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Watch Gay Republicans Explain Themselves: VIDEO


Before the Democratic National Convention gets underway, here's another nugget from the Republican National Convention held last week.

Watch as gay Republicans plead their case to BuzzFeed. Spoiler: there's a lot of "people should be able to do what they want" and justifications for supporting a party that wants to create a constitutional amendment prohibiting same-sex marriage.

Take a peek AFTER THE JUMP.

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NEWS: Coke In Pyongyang, Hantavirus In Yosemite, Mitt In Action


Towleroad-roadicon Isaac's aftermath.

Towleroad-roadicon Mitt ... helps? ... a woman who's lost her house to the storm.

S-RREED-largeTowleroad-roadicon The revenant Ralph Reed.

Towleroad-roadicon Augmented cell phones will soon be able to screen for HIV:

The gadget, called Smartscope, is a small 1-millimeter (0.04-inch) microscope and light which clips over a smartphone's camera.

A standard chip with a blood sample then slides into the gadget in front of the microscope. Next, a special phone programme photographs the sample and analyses the cells.

The team hopes that trials in clinics may start next year ...

The new technology is destined for AIDS treatment in remote communities in South Africa and Swaziland, where clinics often don't have the technology to do these tests effectively.

Towleroad-roadicon A lonely Greek gay boy's imaginary friend comes to life, looking rather like Maria Callas circa 1972.

Towleroad-roadicon Two dead, thousands at risk from hantavirus after a stay in Yosemite:

Yosemite officials earlier this week shut down all 91 of the insulated tent cabins after finding deer mice, which carry the disease and can burrow through holes the size of pencil erasers, nesting between the [cabins'] double walls.

Park authorities said on Friday that they had contacted approximately 3,000 parties of visitors who stayed in the tent cabins since mid-June, advising them to seek immediate medical attention if they have symptoms of hantavirus.

Towleroad-roadicon Coca-Cola reaches Pyongyang. Freedom can't be far behind.

Towleroad-roadicon California's John Perez, the first openly-gay speaker of a state legislature, to speak at the Democratic National Convention.

Towleroad-roadicon Frank Bruni on the RNC:

... you certainly didn’t see anyone openly gay on the stage in Tampa. More to the point, you didn’t hear mention of gays and lesbians. Scratch that: Mike Huckabee, who has completed a ratings-minded transformation from genial pol to dyspeptic pundit, made a derisive reference to President Obama’s support for same-sex marriage. We were thus allowed a fleeting moment inside the tent, only to be flogged and sent back out into the cold.

ZimmermanIt was striking not because a convention or political party should make a list of minority groups and dutifully put a check mark beside each ... It was striking because the Republicans went so emphatically far, in terms of stagecraft and storytelling, to profess inclusivenes ...

Towleroad-roadicon Republicans to descend on DNC for counter-convention, because ... they're unhappy with the one they just had?

... as many as 50 “communicators” ... will be stationed right outside the gates of the Time Warner Cable Arena. And there will be plenty of gimmicks and props, including “You Build It” Legos, “You Build It” Monopoly and plenty of Kleenex “because breaking up is hard to do.”

Towleroad-roadicon You've heard folkie Roy Zimmerman's not-quite-hit "Defenders of Marriage"? Or his "Romney Mitt: The Demon Barber Of Wall Street"? Well -- do, if you haven't. And AFTER THE JUMP, find out what he learned at the RNC ...

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Former Log Cabin Head Happy Gay People Are So 'Visible' In GOP

PelephantIn a piece about the relatively friendly treatment gay groups like GOProud and the Log Cabin Republicans received at this year's Republican National Convention, an event traditionally hostile to LGBT people, CNN spoke to former LCR executive director Bob Kabel.

According to Kabel, the GOP will soon evolve to keep up with the times. When that evolution will take place, however, is anyone's guess.

Bob Kabel says the evolution of the roles that openly gay people play at the convention -- and in the party itself -- has been remarkable. Kabel was the chairman of the Log Cabin Republicans from 1993 to 1999. He went on to be elected the first openly gay person in the nation to chair a state Republican Party, in the District of Columbia.

