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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1164

BEFORE YOU: Today is Cheyenne Jackson's birthday, and here is his new video! Happy bday Cheyenne!

LAUNCHER ONE: Richard Branson announces the next step at Virgin Galactic. Who's going to launch the space garbage truck?

THE GREAT AND POWERFUL OZ: James Franco explains the prequel he's starring in.

PIRANHA: Aka Fred Flintstone scissors.

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Let Gay People Marry, Says Sir Richard Branson in New Video: WATCH


Sir Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group, has shot a video for the OUT4Marriage campaign for marriage equality in the UK.

"I'm Richard Branson, the Founder of the Virgin Group. For many years, I've been a supporter of gay rights around the world. Back in 1967 when we founded a charity called the Student Advisory Centre, the law was changed to make it legal to be gay in England and Wales. We took many calls from young people in the process of coming out, and we were able to offer some support and guidance. But these people were coming out into a world that still hugely discriminated against them because of the gender of the person they loved.

"Over the years, across the world, gay people have been given more and more rights. But in the UK, much of the US and many other countries, one key right is denied, the right for every couple in love to marry. Getting married myself and giving my daughter Holly away at her wedding last year, are among the proudest days of my life. Everybody should be able to experience those moments if they wish to do so, regardless of their sexuality.

"At Virgin, we treat everybody the same, whether they are straight or whether they are gay, and the law should too. That's why I'm Out4Marriage, are you?"

Watch it, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Richard Branson Speaks Out Against Nigeria's Anti-Gay Bill

Virgin head Richard Branson is speaking out against the bill pending in Nigeria that would imprison gay people and those who support them.

Writes Branson, on his blog:

BransonToo sad to comprehend that Nigeria are passing a law in this day and age to put gay people in prison just for being gay.

The Prohibition of Same-Sex Marriage Bill passed through Nigeria’s Senate unopposed last week. It means gay couples entering into either marriage or cohabitation will be jailed for up to 14 years. Even people "witnessing" or "abetting" gay relationships could be punished under this sad, repressive and cruel law.

Like everyone else in society, gay people have an enormous amount to offer and Nigeria should embrace them not prosecute them.

All of us with influence in Nigeria must do what we can to stop this cruel law. I would urge educated Nigerians all over the world to do what they can to help fight this discrimination.

Nigeria's bill mandates 14 years in prison for same-sex couples who marry and 10 for those who help them. Amnesty International condemned the bill last week. This week activists delivered more than 58,000 signatures opposing the bill to the Nigerian Mission to the UN. I've written more about it here.

Towleroad Guide to the Tube #995

RANDY ROBERTS POTTS: The late televangelist's grandson in a recent interview with NBC.

RICHARD BRANSON: The Virgin mogul has an encounter with a Great White Shark in one of his fantastic Virgin Oceanic vehicles.

POKE TO QUACK: Please press this dog's button.

BILLY EICHNER: Gay comic Billy Eichner's man on the street show is coming to FUSE in December.

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Watch: Branson Guests Get Thrill Riding in Tandem with Spaceship


Journalists and guests of Sir Richard Branson got a space and aviation thrill yesterday when they were invited to ride in the new Virgin America A320 Airbus as it escorted WhiteKnightTwo, the carrier aircraft for the world's first commercial spaceship, on the inaugural landing at its brand new terminal at San Francisco International. The terminal opens April 14.

Guests aboard the A320 watched excitedly as WhiteKnight Two, carrying SpaceShipTwo, swooped out of the sky to line up with the aircraft and ride in tandem over the Golden Gate Bridge and into SFO.

Branson, Gavin Newsom, and Buzz Aldrin were among guests aboard the aircraft.

Watch a very cool clip from inside the plane, AFTER THE JUMP...


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Watch: Richard Branson Wants to Go Deep


Virgin mogul Richard Branson announced plans this week to explore the furthest depths of the oceans.

Virgin believes that the Oceans offer exciting possibilities for human exploration and scientific research. Our vision through Virgin Oceanic is to explore the possibilities of enabling adventurers and pioneers to participate in oceanic exploration.

If we are successful in our mission with this innovative design of submarine, then we will have proven that a vehicle can be built to withstand the extreme pressures of the oceans and that it is possible to take humans at far reduced risks to the bottom of our Oceans. The submarine we unveil today will likely finish its days on display in a museum here in the US but if we can prove the design, Virgin may explore the possibility of future missions involving other submarines that can collect samples and facilitate science and research. When we have evolved our capacity for exploration, we will unlock opportunities to discover vast areas of our planet that we currently have no knowledge of. This is our vision.

Check out the site here. Watch the teaser video, AFTER THE JUMP...

BoingBoing has a long post about the project.

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