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Watch: Sally Kern Says Gays Worse Than Terrorists...Again


Oklahoma Rep. Sally Kern is back comparing gays to terrorists again — saying gays are actually worse because they're everywhere, "bombarding" the nation with homosexuality — while the country has only had three terrorist attacks.

FOX25 (via dallas voice):

When you mention the name Sally Kern, most people think of the now-infamous speech she gave two years ago, declaring homosexuals more dangerous to America than terrorists. But that is the first of many misconceptions Kern says she wants to clear up.

“Here in America we’ve had what maybe three known real big terrorist attacks on our nation,” Kern said. “But every day our young people especially, all of us, but our young people especially are in a sense bombarded with the message that homosexuality is normal and natural.”

Watch the video HERE.

Watchdog Pushes IRS to Investigate Anti-Gay Pastor for His Support of Oklahoma Rep. Sally Kern


You remember Sally "homosexuals are more dangerous to our country than terrorists" Kern?

A watchdog group, Americans United for Separation of Church and State, is urging the IRS to investigate Pastor Paul Blair for using his tax-exempt group Reclaiming Oklahoma for Christ, to raise campaign cash for Kern, ABC reports:

"In a letter sent last month to the Internal Revenue Service, the Washington D.C.-based watchdog group pointed to an e-mail sent ahead of a June campaign kick-off event, 'Rally for Sally,' in which Blair urged parishioners and supporters to lash back at what he called an attempt by the 'homosexual lobby' to take over the elected position. 'If they succeed, it will serve as a warning shot across the bough [sic] of all elected officials who defend Biblical values,' the e-mail read, according to Americans United. 'Even if this is not your district, this race will effect [sic] you! Once a person is elected to the legislature, their voting impacts ALL Oklahomans.'"

Religious organizations are prohibited by law from direct involvement in political campaigns.

Blair is also upset that Kern is being challenged by a transgender candidate:

"He pointed to Kern's transgender opponent, Brittany Novotny, as what he calls proof that the 'homosexual lobby' has come to Oklahoma. 'In my few years, we've gone from Andy Griffith to 'Brokeback Mountain' and it's not getting any better,' he told 'We are just continuing to spiral into a moral abyss. "We have never officially endorsed or gotten into politics,' he said. 'We get into cultural issues.' Americans United's Lynn said he considers the issue to be "an open and shut violation. There's no ambiguity."

In related news, a video from the Brittany Novotny campaign, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Oklahoma Homophobe Sally Kern Takes On Heterosexual Divorce

Christian warrior and Oklahoma lawmaker Sally Kern, who once declared gays more of a threat to America than terrorists, has set her sights on outlawing some forms of heterosexual divorce:

Kern Scheduled for introduction in the 2010 legislative session by state Rep. Sally Kern, R-Oklahoma City, House Bill 2279 would restrict the "use of incompatibility as a ground for divorce" in Oklahoma.

The bill would not allow for divorce on the basis of incompatibility if:

  • There are living minor children of the marriage
  • The parties have been married 10 years or longer
  • Either party files a written objection to the granting of a divorce

If passed, the act would become effective on Nov. 1.

(via pam)

News: Brooklyn, Jim Carrey, Asteroid, Jodi Rell, Subway Drama

RoadThis is how an American soldier is made.

Starlite RoadBrooklyn's oldest gay bar, The Starlite Lounge, in danger of closing: "The Starlite Lounge has been a Crown Heights fixture since the 1960s, serving gays and non-gays. In recent years, the venue has become a destination for neighborhood folks looking for a casual daytime hangout, as well as revelers who frequent the dance parties and karaoke nights, according to Leviticus."

RoadWATCH: Drunk Boston woman almost gets run over by subway.

RoadJim Carrey's new website is pretty fantastic.

RoadGay man running for Toronto mayor.

RoadRhode Island domestic partners bill awaits anti-gay governor Carcieri's signature: "An opponent of gay marriage, Carcieri has not yet stated whether, he will sign, veto or allow to become law without his signature a bill to provide domestic partners with the right to make funeral arrangements for their partners."

RoadHow same-sex marriage has worked in The Netherlands.

RoadExcellent chart on same-sex marriage and age.

RoadGays are not welcome at Vatican City, but what about all the gays who are already there?

RoadMadonna is in Brazil to meet Jesus Luz's mother, who is 14 years her junior.

Seaver RoadAndy Warhol's "jock" Polaroids are on display in NYC.

