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Rick Perry Not Quitting: 'Here We Come South Carolina!!!'


Rick Perry's dismal finish in Iowa, which inspired press specualtion that he would be dropping out of the race, has not dampened Perry's will to go on.

Tweeted Perry (along with a photo of himself wearing black tights) this morning: "And the next leg of the marathon is the Palmetto State...Here we come South Carolina!!!"

South Carolina's GOP primary is January 21.

Rick Perry Likely Out of Race After Feeble Finish in Iowa: VIDEO


Rick Perry announced last night that he is heading back to Texas to "assess" the results of the Iowa caucus and "determine whether there is a path forward" for him in the race.


Nate Silver doesn't see a path:

Mr. Perry’s campaign became so feeble at the end that it is easy to forget why many observers, myself included, once thought him to be quite formidable. Mr. Perry was the only candidate other than Mr. Romney to rack up a significant number of endorsements, a key measure of party support. He was the only candidate other than Mr. Romney to raise enough money to run a full 50-state campaign from the start. He had better public-sector credentials than Mr. Romney — the sitting three-term governor of a large state rather than the former one-term governor of a medium-sized state — and his signature accomplishment in office was a strong job-creation record rather than shepherding the passage of a health care bill that is substantively similar to President Obama’s. He had no misgivings about confronting Mr. Romney — something candidates from Tim Pawlenty to Michele Bachmann were strangely reluctant to do. He had a speaking style that seemed to be more in line with the mood of the Republican base. Mr. Perry had a lot going for him, but his campaign appears to be at an end.

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Is This Rick Perry's Final Ad?


In the grim slog of Repubican primary campaigning, no candidate has so relentlessly pursued the lowest-common-denominator vote as Texas Gov. Rick Perry. In recent weeks he's shown as little regard for his dignity as for his syntax, leaping from one potential reservoir of populist anger to another, aping the inchoate rage he imagines burning in the hearts of Iowa's least-lettered caucusgoers. It hasn't worked. Iowa's caucusgoers are smarter than he thinks they are, and Perry's polling in the single digits.

Perry's cynical anti-LGBT posturing -- which reached its nadir in his "Strong" ad, and was revealed as a sham when he admitted he didn't know what Lawrence v. Texas was all about -- has now given way to anti-Congress posturing. For at least two debates now, Gov. Perry's been insisting that a President Perry will make half of the legislative branch of the American government work half-time for half-pay.

I'm posting Perry's new ad to that effect because, with the candidate-winnowing Iowa caucus just three days away, it may be the last we'll ever see from the man, and his imminent departure from the race seems worth commemorating. Note how, in the ad, the excerpted bit from December 15th's FOX News debate features an audience roaring its approval of Perry's anti-Congress spiel. I'm pretty sure there was no such roar on the night, but I can't seem to find a clip. If anybody knows where one is, I'll post it.

Watch Perry's ad, AFTER THE JUMP ...

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NEWS: Santorum Surges, Kids Come Out, And Aliens Get Jiggy In Nevada

Road The Santorum Surge:

“People say, well, when are you gonna get your surge?” says Santorum. (Some of the “people” are the reporters in the back of the room; some are the Iowa conservatives who keep doubting him.) “Everybody in this race has had their surge, and their bump. Why haven’t you had it? I say, I’m gonna get mine the old fashioned way. Actual people who know the candidates coming on board and helping us. Not some media creation. Not some clever line. But actually folks who are taking their time to look at the records, to look at the vision, to look at the character, to look at the courage.”

Santorum has been saying this all year. It stopped sounding ridiculous on Wednesday.

Road Rasmussen: If the election was tomorrow, Romney would beat Obama like a gong.

Road More speculation on Hillary as veep.

Road's running a series of coming out stories from LGBT youth.

Road Jim Burroway explains why so many racists and homophobes can dig a libertarian.

Road On harness-training a kitty.

Road Entrepreneur to rebrand brothel as "Area 51 Travel Center," Nevada's one-stop shop for sci-fi sex:

Hof describes the current state of the bordello as a “disgusting, terrible place” without a single window. The partners are hoping to finish a complete conversion inside of a couple of months, before beaming in customers.

The important details regarding the working women are still being hashed out, such as whether or not to paint the women green to resemble Orion Slave Girl characters from Star Trek.

