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Anti-Gay Former Texas Governor Rick Perry To Launch 2nd Bid For President Despite Felony Charges: VIDEO


Not surprisingly, anti-gay former Texas Gov. Rick Perry plans to officially enter the 2016 Republican presidential primary at an event in Dallas next month. 

The Dallas Morning News reports: 

PerrycorndogFor months Perry has said that he would announce his decision in May or June. But his constant travel to the early contest states of Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Florida has left little doubt of his intentions.

Unlike four years ago, when he rushed into the contest after seeing he could raise quick money and was leading in polls, Perry enters this contest as an underdog.

He is polling in single digits, but again unlike his last run, he has spent more than a year in preparation. He has consulted weekly with conservative experts on foreign relations and economic policy. He has assembled advisers and campaign teams in the early states and has even taken tutoring in public speaking.

The announcement was made by Perry's wife Anita on Twitter, a possible indication he'll aim to emphasize his appeal to GOP women: 

Once the frontrunner for the 2012 GOP nomination, Perry's campaign flamed out amid a few disastrous debate performances. His decision to go anti-gay in Iowa also backfired, after he released a widely parodied "Strong" ad slamming the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell." 

Perry, who's currently facing two felony counts, has a long history of opposition to gay rights. He once called the state's sodomy ban "appropriate," but later said he'd forgotten what the case was about. He championed Texas' 2005 marriage amendment, holding an unnecessary ceremonial signing at a Fort Worth church. And more recently, Perry — long plagued by rumors that he's closeted — compared homosexuality to alcoholism in response to a question about so-called reparative therapy

Check out a video featuring some of Perry's biggest bloopers over the years, AFTER THE JUMP... 

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Majority Of Republicans Say They Would Attend A Same-Sex Wedding

A Reuters/IPSOS poll shows that the majority of Republicans would attend the same-sex wedding of a loved one.

6a00d8341c730253ef01b7c77d8fc9970b-150wiThe news comes following the embarrassing spectacle of Republican presidential candidates tripping over themselves to "correctly" answer the “gotcha” gay wedding invitation question and suggests trouble to come for Rick Perry (right), Scott Walker, Rick Santorum, John Kasich and others,

According to the new poll, 56 percent of Republicans have indicated they would show up for a friend or family member’s same-sex wedding.

While 80 percent of Democrats and 70 percent of independents said they would do a family member the honor of accepting an invitation, overall 68 percent of Americans would attend. Nineteen percent of those polled said they would not and 13 percent were unsure.

Yesterday, Mat Staver demanded that all Presidential candidates must sign a pledge vowing not to obey any Supreme Court ruling in favor of marriage equality.

Listen to Perry try to dodge the "gotcha" question by blaming the "real problem" is the "left" trying to...I don't know...ask a question...AFTER THE JUMP...

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Rick Perry Says He 'Probably Would' Attend a Gay Wedding: LISTEN

Rick Perry got handed that "gotcha" question by conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt on Tuesday. Here's how he responded:

Perry"Yeah, well, I probably would [attend a same-sex wedding]. But I think the real issue here, you know, is that's the 'gotcha' question that the Left tries to get out there...We need to be standing up and saying, hey, listen that's an interesting question, here's my answer but get this thing back to talking about how do we get Americans back working again...

...It’s the economy, and it’s national defense. And if you’re not really not talking about those two on a regular basis and coming up with solutions on how to get this country back working, how to get this debt under control, and how to put America back into a position of being respected by our allies and being an influence in the world, then you’re spending some time that frankly doesn’t need to be spent on some issues that are secondary or tertiary to the future of this country.”


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2016 GOP Hopefuls Line Up to Defend Indiana's Discriminatory 'Religious Freedom' Law


The leading GOP contenders for the 2016 White House race have spoken out about Indiana's new "religious freedom" law and the #BoycottIndiana backlash - with all candidates supporting the law to varying degrees.

