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Texan GOP Chairman Against Gay Reparative Therapy

Texas GOP Chairman Steve Munisteri has come out condemning 'ex-gay 'therapy’s inclusion as a line item in The Republican Party of Texas’s 2014 platform. Munisteri says he’s not alone.

Munisteri“The Texas Republican Party has millions of people who vote for it and every individual Republican has their own views on issues,” The Chairman said this week.

Munisteri made headlines earlier this year after openly barring the Log Cabin Republicans of Texas from formal participation in the Texas State Republican Convention citing a difference in opinion on gay marriage.

LGBT reparative therapy, anti-vaccination, withdrawal from the UN, and reparations are but a few of the issues highlighted in the Texas GOP Platform that Munisteri says aren’t reflective of the state’s actual delegation. Rather, a platform committee is selected from members of the 31 state senatorial districts and charged with crafting the platform on its own.

“It’s false to represent that each one of those platform planks necessarily represents the view of the majority view of either the majority of the delegates let alone a majority of Republicans,” Munisteri said of the platform. 

Two Dozen Prominent Michigan Republicans File Brief In Favor Of Same-Sex Marriage

A brief has been filed by over two dozen prominent Republicans in Michigan's 6th Circuit Court of Appeals case regarding the state's same-sex marriage ban. This is an exciting development in the state whose voters originally approved the ban by a 59% majority.

BernardFriedmanAfter judge Bernard Friedman (right) overturned the ban this March, declaring it unconstitutional, Michigan attorney general Bill Schuette appealed that decision and asked for a stay; 299 couples married in the one day between, but as briefs pile up in support of same-sex marriage, the case for marriage equality is stronger by the day (especially considering precedent from the Supreme Court and other regional cases around the country). The Republican brief is a particularly resonant example of changing public opinion.

The Detroit Free Press reports:

“As various states have legalized civil marriage for same-sex couples, undersigned Amici, like many Americans, have examined the emerging evidence and have concluded that there is no legitimate, fact-based reason for denying same-sex couples the same recognition in law that is available to opposite-sex couples,” they said in the brief.

The brief was signed by 15 former members of either the state or U.S. House of Representatives, including former Speaker of the House Rick Johnson of LeRoy, U.S. Rep. Joe Schwarz of Battle Creek, and state Rep. Chris Ward of Howell.

RainbowMichiganOther signers included attorneys and staffers whose opinions regarding marriage equality have changed in recent years. One former representative, Leon Drolet, argued that the brief could feasibly encourage other Republicans to "come out of the closet" about same-sex marriage, while former Michigan house speaker Rick Johnson said he believes the change in opinion is important for the continuation of the party.

“You make decisions, especially when you’re the leader, based on what’s going on at the time, and that was the movement at the time,” he said. “But now, if you’re going to be Republican and make the comments that we want a broad tent, then you should include everyone. A lot of people are tired of government in their house, in the backyard or in their bedroom.”

Many Michigan Republicans have retained their anti-same-sex marriage stance, but the thirty-one briefs filed in opposition to the ban on Monday indicate that such attitudes are ultimately falling by the way side. Drolet commented:

“Hopefully we’re moving to a place where treating people differently based on gender or sexual orientation will be an embarrassing part of our past.”

Rob Portman Says His Support for Gay Marriage Will Make a National Run for Office Difficult: VIDEO


Senator Rob Portman (R-OH), who came out for marriage equality in March 2013 after his son Will told him he is gay, gave an interview to the Hoover Institution, part of which touched on the subject of his support for same-sex marriage and gay rights, Buzzfeed reports.

Said Portman: "It puts me at odds with my party in many respects. I believe it’s a conservative position...I never really thought deeply about it [before my son came to me]. It seems to me to the extent that it’s not a choice, which is what believe. That is, Republicans ought to treat people as they are...It probably makes it difficult for me to win the primary election at a national election.”

Watch the full interview, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Jon Stewart Tells Texas GOP to 'Sniff Sh-t' for Support of Gay Reparative Therapy: VIDEO


On last night's Daily Show, Jon Stewart noted that one of the suggested "therapies" to stop someone from being gay is "ordering someone to bottle their feces and sniff it" whenever they are attracted to a man.

Stewart suggests that the Texas Republican party use that therapy to cure themselves of their idiocy:

"Being gay is not a choice. But being a texas Republican is. So my advice is the next time you feel the urge to be a Texas Republican - to replace science textbooks with pictures of humans riding dinosaurs or ban same sex marriage, or put on [a stuffed elephant] hat, sh-t in a jar and sniff it! It won't cure you but do it anyway. Hopefully it will remind you of what a**holes you're being."


