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Bill O'Reilly: Marriage Equality Will Cause 'a Fundamental Dissolution of Marriage in This Country' — VIDEO


Marriage equality will cause "a fundamental dissolution of marriage in this country," FOX News host Bill O'Reilly argued on his show yesterday in a discussion of the recent Utah polygamy ruling in which a federal judge de-criminalizied a portion of Utah’s ban on polygamy.


In related news, Rick Santorum and NOM have been crowing about how the Utah ruling proves their "slippery slope" theories.

Tweeted Santorum: "Some times I hate it when what I predict comes true."

As has NOM's Brian Brown:

"This decision is the next step along the path blazed by same-sex marriage advocates who have convinced federal judges to transform the societal norm of marriage as the union of one man and one woman designed primarily for the benefit of any children produced of their union into an institution that recognizes intimate, romantic relationships between consenting adults," said Brian Brown, NOM's president. "For years, we have warned of the importance of preserving the norms of marriage and its definition as the union of one man and one woman. Now we see the next step in the path of consequences for abandoning those norms. Left on its current course, in a few years marriage could be unrecognizable."

Brown explained that Friday's decision stops short of imposing state-sanctioned polygamous marriages because the plaintiffs in the case did not specifically seek such relief. However, Brown said that with this decision advocates for polygamist marriage tee up the issue for the US Supreme Court to find polygamists entitled to official state-recognition of their plural 'marriages' just like gay and lesbian couples have been able to do in several states that have redefined marriage. The polygamy decision relies in large part on the same legal rationale utilized to impose same-sex marriage.

"There's no doubt that the arguments for same-sex marriage were a template for this case," Brown said. "Once marriage is determined to be primarily about providing government recognition and benefits for loving, committed relationships, there is simply no principled way not to extend 'marriage' to everyone, no matter the nature of their relationship. People in polygamist, plural marriages are just a short step away now from winning official marriage rights. Adult incest practitioners will have similar claims, as will adult siblings and other close relations. Lost in this disastrous push to transform marriage into the satisfaction of adult sexual desires are the interests of children, and their right to the love of one mother and one father."

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Bob Newhart Headlining Anti-LGBT Group's Annual Summit with Rick Santorum, Bill Donohue


Legendary TV icon Bob Newhart is set to headline an annual summit for the anti-LGBT Legatus Group, Jeremy Hooper reports for GLAAD.

Hooper notes a bit of the group's anti-gay history:

On November 1, 2012, Legatus magazine, the print publication of the conservative Catholic organization of the same name, listed five "non-negotiables" for voters about to head to the polls. Marriage equality (which the magazine labeled homosexual "marriage," smear quotes and all) was one of the five listed items, with the staff writer instructing Catholics "to avoid voting for candidates who endorse or promote policies that provide for any of these acts and to vote instead for those who promote policies in keeping with moral law." The phrase "intrinsic evil" was used seven times.

Although this organization's insistence that civil marriage equality is one of God's major unacceptables shouldn't come as a huge surprise, considering Legatus pushes the idea that homosexuality itself is a "disorder" from which one must be "cured." I'm not exaggerating when I say that. In a 2011 Legatus piece, Legate John Haas (whose family has close ties to the National Organization for Marriage, by the way) called for our "curing" in the clearest of language.

Also telling are the folks appearing with Newhart:

And get this: Newhart is scheduled to appear alongside such noted anti-LGBT figures as the Catholic League's Bill Donohue and Rick "man on dog" Santorum. Yeah, it's going to be that kind of a night. Why in Larry, Darryl, and my other brother Darryl's name would Mr. Newhart, legendary TV star and one of the most genuinely well-liked people to ever appear before a film camera, sign up for such a gig?!

GLAAD has reached out to Newhart's people "to let them know how, exactly, an appearance at this event will come across to LGBT people and allied voices."

Rick Santorum and Stephen Colbert Froth Over Gay Marriage: VIDEO


Stephen Colbert welcomed Rick Santorum on The Colbert Report last night to discuss the 2016 presidential election, Santorum's new film The Christmas Candle, and the meaning of marriage.

"We're losing this one, aren't we?" Colbert asks.

Santorum_colbert"Marriage has slipped away from us," says Santorum. "Marriage has devolved into just a romantic relationship between two people, and that's not what marriage is."

"It's for transferring property," Colbert adds.

"But marriage is more than that, and heterosexuals have lost the definition of marriage so it's not surprising that other people want to see 'well this is all marriage is today, and so we should be involved in that'. The better debate is to talk about what marriage is and try to reclaim the institution as a man and a woman coming together to have children and raise them in a way that continues society."

Asks Colbert: "What if we just say...gays you can have marriage. Because at this point marriage is something that seems kind of gay!"

Santorum then froths on about children needing a mother and a father, and chooses not to respond to this barb from Colbert:

"What if they have mother and no father? Wouldn't it be better for them to have no parents than to be loved by two gay people?"


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Rick Santorum: Satan Controls the Film Industry - VIDEO

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 10.02.52 AM

In a plug for his upcoming new movie The Christmas Candle, Rick Santorum appeared on the Trinity Broadcasting Network last week to thank supporters and criticize the materialistic film industry for being the Devil's "playground."

Right Wing Watch reports that the infamous homophobe, who has previously said that Satan has control over mainline Protestantism and universities, has now officially added the film industry to that growing list. 


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Rick Santorum Says GOP Approval Of Gay Marriage Will Be 'The Destruction Of Our Republic': VIDEO

In September, former presidential candidate Rick Santorum spoke at the Midwest Republican Leadership Conference about the GOP and social concerns. Of course, same-sex marriage was a popular talking point. Santorum is terrified that his own party may be getting on board.

SantorumRight Wing Watch reports:

Blaming the shift in support for gay marriage on the television program "Will and Grace," Santorum said that Christians are now afraid of speaking out against it for fear of being called bigots and haters. Complaining that the DOMA decision ruled that people who oppose gay marriage do so only because they hate people who are gay, Santorum predicated that churches will eventually lose their tax-exempt status because of it.

"We have hate crimes in this country," Santorum warned, "for hate speech. It's coming."

Saying that "Christians are the most tolerant people in the world," Santorum claimed that Christian opposition to gay marriage is no longer being tolerated and declared that "for the Republican Party to even contemplate going along with this is the destruction of our republic."


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Santorum: 'Middle Class' Is A Term Derived From 'Marxism' - VIDEO

Rick Santorum

Anyone with an internet connection likely remembers the failure that was Rick Santorum's 2012 bid for the United States presidency. They also probably know that the frothy former congressman and former senator has continued to pop up on Towleroad's radar even after moving to the GOP's back seat. 

This most recent blip comes courtesy of Right Wing Watch, which managed to come across a clip from a Republican Party gathering in Lyon County, Iowa. During this gathering, Santorum gave a speech in which he called the term "middle class" "Marxism talk". 

"Since when in America do we have classes? SInce when in America are people stuck in areas or defined places...that's called a class. That's Marxism talk. When Republicans talk about middle class, we're buying into their rhetoric."

One hopes that Santorum includes himself in that last sentence, since Right Wing Watch was good enough to compile just a couple examples of the many times Santorum has used that very term. His speech goes on to claim that the Republican party is the sole party that "values the dignity of every human life". "Don't let them take what we rightfully own," he warns, as his rhetoric proceeds to get more heated and more vague.

Take in all of Santorum's comments in their original context AFTER THE JUMP...

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