Find out exactly what each right-winger said to get a glimpse into how the debate over these "license to discriminate" proposals will likely play out over the coming election, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Texas Prison Officials Finally Agree To Protect Trans Inmate Whose Life Was In Imminent Danger


Texas prison officials have agreed to place a transgender inmate in protective custody after Lambda Legal filed an emergency motion this week alleging her life was in imminent danger. 

Upton.KenKen Upton (right), senior counsel at Lambda Legal, told Towleroad on Saturday that the Texas Department of Criminal Justice has agreed to place trans inmate Passion Star (self-portrait above) in protective custody until the state files its response to the group's motion. 

Back in October, Lambda Legal filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of Star, accusing the department of deliberate indifference to threats of sexual assault and violence against her in TDCJ’s male facilities. The lawsuit alleges Star has lodged dozens of grievances, complaints and requests to be placed in safekeeping, but instead of taking measures to protect her, prison officials have told her to “suck dick,” “fight” or to stop “acting gay” if she doesn't want to be assaulted. 

In November, rather than placing Star in safekeeping, the department transferred her to one of the state's most dangerous facilities and placed her in the general population. Prison officials also allegedly warned Star against filing additional complaints. 

Abbott.Greg“Passion’s life is in imminent danger, and twelve years after the passage of the Prison Rape Elimination Act, prison officials cannot pretend that they are unaware that LGBT individuals are vulnerable to sexual abuse when incarcerated," Lambda Legal staff attorney Jael Humphrey said in announcing the emergency motion. "Rather than take Passion’s courageous requests for protection seriously, TDCJ staff have increased Passion’s vulnerability by denying her protection and threatening to confine her in isolation if she complains.”
On a previous occasion, when Star appealed to Texas prison officials to protect her from a gang member who said he owned her, they responded by moving her even closer to the inmate. 

The next morning, the gang member attacked Star, calling her a “snitching faggot,” and slashed her face eight times with a razor, according to Lambda Legal. Even after the attack, prison officials refused to move Star to protect her from violence in the general population.

Texas, one of a handful of states that have refused to comply with the federal Prison Rape Elimination Act, is home to five of the 10 facilities with the highest rates of prison rape in the country. Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry called PREA “ill-conceived” and decided to pass up funding that the U.S. Department of Justice had earmarked for the prevention of sexual assault in detention facilities.

Lambda Legal has launched a petition, which currently has 2,204 signatures, calling on new Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to comply with the Prison Rape Elimination Act. 

According to Just Detention International, which works to eliminate sexual abuse in detention facilities, LGBT inmates are 15 times more likely to be victims of prison rape than non-LGBT inmates.  

GOP 2016 Hopefuls Punt on Alabama Gay Marriage Questions


While Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore's pageantry plays out over the gay marriage fight in his state, Politico notes a number of likely GOP 2016 contenders are choosing to sit this one out.

When pressed on the fight in the Deep South state, where the chief justice has ordered county officials to ignore a federal court ruling permitting same-sex marriages, likely GOP 2016 contenders reached by POLITICO or interviewed elsewhere have largely tried to sidestep specifics.

Even some of the most conservative hopefuls prefer instead to talk more broadly about federalism and states’ rights, comments that come as the U.S. Supreme Court considers whether same-sex marriage is a constitutional right applicable nationwide.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio’s answer is a typical example: “The problem is, I just don’t know the details of what arguments they are using” in Alabama, he said, adding that while he has “always believed that marriage has always been defined by states and regulated by states and should continue to be,” he would respect the Supreme Court decision.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who is pushing a constitutional amendment to require that the federal government defer to the states on same-sex marriage, also avoided discussing the particulars of the Alabama case. “My view is that marriage is a question for the states,” he said.

CarsonPolitico adds the one notable exception was Dr. Ben Carson (right), who defended Moore's obstructionist efforts and said Moore "understands the importance of preserving states’ rights in the modern post-Civil War world in which we live."

The article also goes on to point out how other contenders like Jeb Bush, Bobby Jindal, Rick Perry, Scott Walker and Mike Huckabee are addressing the Alabama question and the wider issue of a likely future where nationwide marriage equality is the law of the land. 

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