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Mary J. Blige, James Taylor and Marc Anthony Set For DNC


With the Republican National Convention wrapped up and Mitt Romney now that party's official nominee, the Democratic Party is prepping for their own confab and today announced that Mary J. Blige, Earth, Wind and Fire as well as the Foo Fighters will be performing the night President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden officially start their reelection campaign.

Blige is a favorite of the Obama administration's: she appeared at the 2009 inauguration and at a White House holiday event. James Taylor, Inspire the Fire, Marc Anthony and the folk rockers from Delta Rae will also perform at the Charlotte event starting next week.

Los Angeles MayoR Antonio Villaraigosa, chair of the event, said the musical talent "only adds to the excitement building in Charlotte for the historic week ahead of us."

"The tens of thousands who will attend convention events in person, and all those tuning in across the country, should be ready for quite a show," he said.

Mitt Romney Claims He'll 'Restore America's Promise' At RNC: VIDEO


Mitt Romney put his best face forward when he officially accepted the Republican presidential nomination.

Hoping to warm over potentially chilly voters, Romney spent a chunk of his allotted time covering his biography, including his father's journey from Mexico to America, starting Bain Capital, a political thorn he presented as a small business success story, and raising his five sons with wife Ann, all with more emotional display than we've seen from the former governor.

Romney of course spent plenty of time contrasting himself with President Obama, a commander-in-chief Romney says "has disappointed America" and whose reelection campaign is about "attacking success." The GOP candidate urged voters to "put the disappointments of the last four year" and "look ahead to what can be." It wasn't all sunshine and deligh, though. Romney made sure to say he'll turn back the clock on equality, telling the crowd "I'll honor the institution of marriage" and warning that e"very American is less secure today
because [Obama] has failed to slow Iran's nuclear threat."

"Now is the time to restore the promise of America" and two other variants provided the most optimistic parts of the speech, which ended after about 45 minutes with Romney's wife, sons and grandchildren and other family members joining him on stage. A wave of balloons soon followed.

Watch it all, AFTER THE JUMP.

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Watch Clint Eastwood Talk To An Empty Chair At RNC: VIDEO


Yep, you read that headline right: actor Clint Eastwood, the "secret speaker" for the RNC's climax tonight, spent part of what is being kindly described as a "rambling" speech having a one-sided conversation with an imaginary President Obama.

He also said there are a lot of conservatives in Hollywood, they just don't go "hot-dogging it" and was goaded into doing "Go ahead, make my day," which he then turned into a call and response.

Benjy Sarlin from Talking Points Memo said the audience "seemed alternately confused and rapturously excited by the display".

Get confused yourself AFTER THE JUMP.

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This Is A Real Thing Found At The RNC


Barack Hussein Obama or Jesus H. Christ. There can only be one, according to some wingnut at the Republican National Convention.

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TRIBUTE: This is how you kiss libertarian butt, RNC style.

WAHLS ABROAD: American activist Zach Wahls on BBC.

FIREBALL: Science is fun.

'WRONG': Team Obama goes after Paul Ryan's RNC speech.

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News: Gary Bauer, Tanning Mom, Turtle, 'Jersey Shore'

1NewsIcon What a Tea Party take over of the Senate means: "Although divisive social issues have gotten little play this election year with many Republicans running on job creation and a stagnant economy, their election would usher in a majority that is just as conservative socially as it is fiscally."

BlueEtch1NewsIcon The Ohio Art Company is again capitalizing on the infamous "Romney is an Etch-a-Sketch" meme by releasing red and blue models of their famous product ahead of the election. The new tag line reads, "Exercise your freedom of expression".

1NewsIcon Unfortunately for the GOP, their ideological followers continue partaking in racist activities.

1NewsIcon Australian Gina Rinehart, the world's richest woman, told the "jealous" poor that they too can be rich - if they "spend less time drinking or smoking". That's offensive for a lot of different reasons.

1NewsIcon ABC filed a story on the start of the Internet Cat Film Festival under "bizarre news". Me-ow!

1NewsIcon On a related note: MTV has canceled Jersey Shore.

1NewsIcon The Film Experience guest blogger Melanie Lynskey got out actor Zachary Quinto to reflect on Il Postino. Writes Quinto: "I found myself alone at one of the only art house movie theaters in pittsburgh at the time. I was so enraptured by the experience. the tenderness and intimacy of the story. The beauty of the landscape. the powerful exploration of love. and in particular the performance of Massimo Troisi."

TanningMomXL1NewsIcon Perfectly awful or awfully perfect? Tanning Mom Patricia Krentcil was the guest of honor at gay NYC club XL's "hot mess" party last night.

1NewsIcon President Obama's "ask me anything" session briefly broke Reddit and brought us no closer to knowing the recipe for Obama's WH-made beer, though he claims the truth will be revealed soon. He did, however, suggest a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United, the Supreme Court decision that gave rise to super PACs that now have massive influence on electoral politics.

1NewsIcon Has Lindsay Lohan convinced you yet that she can play Elizabeth Taylor? Maybe these shots from the set will help.

1NewsIcon The hateful groups Focus on the Family and the Alliance Defense Fund have put together a list of recommendations for bullying legislation. Not surprisingly, it benefits their ideological ilk: one of their suggestions says bullying laws "should not apply to 'religious, political, philosophical, or other protected student speech'. So basically any motivation that yields homophobia.

1NewsIcon A 30-pound baby loggerhead turtle was caught in Canarsie, Brooklyn. It will now be released in a different type of wild.

1NewsIcon Brian Moylan tells you how to get laid at the Republican National Convention. If you're into that sort of thing.

1NewsIcon Rhode Island House Speaker Gordon Fox keeps quiet on plans to extend marriage equality there.

1NewsIcon Hunky GOP Rep. Aaron Schock thinks Paul Ryan needs to be shirtless more often. That's something on which we can probably all agree.

1NewsIcon Commandant Gen. James Amos, the head of the U.S. Marine Corps, says there have been no problems since Don't Ask, Don't Tell's repeal.

GaryBauerBlackandWhite1NewsIcon Former RNC Chairman Gary Bauer blasted Sen. Orrin Hatch for not supporting a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. "The goal of the gay rights movement is to take a state that has same-sex marriage and to use that state as a battering ram and a lawsuit before the Supreme Court to force every state to have same sex marriage," he said. "So I’m sorry that Orrin fell for it. But if only your side was willing to allow each state to make the decision on their own. I think Orrin Hatch may have had a bad moment or he forgets what’s happened in the last 30 years -- courts forcing radical social change on the American people."

1NewsIcon Adele did not have a secret wedding. Just an FYI.

1NewsIcon Just yesterday I asked a friend, "Where is Winona Ryder?" Here she is!


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