However Hof tells CBS Las Vegas that for the clients he is reaching out “to everyone, all the Star Wars fans and Trekkies,” and cater to all flavors of geek fantasy.

Hof also hopes to collaborate with science fiction icons such as William Shatner – known better to his prospective clients as “Captain Kirk.”

Road China to land astronaut on the moon:

While Chinese scientists have previously discussed the possibility of a manned lunar mission, a government white paper published on Thursday is the first public government document to enshrine it as a policy goal.

China will “conduct studies on the preliminary plan for a human lunar landing”, the white paper said.

Although a manned moon mission is still some time off – Chinese experts say after 2020 – the statement highlights Beijing’s soaring ambitions just five months after the US retired its space shuttle programme . “Chinese people are the same as people around the world,” Zhang Wei, an official with China’s National Space Administration, said at a briefing. “When looking up at the starry sky, we are full of longing and yearning for the vast universe.”

Road Salon wonders: "Does gay sex cause incontinence?"

TeensReactStrong Road Reddit wonders: Did North Korea Photoshop a giant into pics of Kim Jong-il's funeral?

Road The Teens from Teens React wonder: What the hell is Rick Perry's "Strong" ad all about? Watch them discuss it AFTER THE JUMP ...

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Rick Perry: What's Lawrence v. Texas?

PerryConusedOne day in the not-too-distant future, Rick Perry will disappear from the pages of the nation's newspapers forever. Unfortunately for him, that day has yet to arrive, and the Texan governor still has at least a few weeks in which to embarass himself on the record.

At a meet and greet today in Cedar Falls, IA, Gov. Perry was asked by a voter to "defend his criticism of limited government" in the Supreme Court case of Lawrence v. Texas -- the case which, in 2003, resulted in Texas's anti-sodomy law being struck down as unconstitutional. Perry was Texas's governor at the time. According to ABC News:

“I wish I could tell you I knew every Supreme Court case. I don’t, I’m not even going to try to go through every Supreme Court case, that would be — I’m not a lawyer,” Perry said at the Blue Strawberry Coffee Shop here. “We can sit here and you know play I gotcha questions on what about this Supreme Court case or whatever, but let me tell you, you know and I know that the problem in this country is spending in Washington, D.C., it’s not some Supreme Court case.”

Maybe so. But seeing as Perry referenced the case in his most recent book, and seeing how Perry is trying to portray himself as the most stridently "pro-family," anti-gay candidate in the Republican field, he ought at least to behave as though he's been paying attention to the culture wars. You can bet Rick Santorum knows about Lawrence v. Texas.

ABC continues:

Asked by Ken Herman, a columnist with the Austin American Statesman, for clarification on whether he knew what the case concerned, Perry responded, “I’m not taking the bar exam…I don’t know what a lot of legal cases involve.”

When told that the Supreme Court case struck down the Texas sodomy law, Perry said, “My position on traditional marriage is clear and I don’t know need a law. I don’t need a federal law case to explain it to me.”

Rick Perry Confronted by 14-Year-Old Bisexual Girl About Views on Gays in the Military: VIDEO


Rick Perry was confronted by a teen girl after a town hall in Decorah, Iowa yesterday, about his views on gays in the military.


ABC News reports:

“I just want to know why you’re so opposed to gays serving openly in the military, why you want to deny them that freedom when they’re fighting and dying for your right to run for president,” Rebecka Green, a high school student from Decorah, asked the Texas governor.

“Here’s my issue. This is about my faith, and I happen to think, you know, there are a whole hosts of sins. Homosexuality being one of them, and I’m a sinner and so I’m not going to be the first one to throw a stone,” Perry said. “I don’t agree that openly gays should be serving in the military. ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ was working and my position is just like I told a guy yesterday, he said, ‘How would you feel if one of your children was gay?’ I said I’d feel the same way. I hate the sin, but I love the sinner, but having them openly serve in the military, I happen to think as a commander in chief of some 20,000 plus people in the military is not good public policy, and this president was forced by his base to change that policy and I don’t think it was good policy, and I don’t think people in the military thought it was good policy.”


Green later told ABC News she disagrees with Perry: “I’m openly bisexual and I don’t want to be told that if I wanted to serve in the military that I couldn’t, and I just think that policy is completely ridiculous that he thinks that. I just don’t like it. Him or nobody should be able to tell somebody who they can or can’t love.”

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