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 roadAllen Andrade gets life sentence plus 60 years for Angie Zapata murder.

Cher  roadCher turns back time to get back into black bodysuit.

 roadGay athletes to get 'Pride' safe house at 2010 Olympic Winter Games.

 roadJust Jared interviews Katy Perry.

 roadActor Steve Gideon dies at 52: "Gideon died May 1 at his West Hollywood home of complications from colon cancer, said Bernard Vyzga, his longtime companion...musical theater career included staging and starring in the first authorized gay version of Stephen Sondheim's 'Marry Me a Little'."

 roadMaine Catholic Bishop Richard Malone calls same-sex marriage "a dangerous sociological experiment."

 roadWhy so many marriage equality advances in New England? "Liberal politics clearly plays a part, but the reasons for the rapid transformation are more finely shaded than simple blue-state, red-state color coding, according to analysts. The distinctive thinking of religious New Englander... their view of religion as private and personal, and their separation of their own beliefs from politics - has enabled change, said Mark Silk, a professor of religion in public life at Trinity College in Hartford."

 roadFive years on: Same-sex marriage debate fades in Massachusetts.

 roadTennis pro Richard Gasquet tests positive for cocaine.

 roadMale model fix: David Gandy.

Shuttle  roadSpace Shuttle Arlantis reaches orbit on dangerous Hubble mission: "Five spacewalks will be needed to accomplish everything. The work is so tricky and intricate that two of the repairmen are Hubble veterans, John Grunsfeld and Michael Massimino. Grunsfeld, the chief repairman, is making an unprecedented third trip to the telescope. Altman, the commander, also has previously flown to the telescope.""

 roadTwo men sought in Madison, Wisconsin gay bashing, the second in as many weeks.

 roadHungary to allow domestic partnerships for gays and lesbians: "The official bulletin says a new law will allow the partnership if both partners are at least 18 years old. The law will prohibit same-sex couples from adopting children together, but will require partners to provide care for each other’s children from earlier relationships if the children are recognized as belonging to the partnership."

Hirst  roadDamien Hirst retrospective opens in Kiev.

 roadAustralian man describes escape after 4-meter shark attacked his dinghy.

 roadNew 'Montauk monster' washes up on Southhold, Long Island.

 roadCitizens gather in Grifton, North Carolina to discuss concerns about same-sex marriage.

 roadMegan Fox says High School Musical is really about a coach who molests his basketball team.

 roadStudents protest school's report to parents of student's same-sex kiss after it was captured on school surveillance video: "The controversy arose after the school's dean of students, Keith Nelson, saw the two kissing and holding hands and found video of it on the surveillance system. He showed it to the parents of one of the girls because they had asked to be kept apprised of her behavior. The parents moved the girl to a different school district after watching it."

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Richard Gasquet: Tennis Pros Gone Wild!


After France beat Romania to move into the quarter finals of the Davis Cup on Sunday, Frenchmen Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Richard Gasquet apparently need to blow off some steam.

Tsonga2_2 Tsonga3_2

And blow it off they did. Tsonga and Gasquet hit a strip club in Sibiu, Romania and quickly became the main attraction.


Unfortunately, the athletes didn't engage in a round of mixed doubles.


Sportrait: Jo-Wilfried Tsonga [tr]
Djokovic Wins Australian Open, Vows Never to Wear Shirt Again [tr]
Wimbledon Semi-finalist Richard Gasquet: It's Obvious I'm Not Gay [tr]

Sportrait: Jo-Wilfried Tsonga


There's been a major upset at the Australian Open. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga of France has risen through the draw and overnight the #38-ranked player in the world put away #2 Rafael Nadal 6-2 6-3 6-2 in less than two hours to face either Roger Federer or Novak Djokovic in the final on Sunday. Now that's worth throwing your shirt into the stands for.

Tsonga defeated #14 Mikhail Youzhny and his compatriot, #8 Richard Gasquet to reach the semi-final.

