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Massive Polaroid Collection to Go on Auction Block


A number of photographs from the collection of Polaroid founder Edwin Land is set to go on the auction block at Sotheby's in June as the result of a bankruptcy brought on by a Ponzi scheme by Tom Petters, whose company bought Polaroid from Land.

NYT: "To pay off creditors, a bankruptcy court in Minnesota is forcing Polaroid to sell a portion of its collection at Sotheby’s in New York on June 21 and 22. On offer will be 400 photographs by Ansel Adams alone, along with prints by Mr. Close, Mr. Wegman, Robert Rauschenberg, David Hockney, Robert Frank, Robert Mapplethorpe, Warhol (above) and Lucas Samaras. Together the 1,200 objects are expected to fetch $7.5 million to $11.5 million."

Check out some of the photos here.

News: Robert Novak, New Yorker, Katy Perry, Montreal, Gavin Newsom

road.jpg Yuengling Beer distributor's driver fired following anti-gay assault on Brad Walsh, photographer boyfriend of fashion designer Christian Siriano.

Vfroad.jpg Vanity Fair takes jab at New Yorker cover.

road.jpg OK: Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears to reunite.

road.jpg Eurogames get underway on Thursday in Barcelona: "More than 30,000 tourists are expected to attend the Olympics-style games which could pump 30 million euros (47.6 million US dollars) into the local economy, according to Barcelona gay sports group Panteras Grogues (Yellow Panthers) which is organising the event."

road.jpg Send Newsom in: SF Mayor obtains city computer codes from imprisoned city computer tech Terry Childs after week-long stand-off: "The first thing I want you to know, Mr. Mayor, is that when you walk out of this room, you will have the computer codes."

road.jpg Hispanics make up 22% of new HIV cases: " So far, the toll of AIDS in the nation's largest and fastest growing minority population has mostly been overshadowed by the epidemic among blacks and gay white men. Yet in major U.S. cities, as many as one in four gay Hispanic men has HIV, a rate on par with sub-Saharan Africa."

road.jpg Project Runway winner Christian Siriano discusses his new fashion line...

Hulseroad.jpg Male model Bruce Hulse recalls his first gay-themed shoot with Herb Ritts: "His request was one I might not normally have accepted, but I knew that Herb would take exquisite and tasteful photographs that would be seen by the world as art. I also didn't want to pigeon-hole myself as being homophobic. I wanted to be receptive to any and all ideas, as long as they involved the right team and the best photographers."

road.jpg The New Old Gays: Apparently, swish is back.

road.jpg Rihanna takes a ride into "Disturbia" with David LaChapelle.

road.jpg Syndicated columnist Robert Novak cited after hitting a pedestrian with his black Corvette in DC. Claims he didn't know he hit anybody but witness says victim was splayed across the front of his car.

road.jpg 35-year-old Swedish serial killer of gay men sentenced to life in prison.

road.jpg Robert Mapplethorpe remembered by some of his subjects.

Armaniroad.jpg Giorgio Armani is a Speedo guy.

road.jpg Katy Perry and the media's "kiss" of hypocrisy: "Not only is the media sending a mixed message in heralding Perry, they’re undermining any stand they might want to take in support of gays in the future. How can anyone heed their warnings not to disrespect gays when they roll out the red carpet for an artist who has done exactly that? The real point seems to be they’ll do anything for an audience."

road.jpg Car-free zone in Montreal's gay village a huge success: "Even the naysayers, those who were opposed to closing the street, have changed their tune as the terrasses stay packed from Wednesday to Saturday night and merchants are dancing to the tune of ringing cash registers."

road.jpg The International Herald Tribune goes on a shopping trip in Provincetown but mostly at the Marc Jacobs boutique.

road.jpg Hartford Courant: 2010 Census must count gay marriages. "Bureau officials should acknowledge the reality that same-sex couples are legally married in the United States — and fix their procedures for counting and describing America's estimated 780,000 same-sex couples and their families. They should certainly stop altering the accurate responses of same-sex couples who describe themselves as married. Decisions about data collection should not be driven by political and value-laden judgments about marriage. They should be grounded in the demographic and legal realities of this nation."

News: GQ France, Breakdancing Beckham, Atlantis, Jason Statham

road.jpg One of the judicial nominees Bush has been threatening a recess appointment for was recently arrested for DUI wearing a little black dress, fishnet stockings and stilletto heels: "Apparently, Federal Judge Robert Somma, rear-ended another motorist in his Mercedes-Benz after tying one on in a local gay bar. He had difficulty locating his drivers license in his purse. His wife, Wendy, says he's not interested in talking to the press right now."