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Wednesday Speed Read: Barack Obama, DNC, NRCC, Darrkn Gayles, Staci Yandle

BY LISA KEEN / Keen News Service


A crowd of LGBT supporters gave President Obama a rousing welcome in New York Tuesday night, with standing ovations and applause that often drowned out one of the most passionate speeches he’s ever delivered to an LGBT audience. President Obama took his expected victory lap through the unprecedented list of accomplishments on LGBT-related issues during his administration, including Monday’s announcement that he will soon sign a long-awaited executive order to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity by federal contractors. But he also promised to “keep fighting” for equality in the workplace and around the world, for people vulnerable to HIV and to hostile governments abroad. The fundraiser was sponsored by the Democratic National Committee and held at the Gotham Hall.


While President Obama took credit for a great deal of the progress seen on LGBT issues in recent years, he didn’t hog it. In a particularly poignant part of his speech to the LGBT-DNC fundraiser, he said that much of the progress has come because the minds of many Americans have been changed. “And for many people whose minds have changed, it was love that did it -- love for the child or the grandchild, or the friend or the coworker who sat down one day and held their hands and took a deep breath and said, I’m gay. Almost everybody in this room was that child or grandchild or friend or coworker at some point.  And you may not have known it at the time -- it may have seemed like an individual act -- but in those moments when you summoned that courage and reached out with that hopeful love, you were doing it for everybody. And that’s why I’m here tonight, to say thank you for helping make America more just and more compassionate.”


The National Republican Congressional Committee announced Tuesday it will spend at least $18 million trying to win Congressional seats in 16 specific districts. Four of those districts have openly gay candidates in the running. NRCC says it will spend $2.2 million trying to unseat incumbent Democrats John Tierney in Massachusetts, Carol Shea-Porter in New Hampshire, and one other NH Democrat. Tierney’s Republican opponent is expected to be openly gay Richard Tisei (pictured), who lost to Tierney in 2012 by less than one percentage point. Shea-Porter has two Republican challengers who will face off in a September primary, including openly gay candidate Dan Innis. NRCC says it will also pour $1.7 million into the race to defeat incumbent Democrat Scott Peters in San Diego. Peters’ Republican challenger is expected to be Carl DeMaio, an openly gay former San Diego Councilman. And according to, NRCC says it will also spend just over $1 million to keep Republican incumbent Chris Gibson in his New York Congressional district seat, who openly gay Democrat Sean Eldridge is hoping to beat.


The U.S. Senate confirmed two openly gay people to federal district court seats Tuesday. On a 52 to 44 vote, it confirmed the first openly gay person to a federal judgeship in Illinois: Staci Yandle, who will serve the U.S. District Court for Southern Illinois. On a 98 to 0 vote, it confirmed Darrin Gayles, the first openly gay African American man to be named to the federal bench. Gayles will serve the U.S. District Court in Miami. Gayles and Yandle now bring to 11 the number of openly gay appointees to the federal bench under President Obama.

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Anderson Cooper Destroys Lying TX GOP Lawmaker's Defense of Gay 'Reparative Therapy' Platform: VIDEO


Texas State Rep. Bryan Hughes (R) appeared on AC360 last night to defend the Texas Republican Party's decision to add language to its platform supporting gay "reparative therapy".

The AP reported:

Under the new plank, the Texas Republican Party recognizes "the legitimacy and efficacy of counseling, which offers reparative therapy and treatment for those patients seeking healing and wholeness from their homosexual lifestyle."

Hughes argues that doctors are divided on the issue when that's just not true, and Anderson set him straight:

"It’s really just not accurate to say that doctors are evenly divided. I could give you a list: the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Counseling Association, the American Psychiatric Association, the American Psychological Association, the American School Counselors' Association, the National Association of School Psychologists, National Association of Social Workers. They represent half a million mental health professionals, they all say this is not a mental disorder. It’s not something that needs to be cured....Does it concern you, again, that your party is now backing a form of therapy which basically every major medical organization says doesn’t work, can be harmful, and which many of the people who have been through it say it doesn’t work and is bad for kids?"

Hughes responded:

"No one is saying that God doesn’t love people as they are. There’s nothiing in the platform about that. No one is trying to take that position. Every one of us makes mistakes, makes decisions we’re not proud of. God loves each one of us, and he offers us a way for us to deal with sin and bad choices. But I do strongly disagree with what he said about God not loving people."

Anderson wasn't having it:

"The fact that you view being gay, or you characterize it as a 'mistake,' or something that should be changed really kind of maybe says more about your position than what your words actually say."


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