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Watch: Tucker Carlson Mocks 'DADT' Repeal on FOX, Calls it a 'Sideshow' and a 'Stupid Issue'


FOX & Friends hosts Tucker Carlson and Brian Kilmeade mocked 'DADT' repeal this morning in a conversation with former DNC finance chair Robert Zimmerman, Media Matters reports:

When  Zimmerman asked Carlson what his excuse was for "not moving" on a repeal of DADT, Carlson explained that he is not opposed to repeal, but views it as "totally a sideshow issue" and a "stupid issue." Carlson also mocked the idea that it was "central to American national security."

Zimmerman explained that the US has a "shortage of Arabic translators," and that many have been dismissed under DADT, prompting Carlson to say "spare me."

Kilmeade, confused as always, chimed in with the question "if we repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell, we'll have more Arabic translators? Most of them are gay?"

"Most translators are gay," Carlson joked, "and flamboyantly so." 


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AC360 on Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Same-Sex Marriage, and Obama


Anderson Cooper covered social issues and the pressure on President Obama to take action on his campaign promises. Candy Crowley reports on the current situation and Family Research Council's Tony Perkins and DNC member Robert Zimmerman join Anderson to discuss the administration's silence.

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Witt Also, today the Wall Street Journal takes up the issue of Obama and "Don't Ask, Don't Tell", noting that the administration let pass a May 3 deadline to appeal to the Supreme Court in the case of the expulsion of Major Margaret Witt: "That means the case will be returned to the district court, and administration officials said they will continue to defend the law there." Witt had served as an Air Force reservist flight nurse for 20 years until she was ratted out by a citizen in her home town of Spokane who, according to her attorney, called the Air Force and told them she was living with her female partner there.

The WSJ reports: "President Obama faced an early March deadline to file an appeal to the Supreme Court. Obama aides twice filed requests asking for a one-month extension, which the court granted. The administration let the most recent deadline pass without seeking another extension. A Justice Department spokeswoman said the government would defend the law at the trial over Maj. Witt's dismissal. The decision not to appeal to the Supreme Court 'is a procedural decision made because the case is still working its way through the regular judicial process,' she said."

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