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Homophobe Cardinal Raymond Burke Stirs Up Anti-Gay Hate In Ireland - VIDEO


Speaking at a conference on "the Catholic family" in Limerick, Ireland last month, anti-gay conservative Cardinal Raymond Burke said he would refuse holy communion to any politician who has been supportive of same-sex marriage, reports RTE.

Burke, who in the past has said that anti-gay discrimination is "perfectly good and just," was last month demoted as head of the Vatican's "supreme court" by Pope Francis.  

Unsurprisingly, Burke was not willing to discuss his demotion but he was more than happy to call on the pope to clarify his position of same-sex marriage and on divorced people.

Burke's comments follow a recent meeting of Catholic bishops that broached the subject of homosexuality but failed to reach consensus following a backlash from conservatives.

At the conference, Burke declined to comment on an Irish referendum on same-sex marriage expected in early 2015.

Watch a short report followed by a longer interview with the grumpy Burke here.

Anti-Gay Hate Leader Tony Perkins Attends Catholic Conference On 'Traditional Marriage' - VIDEO

Tony Perkins, the president of anti-gay listed hate group Family Research Council (FRC), is to take part in a Catholic church summit on “traditional marriage” this week, reports Right Wing Watch.


The conference comes just weeks after a meeting of Catholic bishops failed to provide clarity on the church's stance on homosexuality.

Due to start today, the "Complementarity of Man and Woman” conference - hosted by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, formerly known as the Inquisition - will include leaders from various other faiths including Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and Sikhism.

Organizers aim to "examine and propose anew the beauty of the relationship between the man and the woman, in order to support and reinvigorate marriage and family life for the flourishing of human society.”

Although not listed as a speaker, Perkins plans to attend the conference in Rome and expects the Catholic Church to provide “clarity” to the confusion coming out of the recent synod in relation to same-sex marriage.

Ensuring that the U.S. "export of hate" continues, Southern Baptist Convention’s Russell Moore and pastor Rick Warren are also listed as conference attendees. 

Continuing the church’s Christian message of inclusiveness and love, the conference will also include Nicholas Okoh, the Anglican Archbishop of Nigeria who has strongly voiced support for the country's severe anti-gay law.

Despite claims by some that Francis is a reforming pope with a somewhat liberal agenda, he will nonetheless address the conference and preside over its first morning session today.

Watch an official trailer for the conference, which pointedly entirely fails to recognize the existence of same-sex marriage, AFTER THE JUMP...

Last June, speaking about the Colorado bakery that was repeatedly found to have discriminated against gay customers, offensive wingnut Perkins suggested that such cases are one step further down the road to the inevitable anti-Christian Holocaust.

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Concerned Christian Woman Rails Against Satanic Monster Energy Drinks - WATCH

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 4.42.46 PM

Did you know the Monster Beverage Corporation, manufacturer of the popular line of Monster-themed energy drinks, is also a front for the anti-Christ? Emblazoned across every single can of the taurine-rich brand of super soda, according to this concerned Christian woman (who bets you don’t know what a “MILF” is,) is proof positive that Monster portends the imminent apocalypse.

MonsterNot only does Monster invite you to “unleash the beast” in its tagline, but the iconic (debatable) M logo associated with the brand also appears to be made of three vavs, a Hebrew numerological value associated with the number six. Three vavs, three sixes. It’s all so clear.

To the woman's credit Monster has dealt with its fair share of health-related criticism in the past. In 2011 a 14-year old girl died after drinking two cans of Monster that, in total, contained about 475mg of caffeine.

While "cardiac arrhythmia due to caffeine toxicity" was determined to have been the cause of her death, it seems worth mentioning that the girl had a pre-existing heart condition as well as Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a chronic disease that weakens the connective tissues crucial to healthy muscle function.

The following year another teenager died after consuming two cans of Monster per day for three years straight. Earlier this year a third family filed a lawsuit against the company for the untimely death of Shane Felts, an adult man who died after drinking Monster regularly for a week. Since 2004 there have been 34 documented deaths that have been linked to energy drink use.

The FDA, in response, has made moves to require manufacturers to prominently display warning labels on the beverages, and a number of local legislators have attempted at prohibiting their sale to minors. Generally speaking, however, the push to crack down on Monster and similar energy drinks has more to do with their concentrated amounts of sugar and chemicals as opposed to, you know, the Devil.

Watch a video clip of a concerned consumer dabbling in a little bit of light-hearted anti-semitism in the name of scourging Satanic soft drinks AFTER THE JUMP...

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Retired Mennonite Pastor Loses Credentials After Officiating Gay Son's Wedding

Picture 6

Retired 96-year-old Mennonite Pastor Chester Wenger of East Lampeter Township found his credentials dismissed on September 10 after the Lancaster Mennonite Conference discovered Wenger officiated his gay son's wedding on June 21 reports LancasterOnline. Pastor Wenger addressed the church and its decision in an open letter to The Mennonite, a Mennonite Church USA publication.

