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Behind The Scenes Of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis On Tour: VIDEO


Indie artists and "Same Love" songsters Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are going on their first arena tour this fall, covering ground in the U.S. and Europe. Thanks to a five-part documentary chronicling their journey, you can get a glimpse of the duo's life on the road. The documentary is part of Buffalo David Bitton’s "Blank Check Series" and provides artists funding so they can continue to create and work.

Check out the first episode in the installment AFTER THE JUMP...


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Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Tell Chelsea Handler: 'We're Gay'


Macklemore and Ryan Lewis appeared on Chelsea Lately last night to talk about their VMAs win and discuss rumors that they're gay. After Lewis reveals that the duo met on MySpace, well, the jig is pretty much up.


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Mary Lambert's 'She Keeps Me Warm' Gets a Music Video: WATCH

Mary Lambert, the Seattle-based singer-songwriter whose 'she keeps me warm' refrain grounds Macklemore & Ryan Lewis's hugely successful song "Same Love," couldn't really believe she was about to perform at the Video Music Awards. " I still feel like I'm going to be at mom's to turn on the VMAs and watch whatever Kanye does," she told Billboard in an interview.

Mary-lambert-2013-650-430But this weekend, she did just that, joining her collaborators onstage and sharing an award for best music video with a social message.  Before her work on "Same Love," Lambert worked three day jobs, but these days she's touring with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and keeping herself busy writing new songs.  With the duo's blessing, she expanded her "Same Love" hook into a full song, which was released as a single last month.

Now, "She Keeps Me Warm" has its own music video, which you can check out below.  Here are a few great excerpts from Lambert's interview with Billboard:

  • On writing "Same Love" with Macklemore and his writing partner Ryan Lewis: "For me, writing the song was a very personal endeavor. It's talking about my sexuality and my religion. To have that resonate with people -- and not just on a wide scale, with the pushing of gay marriage -- but on a very personal, real level, with people talking to me about their experience in church and their sexuality, that's where it really hits home to me. You're hearing these stories, and you know exactly what that person's gone through."
  • On her feelings about "Same Love" being chosen as the third radio single from "The Heist": "I was really apprehensive to hear it on the radio and see how people would respond.  This wasn't Washington state radio -- this was national radio. It's such a wide audience that you don't know who's going to be listening to it. You don't know what people's belief systems are… I'm just kind of shocked that it's taken this entirely new life of its own."
  • On her inspiration for filming the "She Keeps Me Warm" video: "Two years ago, I did an extensive YouTube search for a mainstream music video that depicted a lesbian relationship. I was disappointed, shocked and a little hurt that I couldn't find a single one. Sure, there were hot girls rolling around in lingerie, girls briefly holding hands, or something involving a man. Lesbians were used as shock value. This video came to fruition with an all-queer female crew who shared my vision. It was an incredible experience."

Watch the clip, AFTER THE JUMP...

(photo courtesty of Deborah Spencer for Billboard)

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Macklemore Accepts VMA for 'Same Love', Says 'Gay Rights are Human Rights': VIDEO


Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, and Mary Lambert took the stage to accept the MTV Moonman at the VMAs for "Best Video with a Social Message" for their marriage equality anthem "Same Love".

MacklemoreSaid Macklemore:

"I'll be honest. I really wanted to win the award for Best Rap Video but this Moonman here stands for a lot more. I've been writing songs since I was 15 and out of every single song I have every written to me this is the most important record out of all of them. And to watch this song in the last year spread across the world is a testament to what is happening right here now America on the forefront of equality. Gay rights are human rights there is no separation."


And if you missed the performance of the song they did later in the show (with surprise guest Jennifer Hudson), watch it HERE.

And if you somehow missed the epic video they won the award for, watch it HERE.

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Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Perform Marriage Equality Anthem 'Same Love' at VMAs: VIDEO


Macklemore & Ryan Lewis took home the MTV Moonman for "Best Video with a Social Message" for their marriage equality anthem "Same Love" featuring Mary Lambert.

They later performed the song, with an introduction by gay NBA player Jason Collins and A$AP Rocky, and special guest Jennifer Hudson.

Watch them perform the track, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Macklemore Talks About Performing 'Same Love' at Tonight's VMAs; Jason Collins to Introduce - VIDEO


Gay NBA player Jason Collins is going to be introducing Macklemore & Ryan Lewis at tonight's MTV VMAs, NewNowNext reports. The duo is set to perform their marriage equality anthem "Same Love".

Twitter_collinsMacklemore told MTV News why they chose to perform "Same Love" over their other massive hits "Thrift Shop" and "Can't Hold Us".

"'Same Love' has turned into a song that has been embraced by the mainstream and that was played by the radio," Macklemore told MTV News on Saturday (August 24) after the duo's rehearsal for the big show. "There is a lot more people that are familiar with it now than six months ago and the timing is perfect. It's a powerful record and it needs to be heard in America right now. And equality is at the forefront of what's going on in politics right now."

That strong message will beam out on a night when Mack & Lewis are up for six awards, the highest total of the night, tying them with another of the evening's performers, Justin Timberlake. On the night they make their VMA debut, they'll join a superstar roster that also includes Lady Gaga, Kanye West, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Drake, Robin Thicke and Bruno Mars.

Macklemore adds that "It's a song that I wanted to write because I felt like it wasn't being addressed within hip-hop music...And I think that the homophobia was still very rampant within hip-hop culture."

He also said that the line "when I was in the third grade, I thought that I was gay" is the most vulnerable lyric he has ever written.

Watch MTV News interview with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis about "Same Love" and tonight's VMAs, AFTER THE JUMP...

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