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Rhydian Does His Best James Bond


X-Factor runner-up not-gay virgin Rhydian Roberts was spotted climbing out of the water Daniel Craig-style in Mexico.

The Daily Mail reports: "The Welsh singer, 24, is taking a well-earned rest after spending the latter half of 2007 rehearing for and starring in the ITV talent show. Despite his shock loss to Scottish teen Leon Jackson last month, Rhydian has just signed a £1million record deal with Simon Cowell's record label Sony BMG. After spending Christmas at home in Sennybridge, Wales, Rhydian flew out to Mexico for a family holiday with his parents Malcolm and Angel, uncle Nigel and aunt Maxine. Despite his platinum blond-dyed hair, Rhydian couldn't hide his redhead roots due to his orange chest hair. Rhydian is set for a busy 2008 - he is reuniting with his fellow talent show contestants for The X Factor live tour, before heading into the studio to record his debut album."

One more, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Rhydian X-ed Out of X-Factor Win by Leon/Kylie Duet

Leon Jackson won Britain's X-Factor talent show over favorite Rhydian (who recently gave an interview in which he denied being gay but admitted being a virgin) after pulling out a secret gay weapon — a duet of Better the Devil You Know with Kylie Minogue. These are just two of a few songs they sang in the final.

Leon_kylieReuters reports: "The 18-year-old won a million pound recording contract after beating the runaway favourite, Rhydian Roberts, in the reality TV show final on Saturday. 'It's not real,' Jackson said, choking back tears after winning a public vote. 'It just means the world to pursue this because I love singing. I knew I could change my mum's life and I've just done it.' Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond said it was a 'fantastic victory for Leon and Scotland'. Jackson, a jazzy crooner who used to work in a clothes shop, had been expected to lose to Roberts, from Wales. [Bookie] Ladbrokes said the upset had saved them from a huge payout. 'Leon's win is the biggest shock in the history of reality TV betting,' said spokesman Nick Weinberg. 'He will definitely be top of our Christmas card list.'"

The Daily Mail reports that Team Rhydian is pissed because they say the phone lines were blocked.

Meanwhile, Wales on Sunday reports that Simon Cowell and Andrew Lloyd Webber are battling over Rhydian's future:

"Sir Andrew was due to seal his support last night in a special pre-recorded message broadcast as part of the final, in which viewers saw the Welsh singing sensation sing Christmas ballad O Holy Night, West Side Story classic Somewhere and You Raise Me Up with Katherine Jenkins. But we can reveal how the theatre legend has been secretly texting Rhydian on his mobile phone as he prepares to cast a new Broadway version of The Phantom of the Opera, called The Phantom of Manhattan." Yikes, though given Rhydian's unusual look, it doesn't seem too far out of the ballpark.

And finally, "While the victor is virtually guaranteed the coveted Christmas number 1 with the release of their version of Mariah Carey's "When You Believe", the programme's real winner, is of course, Simon Cowell. The 48-year-old judge, who co-produces and owns the rights to the hit show, stands to earn an incredible £7.5million from the series."

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X-Factor's Rhydian: I'm Not Gay, But I am a Virgin


Rhydian Roberts, the favorite to win Britain's X-Factor show, tells the UK's Mirror tabloid that he's not gay, and that he's a virgin.

Rhydian2_2That sounds awfully familiar.

Says Rhydian: "If people are assuming that I am gay, or whatever, that is fine. They don't know me and I dress quite camp. But I can say categorically that I am 100 per cent straight."

On his virginity: "That is not saying that I can't have fun with a lady. I love the company of women. I have been offered sex, like most men. But if you believe in something you can't compromise. But I am only human and you can fall short. At the moment, my priority is singing. I am not a closet Christian. If someone asks me about it, I will talk about it. I do pray on Saturdays but then I pray every day. But what will be will be, it's God's will and that is a great mental attitude to have."

23-year-old Rhydian, who was formerly a rugby player, has a strict work-out routine: "I'm under no illusion - I'm no oil painting. My physique is alright, but visually I'm like the back end of a bus. I love working out - it's part of who I am. A lot of classical singers let themselves go - they're round fatties and I don't want to be like that."

AFTER THE JUMP, Rhydian's most recent X-Factor triumph.

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Rhydian the Rugby Player


I've posted a few videos of the UK's current X-Factor favorite Rhydian Roberts. Today, the Brit tabloid Daily Mail chronicles his transformation from busted-up rugby player to peroxide pop singer.

Below, a vlog Rhydian posted yesterday, along with his most recent performance.


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