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Jeb Bush Forms New PAC, Right To Rise - VIDEO


Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush has announced the creation of a new political action committee (PAC) as he continues to explore a presidential bid in 2016, The Washington Post reports. Bush made the announcement on social media, posting a video on Instagram and Facebook in both English and Spanish: 

In a video posted on the social-media site Instagram, Bush, walking casually in a dark winter jacket on a city street, said, "Hey, everybody, today we're setting up the Right to Rise PAC, which is a PAC to support candidates that believe in conservative principles to allow all Americans to rise up."

Not every commenter on the video was impressed. "What an awkwardly staged video: not looking that 'hip' to this Millennial voter, Jeb!" wrote one person.

RightThe name for Bush’s PAC is meant to show the type of Republican Bush views himself to be, one focused on combating poverty and joblessness and the so-called “policies of opportunity”: 

An admirer of the late New York Republican Jack Kemp, whose politics revolved around poverty issues, Bush is hoping to cast himself as a new kind of Republican, in the Kemp mold, by touting his ideas on economic empowerment. (Rep. Paul Ryan, the GOP's 2012 vice-presidential nominee, has frequently used the phrase "right to rise" in speeches, as Bush has noted.)

Speaking at the Jack Kemp Foundation's awards dinner in 2013, Bush said, "We are a center right country but conservatives won’t govern again soon unless we adopt the Kemp example to get outside our comfort zones, and to listen, learn and persuade."

He added, "If he was with us now, I think he would agree we have strayed from the politics of winning, from the policies of opportunity and from achieving the governing needed to accomplish big things.”

You’ll recall that Bush recently suggested that gay marriage should be put to a public vote, saying of gay marriage in Florida, “It ought be a local decision. I mean, a state decision. The state decided. The people of the state decided. But it’s been overturned by the courts, I guess.” Bush walked back those remarks with a more calculated statement in which the former Governor and member of the famed political dynasty tried to not sound the bigot alarm yet made sure to invoke the outrage about gay marriage currently en vogue among right-wing-nuts: the cry of “religious liberty.” Said Bush,

"We live in a democracy, and regardless of our disagreements, we have to respect the rule of law. I hope that we can show respect for the good people on all sides of the gay and lesbian marriage issue – including couples making lifetime commitments to each other who are seeking greater legal protections and those of us who believe marriage is a sacrament and want to safeguard religious liberty.”

Watch Bush’s announcement, AFTER THE JUMP…

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Glenn Beck: Elect Gohmert Speaker of the House to Save America - VIDEO


Bastion of enlightened thinking Glenn Beck is urging Republicans to call on their members of Congress to vote for Rep. Louie Gohmert as Speaker of the House now that Gohmert has announced he is challenging Rep. John Boehner for his party's top leadership post in the House of Representatives reports Right Wing Watch:

“Louie is not going to compromise, Louie is the guy. We have another chance, America, we have another chance. Please don’t pass this signpost, please, there’s another exit, take it,” Beck said on his show today, adding that conservatives should consider themselves “done with the Republican Party” if Boehner secures re-election.

“Shut the switchboard down, tell everybody you know in the freedom movement, ‘Louie Gohmert.’ Call them now,” he said.

You may recall Gohmert's previous remarks comparing gay rights advocates to Nazis as well as his concern about gay massages in the military that notably (and hilariously) landed him in the cross-hares of comedian Stephen Colbert.

Watch Beck advocate for Gohmert, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Rep. Louie Gohmert Announces Bid to Replace John Boehner As House Speaker: VIDEO

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 2.14.01 PM

Louie Gohmert, the Texas congressman who is a little too familiar with the sex lives of caribou and thinks gays are unfit for military service because massages from their lovers makes them "vulnurable to terrorism," announced today his plan to unseat John Boehner as Speaker of the House of Representatives. 

Fox News reports:

BoehnerGohmert, among the House Republican caucus’ most conservative members, made the announcement on “Fox and Friends,” saying he decided to run after Rep. Ted Yoho, R-Fla., said Saturday that he would challenge Boehner for the chamber’s top post.

“We have heard from a lot of Republicans that said, ‘I would vote for somebody besides speaker Boehner.’ But nobody will put their name out there,” Gohmert said. “That changed yesterday with Ted Yoho.”

Gohmert also hinted that another House member will announce a challenge to Boehner on Sunday.

Boehner once again returns to Capitol Hill amid challenges to keep his post, largely from the conservative members who most recently say he caved in by agreeing last month to a $1.1 trillion temporary federal spending bill, which averted another partial government shutdown.

Group members complained in part because they think Boehner did not try to punish President Obama enough for sidestepping Congress on immigration reform.

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Matt Barber: 'Non-Discrimination Policies Are Discriminatory Against Christians'

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 1.23.10 PM

Matt Barber is outraged after San Jose State University's InterVarsity Christian Fellowship chapter lost its' status as an officially recognized campus organization after refusing to comply with the school's non-discrimination policies reports Right Wing WatchBarber went so far as to say on the Faith and Freedom radio program that not allowing Christians to discriminate against gays is, itself, discrimination against Christians.

Said Barber:

"It's an excuse to discriminate against Christians ... That's all it is and it's stupid. It's just plain stupid. Imagine going to the African American organization on your campus and saying that you have to allow an open, avowed white supremacist as the leader of this African American organization, maybe a student branch of the NAACP. That is no different than what we are talking about here, but because it's Christians, and this is the truth, really the last group here in the United States that is fair game, that is an open target for discrimination such as this are Christians."

You can listen to Barber's nonsense, if you can stomach it, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Billionaire GOP Donor David Koch on Supporting Candidates Who Oppose Gay Marriage: 'That's Their Problem' - VIDEO


David Koch, one-half of the billionaire Koch Borthers who have pumped hundreds of millions of dollars into conservative causes and candidates over the years, sat down with Barbara Walters for her "10 Most Fascinating People of 2014" special and discussed his political philosophy - being a "conservative on economic matters" but a "social liberal."

When Walters brought up the fact that although Koch is pro-choice and backs gay marriage, many of the candidates he supports are not, Koch brushes it off saying "that's their problem" and that economic concerns are more important to him. 

You're right Koch, that is "their problem". But since those d-bags are in charge of making laws, it ends up being our problem too...

Watch a segment of the interview, AFTER THE JUMP...


I'm also including this screenshot of Babs since it's an accurate depiction of the shade my face was throwing while watching Koch talk too. 

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Michele Bachmann's 'Ex-Gay' Client Comes Out As Gay: 'In the End, My Sexuality is a Beautiful Gift from God'

The bad news keeps on coming for the ailing, harmful “ex-gay” movement.  

SchizzelFollowing a number of recent high profile announcements from former “ex-gay” activists attacking “conversion therapy” and a ban on the practice in Washington, D.C., Religion News Service is carrying an interview with “conversion therapy” survivor Christian Schizzel who lays bare his experiences with Janet Boynes Ministries and GOP nuts Michele and Marcus Bachmann’s “counselling” services.

Christian “spent seven years being trotted around the country on media outlets as a poster boy for the ex-gay movement. Now, after reclaiming his gay identity, Christian says he won’t be a weapon anymore.”

To those still promoting the use of a harmful, hateful practice, Christian has this to say:

“I hope they realize this path leads to a horrid dead end. It’s harmful and excruciatingly painful. There’s no academic or spiritual basis for its promotion.

"I wouldn’t wish this upon anyone, not even the ones who harmed me the most in this life.

"In the end, my sexuality is a beautiful gift from God,  and every day, I have found, I have to make a choice to honor it in the straight man’s world.”

Read the full interview here

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