Early on, he says, he felt forced to stand up at a public meeting and shame the Republican National Convention chair into an official meeting with Log Cabin.

"The current RNC leadership has been much better. They've been great," Kabel said. "We feel so much more welcome, and the voices of the Tony Perkinses in the party will be drowned out as more young people come into the party. This is not a negative issue for young people in our party. And we are more visible than ever."

We're certainly visible in the GOP platform, which vows to fight for a constitutional amendment discriminating against same-sex couples. Is being seen as a problem worth being seen at all?

Flashback To 2002 Speech Revisits 'Socially Moderate' Romney


During his speech at the Republican National Convention last night, Mitt Romney tried yet again to prove to his party's most conservative voters that he's one of them. As part of that mission, he spent a considerable time discussing his parents, though mostly glossed over both of their political achievements: Romney's father was Michigan's governor and mother Lenore tried to run for that state's U.S. Senate seat.

Their political story may not have gotten big play last night, but Jeremy at Good As You reminds us that Romney's parents were instrumental in his 2002 gubernatorial campaign in Massachusetts. The following excerpt comes from a speech he gave that year, and the remarks bear little resemblance to the politics Romney has been touting this campaign:

Like [my parents], I am fiscal conservative and a social moderate.

Believing in people is fighting prejudice and bigotry where ever it exists, while extending an open hand to each other, regardless of color, faith, or lifestyle.
Believing in people is protecting their freedom to make their own life choices, even if their choice is different than yours. Accordingly, I respect and will fully protect a woman’s right to choose. That choice is a deeply personal one, and the women of our state should make it based on their beliefs, not mine and not the government’s.

My position has not changed. The truth is there is no candidate in this race from either party who would deny the women of our state abortion rights. So let’s end an argument that does not exist and put to rest these cynical and divisive attacks made simply for political gain.

If only the same could be said for this year's presidential race.

Stonewall Democrats: GOP Have 'Most Reactionary Anti-LGBT Platform'


GOProud executive director Jimmy LaSalvia had only nice things to say about Mitt Romney's RNC speech last night.

After watching the Republican Party's nominee address the crowd in Tampa, LaSalvia told The Washington Blade, "Tonight, [Romney] reminded us of exactly why this endorsement was such an easy one for our organization."

"Simply put, Mitt Romney has the experience and vision necessary to lead our country, especially in these difficult economic times," he said.

Jerame Davis, the National Stonewall Democrats' executive director, naturally had quite a different take, telling the paper that Romney and Ryan represent the "most reactionary anti-LGBT platform in politics".

"Mitt Romney’s speech capped a bizarre and meandering GOP convention with shallow references to ‘defending’ or ‘honoring” marriage,” he said.

What they’re not saying in primetime is that this Romney-Ryan ticket comes with the most reactionary anti-LGBT platform in politics. Gay Republicans had to admit defeat in their attempts to moderate the GOP at this year’s convention; Democrats, however, have the most pro-LGBT platform and presidential candidate in histor.

For those unfamiliar with Romney's discriminatory politics, HRC yesterday published a handy reference.

Anti-LGBT rhetoric was also seen in Florida Sen. Marco Rubio's introduction to Romney. In his remarks, Rubio declared, "We’re bound together by common values. That family is the most important institution in society. That almighty God is the source of all we have.” That sounds a lot like what Paul Ryan said in his own speech.

Watch Rubio's appearance AFTER THE JUMP.

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Jon Stewart Picks Apart 'Dreamy' Paul Ryan's RNC Speech: VIDEO


The Daily Show host Jon Stewart had some fun both swooning over GOP veep nominee Paul Ryan's deep blue eyes and absolutely eviscerating him for the many, many falsehoods he included in his RNC speech this week, like the claim that Obama is "gutting" Medicare when Paul Ryan's budget plan takes the same exact steps.

Watch Stewart do his thing as only Stewart knows how AFTER THE JUMP.

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