Babybeckhamroad.jpg Spice Girls shocked by baby breakdancing Beckham.

road.jpg Wisconsin gay rights group utilizes election to raise awareness of upcoming court vacancies.

road.jpg British BMW salesman forced from job by homophobic co-workers: "Ben Hamilton, 26, claims he was branded 'the nice poof', 'faggot' and 'bender Ben' by workmates at a BMW showroom. He told the hearing he was banned from wearing pink clothing and was made to change. And when he grew a beard he claimed colleagues walking past him would jeer the phrase 'Deal or No Deal?' at him after gameshow host Noel Edmonds up to 30 times a day. Mr Hamilton said a manager told him: 'It must be great to be gay. Does it mean you and your fella can go out, have a few beers, have a curry, beat each other up and still get laid?'"

road.jpg Space Shuttle Atlantis heads home from International Space Station in preparation for Navy shootdown of errant spy satellite.

Gqfranceroad.jpg GQ launches French edition.

road.jpg Student: Goldfish aren't the peabrains you think they are.

road.jpg Excavated remains identified as Sir Hugh Despenser the Younger, lover of King Edward II: "Despenser died a gruesome death, being publicly hung, drawn, quartered and disembowelled for treason in 1326 following Edward's fall. The remains, found in the 1970s on Despenser's brother-in-law's estate at Hulton Abbey, Staffordshire, bear such hallmarks, anthropologist Mary Lewis says. Lewis, from Reading University, made the link by drawing on the manner of execution, carbon-dating of the bones and the absence of several parts of the body. The skull, part of the vertebra and one leg are buried on the family estate at Tewkesbury Abbey. 'Research on the bones shows he was stabbed in the throat and probably stabbed in the stomach, but we would not have any evidence to disembowelment unless the knife had hit any bones,' Lewis said."

road.jpg Writer Andrew Holleran pays a visit to Fort Lauderdale.

road.jpg Ben & Jerry endorse Obama, scoop "Cherries for Change" ice cream. "Barack is showing that when you lead with your values and follow what you have inside that good things will happen. What we saw is that when you want real change it's not a marketing slogan. You have to do things differently. And that is not going to be done by someone who's been involved in the system for years and years. It needs to come from inside and Barack Obama has it."

road.jpg Winehouse likes her chicken fried.

Stathamroad.jpg Jason Statham drops the big burly half of himself.

road.jpg Japan's top court rules Mapplethorpe photos not obscene: "The verdict was hailed as a victory for artistic freedom by a Japanese publisher who filed the lawsuit. His copy of a Mapplethorpe book was seized in 1999 when he tried to bring it from the United States for personal use. Reversing a lower court ruling, the Supreme Court ordered customs to lift its ban on bringing in the book of photographs, entitled 'Robert Mapplethorpe.' In the 2003 ruling, the Tokyo High Court ruled that the book, which included images of male genitals, went 'against good sexual morality.' But Kohei Nasu, the presiding judge, said at the Supreme Court: 'The book and pictures do not fall into a category that would disturb the public,' as quoted by Jiji Press."

road.jpg UK father-to-be charged in "cowardly, disgraceful" attack on homophobe mistaken for gay man: "John Edwards, prosecuting, told York Crown Court yesterday the assault happened last July when Mr Sandey was returning home along St Mary's by the riverside in York after a night out. He said the area was known to be frequented in the evening by homosexual men, and a passer-by heard one of the group shouting homophobic insults. 'When the defendant pleaded guilty he did so, acknowledging this was aggravated by homophobia. The target of their violence, quite randomly it would seem, was this complainant,' he said. A woman who saw the attackers, including Walls, described seeing Mr Sandey on the ground. The men were punching him before one - it is not known who - jumped on his leg as they shouted 'he is a pervert'. Afterwards Walls spoke to the witness, telling her his name. Forensic experts later found blood on him."

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road.jpg Nominations for the Eighth Annual Weblog Awards (the 2008 bloggies) are now open. Now, we're not telling you who to nominate, but (wink, wink) there is a GLBT category!

Vf_shia_harrisonroad.jpg Something for everyone: Shia LaBeouf and Harrison Ford deck out the new issue of Vanity Fair.

road.jpg Hey big spender: Suze Orman closes on $3.6 million apartment in New York's refurbished Plaza Hotel.

road.jpg Shake-up at ABC's Brothers and Sisters: Creator Jon Robin Baitz leaving the show? "Whether this truly is Baitz’s 'endgame' in television and the end of his work on Brothers & Sisters is not entirely clear. Earlier in the same post he seems to contradict himself by indicating some level of future involvement with the show he created: 'Now I look forward to writing the odd episode or three, and being useful as close-reader of the cosmology of the show when asked.' contacted Baitz’s representation for a comment, but no reply was received (possibly due to the holidays)."

road.jpg Jude Law sees ghost of Frank Sinatra crouched at his hotel's mini-bar.

road.jpg United States of Pop: DJ Earworm presents a mash-up of Billboard's top 25 most popular songs in the U.S. last year.