Wenger said:

"My dear companion of 70 years and I declare our enduring love for Lancaster Mennonite Conference, for the Mennonite Church, for the Meserete Kristos Church and for all God’s people. We carry no bitterness or regret for our actions. Our hearts are filled with love for all."

"I know persons will accuse me for my transgression, but my act of love was done on behalf of the church I love, and my conscience is clear."

L. Keith Weaver, a moderator from the Lancaster Mennonite Conference, said in an email that the credentialing commission terminated Wenger's retired ministerial credentials after Wenger violated a Mennonite Church USA guideline that states, "Pastors holding credentials in a conference of Mennonite Church USA may not perform a same-sex covenant." The ceremony in question was held in the couple's backyard with a small handful of guests, and not in a Mennonite church reports LancasterOnline.

The ruling is raising discussions about church leadership regarding the ruling with Erin Stutzman, Executive Director of Mennonite Church USA, weighing in on the process of the church's decision making processes.

Stutzman wrote:

The differences in the Constituency Leaders Council largely reflect the variety of leadership practices within the 21 area conferences across our church who currently hold the credentials for their leaders. They do not all agree on what it means to be recognized as a minister across Mennonite Church USA, not just within the confines of a local church or area conference.

Many believe that while area conferences have authority to grant leadership credentials, they must do so in keeping with the written agreements made on the national level. In the current environment, that will affect the credentialing policies for persons who perform same-sex unions, or who are part of such a union. Others believe that area conferences should have freedom to interpret national polities as guidelines, not rules that govern practices regarding same-sex unions.

The Virginia Mennonite Conference ordained Wenger in 1949, at the request of the Lancaster Mennonite Conference for his missionary work in Ethiopia where he founded the Bible Academy of Nazareth. There he was the first elected chairman of Ethiopia’s Meserete Kristos Church, which is now the largest Mennonite church in the world. Pastor Wenger's service with the church spans 65 years.

Pastor Wenger's son, Phil Wenger who wed longtime partner Steve Dinnocenti in June, remarked he would have never asked his father to officiate at the wedding had he known the consequences.

Watch Phil Wenger's interview with WGAL Channel 8 news, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Jehovah's Witness Leader Preaches Against Tight Pants, Says Gays are Pushing Them: AUDIO


Anthony Morris III, a member of the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses, recently gave a sermon against tight pants.

SuitGod hates them, and by the way, they're designed by homosexuals.

Morris first warns the women:

"Some of our sisters - what it is are these spanx - these skin tight stuff they wear - when they exercise - they leave their home and they're jogging in this stuff. Look at the verse. Is that appropriate to wear skin tight spanx or whatever they call it? It's not modest and it's certainly not sound of mind. It's really not appropriate. There's really nothing else to say about it. Now you want to be in your home or your room and wear that stuff that's your business. But don't go out like that and say you worship the true God."

And then he warns the men:

"And the other one that needs addressing is for these young fellas, cause the older ones aren't doing much of it thankfully, is the metrosexual look we've addressed that in the past. What's happened now is that it's really caught on more - the tight suit jacket and the tight pants. Better known as tight pants. They are tight all the way down to the ankles. It's not appropriate. It's not sound of mind."

And then (leaving his congregation in stitches) he goes after the gays:

"The homosexuals that are designing these clothes - they'd like you in tight pants."


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Pope Francis Demotes Anti-gay U.S. Cardinal Raymond Burke: VIDEO


As anticipated, Pope Francis has removed anti-gay U.S. cardinal Raymond Burke from his position as head of the Vatican's "Supreme Court."

Burke has been a vocal supporter of keeping social issues a primary focus of the Catholic Church, going so far as to say that discrimination against LGBT people is "perfectly just and good."

TIME reports:

The pontiff removed Cardinal Raymond Burke as the leader of the Vatican’s highest court and appointed him to a ceremonial position as chaplain of the Knights of Malta, a charity group, according to a press bulletin issued Saturday.

That is a significant demotion, according to the National Catholic Reporter. “The position of Patron of the the Order of Malta is usually given to a retired cardinal, or as a second task to an active cardinal,” Michael Sean Winters writes. “It has almost no responsibilities.”

The Associated Press adds:

Francis has said that church hierarchy should not focus so much on abortion and same-sex marriage but instead concentrate on making the church a more welcoming place. Meanwhile, Burke has said to a Catholic broadcaster that "we can never talk enough" against abortion and same-sex marriage.

He has also questioned Francis' denunciation of excesses of capitalism.

Watch Burke explain why it's "perfectly good and just" to discriminate against gay people, AFTER THE JUMP...

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