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Rick Santorum Thinks It’s Fun to Bang the President – VIDEO

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At a GOP convention in Iowa over the weekend, Rick Santorum’s hilariously misguided choice of words were again on full display, with Santorum saying:

“Look, I understand why campaigns and all of you want to go out and just bang the president. It’s fun. I mean, it’s fun. It’s easy. It’s getting easier every day...”

Watch his uncontrollable “Santorum-of-the-mouth”, AFTER THE JUMP

Phil dunphyLast week, you may also recall Santorum trying to be all hip and cool and whatnot when he told USA Today that Hillary Clinton wasn’t “young and bling” enough for the Democratic Party’s nomination in 2016.

Anyone else think Santorum is kind of like a much less cool, much more rabidly homophobic version of Modern Family’s Phil Dunphy?

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Rick Santorum: Hillary Clinton Isn’t ‘Bling’ Enough to Win Dem Nomination for President: VIDEO

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In an interview Friday with USA Today, Rick Santorum was asked about whether he thinks Hillary Clinton will run for president in 2016 - with Santorum saying she isn't “young and bling” enough for Democratic voters:

“I think she would be atypical of what the Democrats would nominate. They generally don’t nominate old and tried and true. They tend to nominate young and bling. And only when the young and bling don’t work out that they fall back to the tried and true….[Democrats] like new, they like fresh, they like young. That’s who the Democratic Party has been nominating since they became the liberal party in America.”

In a separate clip, Santorum was asked to weigh in on Rick Perry’s recent comparison of homosexuality to alcoholism. Santorum said that doing analogies and comparisons like that “can be very dicey and tricky affairs because people get very upset when you do them,” but that he stood by Perry’s point.

Wonder if Dan Savage's ears are burning... 

Watch the clips, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Rick Santorum To March For Marriage With NOM

Brian Brown

It looks like Senator Rick "man-on-dog" Santorum is finally breaking his recent silence on gay marriage issues. Instead of borking up an interview on Fox News, Frothy Mix is instead having the National Organization for Marriage's Brian Brown post an announcement to NOM's blog lauding his participation in NOM's upcoming "March for Marriage" on June 19th in D.C. From Brown's open letter:

Rick SantorumI'm thrilled to announce that my good friend and stalwart marriage, family, and life champion, presidential candidate and former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum will be speaking at this year's March for Marriage on June 19th.


Senator Santorum is a huge addition to our already incredible speaker list that includes Governor Mike Huckabee, Archbishop Salvatore Cordielone [sic], New York State Senator Rev. Rubin Diaz [OMGSIC], and the Heritage Foundation's Jennifer Marshall and Ryan T. Anderson, among many others.

Santorum, Huckabee, Cordileone, Diaz, Marshall, Anderson..this should be quite the clown car on display, and no doubt unintentional hilarity will ensue.

Santorum Not Speaking About Pennsylvania's Gay Marriages or the Judge He Backed That Made Them Happen


In 2002, Rick "Frothy Mix" Santorum recommended John Edward Jones III for U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania, saying he “understands our values and traditions.” Jones was then appointed by then-president George W. Bush. So it comes as a great surprise that a Republican, Bush-appointed, Santorum-backed judge would be the one to strike down Pennsylvania's gay marriage ban.

Judge John E JonesEven better, Pennsylvania Governor Corbett said that he would not challenge Jones' ruling, saying in part,

Throughout the debate on this important and meaningful issue, I have maintained that Commonwealth officials and agencies would follow the provisions of Pennsylvania’s marriage law unless or until a court says otherwise.  The court has spoken, and I will ensure that my administration follows the provisions of Judge Jones’ order with respect for all parties.

The irony is so deliciously sweet it'll rot your teeth.

For his own part, Santorum has been quiet on the issue, and on gay issues in general of late. ThinkProgress points out that Santorum never addressed the striking down of the marriage ban on his Twitter account, nor when he appeared on Fox News just minutes after. He has also not responded to several media outlets who called to inquire.

It's too much to hope that Santorum has changed his opinions on gays at all, but perhaps he's finally realizing that campaigning against equality is a losing issue, particularly for the younger voters that the Republicans are hoping to attract, and will instead focus his time and efforts on more productive efforts such as increasing the federal minimum wage.

FOX News Host Challenges Rick Santorum on His Anti-Gay Views: VIDEO

Cavuto and Santorum

Former Senator Rick Santorum appeared on Fox News to promote his book Blue Collar Conservatives, and during the discussion host Neil Cavuto brought up one of the arguments set forth in the book that marriage helps stave off poverty and how a family unit is good for the economy. Cavuto questioned Santorum whether or not that argument applied to married gay couples as well, at which point Santorum began evading with all of the grace of an inebriated hamster.

Cavuto brought up the very valid point that the questions he was asking could come up in a race. But Santorum insisted on bumbling his responses to a very unimpressed Cavuto.

You can watch Santorum flounder through his interview AFTER THE JUMP... 

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Would Rick Santorum Have Voted For Arizona's Anti-Gay 'Religious Freedom' Bill? 'Absolutely' — VIDEO


Rick Santorum sat down with the National Review after CPAC a few weeks ago to talk about Arizona's "religious freedom" bill that would have allowed the "sincerely held beliefs" of business owners to legally discriminate against homosexuals. When asked whether he would have signed the bill had Santorum been in Arizona Governor Jan Brewer's place, he emphatically said yes, surprising absolutely no one. Also, somehow Obamacare is the government infringing on people's freedom of religion. Also said during the interview, utterly lacking in self-awareness:

The trunk upon which all other branches of rights flow from is freedom of conscience. If you don't have freedom of conscience, then freedom of speech doesn't mean very much, freedom of assembly doesn't mean anything because you can't speak or do what you believe is right. And what we're seeing is the government increasingly encroaching upon this very sacrosanct area of our Constitution and using all sorts of excuses to suppress people's rights

You can watch the interview AFTER THE JUMP...

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