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'Blade' Reporter Chris Johnson Mugged in Rehoboth Beach

Chris Johnson, a Washington Blade reporter whose articles I refer to quite frequently here on Towleroad, was mugged in the resort town of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware over the weekend by assailants who took his cell phone, the Blade reports:

Chris_johnson Johnson said the attackers jumped him from behind as he walked along King Charles Street while he was headed toward the town’s business section to meet friends at the Blue Moon gay bar and restaurant.

Johnson said a police officer and detective from the Rehoboth Beach Police Department interviewed him about the incident, saying the matter was under investigation. 


Rehoboth Beach gay activist Peter Schott said violent assaults of this kind are “an anomaly” in the popular beach resort town, which has several gay bars and a large gay and lesbian presence.

Johnson is recovering after being released. The attack happened on his birthday. I wish Chris belated birthday wishes for a speedy recovery.

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Gay Bookstore Death Watch: Lambda Rising

Another gay bookstore has announced its doors are shutting. Lambda Rising, with two locations in Washington D.C. and Rehoboth Beach, Delaware closing in early January, according to a message on Facebook:

Lambda "Lambda Rising, known for 35 years as Washington’s “bookstore that celebrates the gay and lesbian experience,” has announced the imminent closing of their two stores in Washington DC and Rehoboth Beach DE. “The phrase ‘mission accomplished’ has gotten a bad rap in recent years,” said Deacon Maccubbin, Lambda Rising’s founder and co-owner, 'but in this case, it certainly applies. When we set out to establish Lambda Rising in 1974, it was intended as a demonstration of the demand for gay and lesbian literature.' Maccubbin founded Lambda Rising on a shoestring – the initial investment consisted of $3,000 he had saved and another $1,000 borrowed from a local gay activist. When the store opened June 8, 1974 in a 300 square foot room in a townhouse on 20th Street NW, it boasted 250 gay and lesbian book titles. “That’s all there were at the time,” Maccubbin explains. But it was enough to capture the attention and the loyal patronage of Washington’s glbt community. It also captured the attention of anti-gay forces – phone harassment was an almost daily occurrence, bricks were hurled through windows, and police had to bring their bomb-sniffing dogs following some threats. But the staff held their ground and kept the doors open seven days a week. 'Over the years, we have been blessed with wonderful staff members, people who shared the vision and who were committed to being on the front lines of the battle for glbt equality every day. I will forever be grateful to them,' Maccubbin said."

This trend appears to be accelerating. Late last month I posted about the closing of Indianapolis' only gay bookstore, Out Word Bound.

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NYT: The New or Not So New Wave of Gay Destinations


The New York Times today covers the lesser-known gay destinations: Douglas and Saugatuck, Michigan; Ogunquit, Maine; Eureka Springs, Arkansas; Guerneville, California; Rehoboth Beach, Delaware; Asbury Park, New Jersey; Pahoa, Hawaii; Asheville, North Carolina; and Sullivan County in upstate New York, noting that the internet has caused these pockets of gay culture to become more well-known.

GogoThe Times makes sure to note, of course, that despite the far-flung aspect of some of these destinations, there's still the requisite go-go boy, which is either sad, hot, or hysterical depending on your perspective.

So, if you're not up for the well-trod destinations of Provincetown, Key West, Fire Island, or Laguna Beach, and you're looking to be around gay people you may have more choices than you think. It's great to see these smaller destinations covered. I grew up in Chicago and visited Saugatuck a handful of times when I was a child, but I've always wanted to revisit.

Anybody know of other small gay destinations around the country that aren't covered in the article? If so, or if you'd like to voice your opinion about some of the places covered in the article, please do so...


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