triptych.

So what's with all these creative directors looking to the masters for their inspiration? "Are Dolce & Gabbana now going to contemplate the mysteries of life?" asks David. The basics of consumerism is more likely, he suggests, offering a title for D&G's museum piece: How Do We Show More Ass? How Do We Show More Cock? How Do We Make It Sell?

Dolce & Gabbana: Life is but a Scream [charmed life] (not necessarily SFW)

The Garden of Denim [tr]


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