Tsonga2 Tsonga3

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Martina Navratilova on Gay Men in Tennis

In a lengthy interview with Outsports, Martina Navratilova says she believes she has lost over $10 million in endorsement deals because of openness about her sexuality, but doesn't know why there are no openly gay men in professional tennis:

Gasquet"I have no idea. I don’t personally know any who are gay, because none have come out to me. Honest to God. I have suspicions, but I don’t know of one who’s definitely gay. I read that letter to Tennis magazine [in 1994] from an anonymous male player who said 'thank you because we’re not all as brave as you are,' but I don’t know who they are. But I don’t know why. It can’t be because they’re all worried about endorsements, because most of them don’t get any anyway. And now, perhaps they’d get one because they are gay. It’s funny. I understand it in team sports because it can become a negative if the coach or the front office is homophobic and you might not get to play; let alone that your opponents might come after you. But in tennis, nobody can stop you from playing because of your sexuality or if someone doesn’t like you. If your ranking is good enough, you get to play. It’s very simple. So I don’t know why none have come out."

Maybe the $10 million has something to do with it.

I've chosen a photo of Frenchman Richard Gasquet to go with this post not because the player has said he's gay but because he's felt the need to deny it — twice.

Martina Navratilova on the AARP and drugs and gays in tennis [outsports]

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Wimbledon Semi-finalist Richard Gasquet: It's Obvious I'm Not Gay [tr]

Tennis #8 Richard Gasquet: Nope, Still Not Gay


Frenchman Richard Gasquet, recently immortalized as a terra cotta warrior for his appearance at the Shanghai Tennis Masters Cup, gave an interview following his matches there, Outsports reports, and reaffirmed the fact that he's not gay, even though he wasn't even asked.

Via the interview:

Q. Now your matches are finished. Do you still have any plan to go around the city maybe with your uncle or your girlfriend?

RICHARD GASQUET: My uncle? No. My girlfriend, no. I have no girlfriend, so I will try to find one, one Chinese girl. Why not? Why not? I lost 6-1, 6-1. It will be very hard for me tonight. I'm ready to lose, you know.

Q. Who is the girl watching your match with your uncle?

RICHARD GASQUET: Not my girl. I don't know. Not my girl, for sure. No, no, no, I have just friends. Men friends, but I'm not gay.

You may remember in July of last year that Gasquet, now ranked #8 in the world, denied he was gay after French magazine Le Point printed a rumor that he was having an affair with 46-year-old married French businessman Arnaud Lagardere. Said Gasquet at the time: "I was absolutely not happy about that. This question has come back hundreds of times, and every time someone turns up saying, Oh, I have evidence. It is just bullshit. Neither him nor me are homosexuals. It's absolutely obvious."

So if it's so obvious, why the need to repeat it?

Richard Gasquet, still not gay [outsports]

Wimbledon Semi-finalist Richard Gasquet: It's Obvious I'm Not Gay [tr]
Terra Cotta Tennis Warriors Unveiled in Shanghai: Federer, Nadal, Davydenko, Djokovic, Roddick, Ferrer, Gonzalez, Gasquet [tr]

Terra Cotta Tennis Warriors Unveiled in Shanghai: Federer, Nadal, Davydenko, Djokovic, Roddick, Ferrer, Gonzalez, Gasquet

Novak Djokovic

In September I posted about the upcoming Shanghai ATP Tennis Masters tournament and the Chinese warrior statues that were being created by French sculptor Laury Dizengremel in the likenesses of the tourney's "elite eight". The warriors, of course, are meant to resemble the terra cotta army buried with the Emperor of Qin in 210-209 BC.

Well, the tournament got underway yesterday and the sculptures were unveiled. Here they are in all their glory. I can't say that the likenesses are necessarily spot-on (Novak Djokovic comes out looking a bit like Lance Bass) but the player portraits are hot. I've taken some close-ups of the Quentin Shih photograph for your perusal.


Andy Roddick, who reportedly asked for an alteration, as the baseball cap that's part of his public image wasn't included in the first go-round.

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