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Reggie Bush and David Beckham: Futbol Meets Football

As a follow-up to the photos I posted yesterday, here's a video of Reggie Bush and David Beckham meeting on a playing field in Madrid, for Adidas.
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Blitz Begins: Beckham Tries American Football On For Size


New Orleans Saints runnin back Reggie Bush and future L.A. Galaxy star David Beckham met in Madrid for the first down in Beckham's blitz on American media. The two swapped uniforms and tried out one another's moves in a new campaign from Adidas called Futbol meets Football.

Said Beckham: "Since I signed with the Galaxy, you know every time I do an interview, I'm trying to get myself to say soccer because I've always said football. I've never been to an [American football] game. I want to. Because every time I've seen the Super Bowl or something like that, it's so passionate. Everyone -- the fans, the players -- seems so passionate about it. Without a doubt. I'm definitely going to get myself to some games."


No photos of Bush were available, but we look forward to them, particularly if they look anything like this.

Adidas reports: "During Beckham and Bush's meeting in Madrid, Beckham strapped on a Saints helmet and uniform with his signature number 23 and performed running drills, ran pass routes with Bush defending him and kicked long-range field goals and punts. Bush, meanwhile, laced up his soccer boots and shin pads and defended short-range penalty kicks from Beckham playing goal keeper. Although each athlete looked momentarily uncomfortable in their new sports, they were able to quickly grasp the nuances, such as Beckham spiking the football after a touchdown catch and Bush playing a spirited game of keepy uppy with his knees and feet. Later, the two athletes exchanged jerseys and discussed what Beckham should expect after arriving in the U.S., from fan reaction to media attention."


Bears, Colts Advance to Super Bowl XLI in Miami


Lots of action on the gridiron this weekend as Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts proved triumphant over Tom Brady (below left) and the New England Patriots on Sunday to join the Chicago Bears in Super Bowl XLI on February 4th.

Sb3_1 Sb4_1

The Chicago Bears and QB Rex Grossman (below) routed Drew Brees (above right) and the New Orleans Saints 39-14 despite an 88-yard touchdown reception and run by Reggie Bush, to enter their first Super Bowl in 21 years.

Outsports has an analysis of the weekend and what's to come.


Oh, and at the Bears game, Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz and former American Idol contestant-turned chart topper Chris Daughtry provided accompaniment.

Sb5_1 Sb6_1

Here at Towleroad, we'll be rooting for da Bears all the way. For a special "Da Bears" flashback, follow after the jump...

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News: Buddha, Island Vanished, Reggie Bush, Supergenes

road.jpg REPORT: White County school board agrees to pay ACLU $168,000 for legal costs and $10,000 to student plaintiffs over longstanding gay-straight alliance feud.

Buddharoad.jpg Boy hailed as reincarnation of Buddha reappears after nine months in the wilderness: "The 17-year old teenager Bomjon, who had been "meditating without any food or water" in the jungles of Ratanpuri village in the district had disappeared under unknown circumstances in March this year and was found in the jungles near Pathlaiya-Nijgadh road section of the Mahendra Highway on Sunday."

road.jpg Lawrence, Kansas (home to the University of Kansas) is considering a city registry for gay and lesbian couples: "Supporters said the registry would not automatically give gay and lesbian couples the legal rights afforded to married couples, but the registry would serve as a legal recognition of the couple's relationship. 'It would indicate that the city is welcoming and supportive of its gay community members,' said Maggie Childs, who heads the Lawrence chapter of the Kansas Equality Coalition, which asked Lawrence Commissioner Mike Rundle to set up the registry. 'In my mind, the primary benefit is symbolic.'"

road.jpg In the latest of its high-concept fashion ads, Diesel takes on global warming.

road.jpg First inhabited island washed off the face of the earth by global warming: "The obliteration of Lohachara island, in India's part of the Sundarbans where the Ganges and the Brahmaputra rivers empty into the Bay of Bengal, marks the moment when one of the most apocalyptic predictions of environmentalists and climate scientists has started coming true."

Reggiebushroad.jpg Sports Illustrated ponders the best-looking athletes. More on one of their picks, Reggie Bush.

road.jpg POLL: New Hampshire residents more open to civil unions than gay marriage.

road.jpg Godfather of Soul, James Brown is dead. Fans pay tribute...

road.jpg Do you have the "supergene"? "People with this "supergene" have a much higher chance of living to age 90 and beyond without developing dementia, the confused thinking and memory loss that so often plagues the oldest of the old."

road.jpg Couple roleplays the political way. (via AmericaBlog)

road.jpg University of California Santa Cruz reconsiders blood donation drives after gay student is turned away. Student: "I was turned away because of my sexual contacts. The reasoning behind me not being able to give blood is ridiculous. ... It made me feel like an outcast."

Sportrait: Reggie Bush


Heisman Trophy winner Reggie Bush shows that all that's required to model thick knit sweaters is a set of thick knit abdominals and a pair of ball-crushing hands, in the new issue of G Q. After the jump, a perhaps unintended homage to Soloflex's Scott Madsen.

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