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Kathy Griffin Pinches an Inch of Ryan Lochte: VIDEO


Kathy Griffin "wreaks havoc" at iHeartRadio, riding Ryan Lochte and getting into it with Miley Cyrus.


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Sacha Baron Cohen's 'Dictator' Dumps Kim Jong Il's Ashes on Ryan Seacrest: VIDEO


In case you missed Sacha Baron Cohen's dusty stunt on the Oscar red carpet last night, here you go. Cohen was not seen again last night except cleaned up in a taped clip extolling the virtues of going to the movies.


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News: Ryan Seacrest, New Zealand, Die-In, Matthew Vanderpool

Road Demanding drugs, AIDS activists hold "die-in" outside Nancy Pelosi's office in SF.

Quinto  RoadZachary Quinto: summer buzz.

RoadRyan Seacrest's girlfriend Julianne Hough: I thought he was gay.

RoadWorkers on Deepwater Horizon oil rig had concerns about safety, but feared retribution if they reported unsafe behavior, maintenance precautions.

RoadSurvey: Users dissatisfied with Facebook, but won't leave.

RoadWhy does FOX News have more power than any progressive in the country? "The idea is that Fox News is more important than any progressive leader or commentator (or even the majority opinion of progressives throughout the country, as evidenced by polls) because liberals have nowhere to go. So, that's why you can abuse them, ignore them and even treat them with disdain -- and they'll still vote for you. What are they going to do -- vote for Republicans?"

RoadWorld War Z: Brad Pitt to star in zombie flick.

RoadLohan in cuffs: Courtroom sketch artist draws the photo no cameras were allowed to capture.

Akermanis  RoadAustralia's Western Bullldogs sack Jason Akermanis: "'He hasn't earnt the trust of the group,' a source told The Age.' It's a pattern of behaviour. You can't put it down to one thing. It has just gone on for so long. And we don't want it to keep going'...Akermanis was suspended by the club in June after a furore eminating from a column in which he advised gay AFL footballers to stay in the closet."

RoadPFOX 'ex-gay' Greg Quinlan's dating criteria: "Female. And breathing."

RoadWorld's oldest dildo?

RoadNew Zealand Christian school ordered to pay compensation to a sports coach fired after the school board found out he was gay: "At first I was shocked. I've never felt so small in my life," the man told New Zealand media Thursday. "It's hard enough to go through finding yourself and accepting yourself and being 'out' in the first place. Having to go through discrimination doesn't help."

RoadConcerns for aging members of the gay community raised in Denver.

RoadCBS closets Sara Gilbert in press release for new daytime show about mothers.

Vanderpool RoadVictory Fund never offered money to Kentucky candidate Matthew Vanderpool: "This is a fairly clever stunt, but look closer and you realize how silly and disingenuous the whole thing is. The Victory Fund doesn't offer its endorsement to anyone who doesn't ask for it, and it was certainly never offered to Mr. Vanderpool. Our endorsement comes after a thorough examination of a candidate's viability in a given race. Given the behavior it has exhibited so far, I think I understand why this campaign probably didn't want to face the scrutiny." More dirt here.

Road Dustin Lance Black to pen screenplay about the Barefoot Bandit.

RoadTwin site unearthed at Stonehenge.

RoadFort Worth Police looking for LGBT recruits: "FWPD will be accepting applications online for police officer trainees from July 22 to Aug. 6. To apply, go here, and look for the Police Officer Trainee link. The FW Police Academy course is 31 weeks long, and trainees receive a salary of $37,377 per year ( or $3,114/month) plus benefits during training. Those who graduate and join the force get a raise to $52,187 per year (or $4,348/month). And those who have military experience and G.I. Bill benefits can access those benefits during training."

Ryan Seacrest's Tongue Not Nearly as Talented as Adam Lambert's


Said Seacrest to Lambert on Tuesday's Idol: "My tongue is not nearly as talented as yours."

Lambert returned this week to mentor. Watch Seacrest's "wit" and Lambert's performance last night of "Whatya Want from Me", AFTER THE JUMP...


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Ryan Seacrest Closes $45 Million Deal


New deal is "the richest ever for a reality host."

"The pact, which had been in the works for the past several weeks, gives Seacrest a gigantic pay raise, more than trippling his previous salary of slightly less than $5 million per season."

News: Michigan, Kris Allen, Boston Gay Bars, Kathy Griffin


3GS: Apple releases follow-up to iPhone. 3G now $99.


GALLUP POLL: 58% of conservatives favor gays in the military.



 Tween Idol.


Kris Allen signs record deal, discusses album.


Pat Steadman, first out gay man in the Colorado senate, sworn in.


Proposition 8 protest in Greensboro, North Carolina.


Faces of Us: "a photo campaign created with the purpose of bringing the fight for LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) rights to the National spotlight. The campaign is still small, but growing, and shows the faces and identities of members of the LGBT community and allies who care about these issues."


Gay porn actor Timothy Boham (aka Marcus Allen) murder trial goes to jury: "Twenty-eight-year-old Timothy Boham testified Thursday that Denver businessman John Kelso committed suicide and that they had planned to make it look like a robbery for life-insurance purposes. But prosecutors say Boham shot Kelso during a robbery and a police detective testified this week that Boham confessed to the killing."


Two U.S. journalists sentenced to 12 years hard labor in North Korea.



Is the gay bar scene in Boston finished?


Kathy Griffin's My Life on the D List returning tonight at 10 pm: "Since 'D-List' premiered in 2005, Griffin’s career has moved in a different direction. So she thought her show should, too. 'It’s kind of silly to make the show about what it was four years ago, which was I can’t get a job, I’m going to go do stand-up at gay rodeo,' she said. 'It’s a very different place than I was in four years ago.' So this season, Griffin visits, among others, Lily Tomlin, Paula Deen, T.I., Gloria Estefan and Paris Hilton to get a glimpse into their lives."


Male model fix: Christopher Fawcett.


Signature collectors begin drive to recall Portland Mayor Sam Adams. Organizer Jasun Wurster: "This is a positive, non-partisan and intelligent campaign that is comprised of very talented volunteers who are solely focused on holding Sam Adams accountable for his civic transgressions."



Images from a cocktail party held by the New York Times in honor of same-sex couples that have made their wedding announcements in the paper.


Snow falls in North Dakota in June.


Cristiano Ronaldo exposed?


Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway reuniting on screen for Love and Other Drugs.


Michigan shift in public opinion on gays called 'seismic': "In October 2004, a Glengariff poll showed 24% of Michiganders supported marriage rights for same-sex partners, and only 42% supported legal recognition of civil unions. In the new poll, support for same sex marriage was 46.5% and for civil unions 63.7%. Forty-eight percent of state voters said they opposed adding marriage rights, the only one of nine gay rights issues not winning majority support."


UK Catholic mother launches legal battle after son is placed with gay foster parents. Catholic church says adoption rights for gays amount to child abuse.


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