Frostroad.jpg Some say the world will end in fire: Poet Robert Frost's former home ransacked and burned at what police say was an underage drinking party. "The intruders broke a window to get into the two-story wood frame building — a furnished residence open in the summer — before destroying tables and chairs, pictures, windows, light fixtures, and dishes. Wicker furniture and dressers were smashed and thrown into a fireplace and burned, apparently to provide heat in the unheated building, he said. Empty beer bottles and cans, plastic cups, and cellophane apparently used to hold marijuana were also found, according to Hodsden. The vandals vomited in the living room and discharged two fire extinguishers inside the building, on a dead-end road off Route 125."

road.jpg Former Brit boyband singer Lee Ryan arrested for assault on London taxi driver.

Ptown_2road.jpg 13 unsolved arson fires in the last 11 weeks have Provincetown on edge and part-time fire department working overtime: "The town's chief fire officer — part-time Chief Michael Trovato — is supposed to report to state authorities in writing within 48 hours any fire or explosion that results in loss of property. But those reports, called the Massachusetts Fire Incident Reports, have not been completed, based on several requests by the Times starting Dec. 11. The fire reports are usually available for public inspection and can serve as a foundation — the first responder's version — of a suspicious fire, said Hyannis Deputy Fire Chief Dean Melanson, who said he was not commenting specifically on Provincetown, and the state fire marshal's spokeswoman, Jennifer Mieth. Trovato said Thursday the reports have not been completed because the number of fires— and his part-time status — have made it tough to keep up with the paperwork. '"And because the fire chief is really exhausted and overwhelmed,' Trovato said, speaking of himself."

Hitchcock_yanduraroad.jpg Top DNC officials subpoenaed in discrimination lawsuit: "Those ordered to provide sworn testimony include chairman Howard Dean, openly gay treasurer Andy Tobias, and Gay and Lesbian Leadership Council executive Director Brian Bond. The suit charges that a campaign of infighting, discrimination and retaliation led to the illegal firing of Hitchcock after his partner, former Clinton appointee Paul Yandura, criticized the Party for what he claimed was a lack of support for LGBT causes, especially on the issue of defeating anti-gay ballot measures."

road.jpg Friend of gays Katherine Heigl gets hitched but where's the bridesman T.R. Knight?

road.jpg Northern Ireland Gay Pride controversy reaches House of Commons: "Stormont Minister Nigel Dodds has thrown his weight behind DUP protests over a placard carried at the Belfast Pride event which read 'Jesus is a fag'. And Security Minister Paul Goggins has revealed that the Parades Commission is seeking a meeting with the march organisers following complaints about alleged breaches of its code. The DUP were outraged when one participant was seen carrying the controversial placard during the colourful August 4 event."

road.jpg Book explores the "artlessness" of Mapplethorpe's Polaroids: "I thought if I could somehow bring that element into art, if I could retain that feeling, I would be doing something that was uniquely my own."

Fred McDarrah, NYC Photographer who Covered Stonewall, Dies


Village Voice photographer Fred McDarrah, who chronicled life in New York for nearly fifty years, died in his sleep in Greenwich Village yesterday. He was 81.

Lots of examples of McDarrah's work can be seen here. He was really one of the greats.

The photo above, right, was taken two nights after the Stonewall Riots on June 29, 1969 outside the Stonewall Inn. The chalk message scrawled on the brick wall reads: "To fight for our country, they invaded our rights."

The Voice writes: "Fred captured Jack Kerouac frolicking with women at a New Year’s bash in 1958, Andy Warhol adjusting a movie-camera lens in his silver-covered factory, and Bob Dylan offering a salute of recognition outside Sheridan Square near the Voice’s old office. Not just a social chronicler, McDarrah was a great photo-journalist. He photographed the still-smoldering ruins of the Weather Underground bomb factory on W. 12th Street. His unerring eye for gesture and detail caught lawyer Roy Cohn whispering what appeared to be tough orders in the ear of a young Donald Trump. For years, McDarrah was the Voice's only photographer and, for decades, he ran the Voice’s photo department, where he helped train dozens of young photographers, including James Hamilton, Sylvia Plachy, Robin Holland and Marc Asnin. His mailbox was simply marked 'McPhoto.'"

A few more of McDarrah's shots, after the jump...

Fred W. McDarrah, 1926-2007 [village voice]
Former Village Voice photographer dies, chronicled tumultuous era [newsday]

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Steven Klein and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers do Robert Mapplethorpe

Rhys1_2 Rhys3

When I saw this Steven Klein Jonathan Rhys-Meyers image from the forthcoming issue of Details, I immediately had one of those I've seen that before moments. Of course, it's that 1980 leather jacket-clad Robert Mapplethorpe self-portrait.

DetailsRhys-Meyers tells Details: "Let’s not kid ourselves—this business is about being good-looking. Look, Brad Pitt is an incredible actor, but do you think he’d be a famous movie star if he didn’t look like that? Come on! Some mornings, some days, you just don’t have that physical confidence. That’s a horrible feeling. A lot of my success is because of what I look like. I know that."

Two more shots after the jump.

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