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Sacha Baron Cohen Pranks the 2013 Britannia Awards: VIDEO


When Sacha Baron Cohen is around, there's usually something up. As was the case at Friday's BAFTA LA Jaguar Britannia Awards, when Cohen met Grace Cullington, the oldest surviving actor to have worked with Charlie Chaplin in silent films.

Until that night.


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News: Baby Cambridge, Amanda Bynes, Freddie Mercury, Matt Bomer

Road King David's Palace unearthed by archaeologists in Israel? Royalbaby

Road The sex problem in the Navy.

Road New trailer for George Clooney & Sandra Bullock's Gravity.

Road The world finally meets HRH Baby Cambridge.

Road Sofia Vergara gives co-star Jesse Tyler Ferguson wedding shout-out.

Road Shia LaBeouf understands the value of a well-planned ensemble when going to The Home Depot.

Road Justin Theroux proves guns are in this season.

Road Reese Witherspoon gets wild.

Road This is not a still from Magic Mike 2.

Road The most unfortunate back-brace/baseball hat combo ever.

Road Dennis Farina battled lung cancer leading up to his death.

Road Amanda Bynes tries to burn down a rando’s house, gets hospitalized against will for mental evaluation. Burns Dog in process. Is this real life?

Road In case you didn’t get your fill of Teen Beach buff-ness yet.

Road Armie Hammer went to Cowboy Camp. Seriously, no one got a pic of that?

Bomer  Road Possibly your new summer anthem. Not surprisingly by Icona Pop.

  Road I hate it when my hair gets caught in a fan.

  Road Even at the airport, Ricky Martin and those boys are darn cute.

  Road In more gun-related news, these firearms were on display earlier this week.

  Road The CW’s The Carrie Diaries finds its Samantha.

  Road Sacha Baron-Cohen will not play Freddie Mercury as earlier planned.

  Road Apparently we need to check out The Vineyard.

  Road A look back at Windsors in the family way.

  Road This might be the best pic from Comic-Con.

Road The fallout from SCOTUS’ VRA ruling isn’t pretty.

Road All in the family: Robin Thicke's 'Blurred Lines' gets mashed up with Growing Pains.

Road New Hunger Games movie promises to bring the beefcake.

Road The witch is back.

Road Maybe he just misinterpreted someone's order for a six inch sub.

Road Is Batman/Superman mashup a bad idea?

Road Mitt Romney's granddaughter shares Baby Cambridge's birthday. So does Penelope Cruz & Javier Bardem's daughter.

Sacha Baron Cohen Developing Film Inspired by Hong Kong Billionaire's $65M Offer for His Lesbian Daughter

BoratThe recent offer by Hong Kong billionaire Cecil Chao of $65 million to any man who can successfully woo his lesbian daughter Gigi is in development as a feature film by Sacha Baron Cohen for Paramount Pictures, Deadline reports:

"The film’s tentatively titled The Lesbian, and is a potential starring vehicle for Baron Cohen, who presumably would play the billionaire. He’ll produce through his Four By Two Films banner. A writer has not been attached. Baron Cohen’s last film, The Dictator, grossed $175 million worldwide for Paramount."

Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1119

TWERKIN: For Christ.

ANGELO BADALAMENTI: Describes the creation of the Twin Peaks theme.

INTERVENTION: Kate Beckinsale, Judy Greer and Andrea Savage want more their bodies.

THE DICTATOR: Sacha Baron Cohen hopes to offend with a new red band trailer.

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Sacha Baron Cohen's Dictator Congratulates France's New President, Francois Hollandaise: VIDEO


General Aladeen is being proactive in inserting himself into international affairs.


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Here's The Opening Scene of Sacha Baron Cohen's 'The Dictator:' VIDEO


Hoping to build more interest and controversy ahead of its May 16th opening, Sacha Baron Cohen today released the opening scene of his latest flick, The Dictator.

Among the things we learn about Cohen's latest character from this video's journalist narrator is that the Dictator, Admiral General Aladeen, was born with a full beard, and then some, created his own Olympic games and changed a over 300 words in his language to "Aladeen," including "positive" and "negative" which caused endless headaches and head-scratching and will certainly create some outrage.

Watch the opening scene of The Dictator AFTER THE JUMP.

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