Road A previously-undiscovered asteroid came within 14,000 km of Earth last week and it was only noticed 15 hours before its closest approach: "This is the third-closest known non-impacting Earth approach on record for a cataloged (sic) asteroid."

RoadDavid Beckham got a post-Halloween buzz.

RoadConnecticut Governor Jodi Rell says she's not running for reelection: "Rell choked up while listing her favorite memories while in office, including meeting those affected by the passage of public health insurance for the poor, updates to mass transit, and improvements to the state's education system. She cited a gay couple who hugged her at Stafford Motor Speedway after she signed the nation's first voluntarily passed civil union bill."

RoadWestboro Baptist Church protests outside of Sasha and Malia Obama's school in D.C..

RoadJames Franco's General Hospital role: graffiti artist?

Vacant RoadParis Hilton threatening to sue for being made the spokesmodel for vacant space - literally.

RoadNew York Army specialist in Baghdad being discharged under 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell': "Nathanael Bodon of Marlboro is a specialist in the Army Reserve stationed in Baghdad, Iraq. He has been in the reserves for about a year-and-a-half and in Iraq for some four months. The Army found out about Bodon when a fellow soldier found his blog with a picture of him kissing a former boyfriend and tipped off the Army brass."

RoadSally Kern's husband to join religious groups for Monday rally in D.C. against marriage equality.

RoadBrazilian model Miro Moreira lowers his rate.

RoadN.Y. Posts' Andrea Peyser defends cabbie who kicked out gays for hugging: " Mohamed faces the indignity of having his cab license yanked by the Taxi and Limousine Commission. He's already lost his job. But Medhat Mohamed is no bigot, and he's not a disgrace. He's also not a prude, a gay basher, a homophobe or the more colorful invective that's been lobbed in his direction by a chorus of yuppies with a large bone to pick."

News: Alexi Giannoulias, Pets, Sally Kern, Roger Federer, Beyonce

RoadDuane: New York marriage vote possible this month.

Federer RoadRoger's turn: Federer flaunts his fur.

RoadCute-ass animal story of the day #1: The 'can't get up' puppy.

RoadCute-ass animal story of the day #2: Rhodesian Ridgeback adopts baby pig.

RoadDailyKos: The road to marriage equality runs through Maine.

RoadNo storms on the horizon for New Orleans 'Southern Decadence' celebration: "In the almost four decades since it started, Southern Decadence has become a traditional Labor Day weekend, end-of-summer, event. But for two of the last four years, hurricanes crashed the French Quarter-centered party. Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and Gustav last year both generated evacuation orders for the city and brought the festivities to a screeching halt."

RoadStephen Fry urges Twitter followers to get behind campaign seeking apology for British mathematician Alan Turing.

RoadSally Kern facing transgender challenger in Oklahoma.

RoadMichael Jackson finally laid to rest 70 days after his death.

Alexi RoadIllinois Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias comes out for marriage equality, end to "Don't Ask, Don't Tell": "In an interview, Giannoulias said individual states should be able to decide for themselves whether they allow same-sex couples to marry, but that all states should be required to afford legal recognition to same-sex marriages performed in states where they are sanctioned."

RoadOfficials: L.A. fire was arson.

RoadReferendum 71 names still under wraps: "Signed petitions seeking a statewide vote on expanded gay partnerships will remain shielded from public view for at least a few more days, while a federal judge decides whether Washington state's public records law could pose a risk to free speech rights."

RoadESPN commentator and coach Brad Gilbert not into "fruity" tennis outfits.

Sasha RoadFierce lawsuit: Project Runway's Chris March suing Thierry Mugler over Beyoncé tour costumes.

RoadWashington archbishop Donald Wuerl steps up campaign against marriage equality: "Wuerl sent a letter to 300 local Catholic priests Tuesday reminding them about the Church's opposition to same-sex marriage, and he launched a round of media interviews to bolster the church's presence in the debate."

RoadJohn Waters to retire after two more movies...

RoadYou'll See: Susan Boyle to cover Madonna  on debut album.

RoadAIDS vaccine hopes revived after discovery of HIV weak spot: "Now, thanks to the antibodies, researchers have realised that the trimer is a viral weak spot because it's indispensable to the virus. So unlike many other targets on the virus, it's shared by many, if not all, strains of HIV. 'The key is the trimer,' says Koff. 'Our hypothesis now is that if you bind to the trimer, you neutralise the virus, as that's how it appears on the surface of the virus.' The antibodies are only a starting point, however, and the race is on now to develop synthetic vaccines that have the same shape as the "weak spot", or epitope, so people receiving vaccinations make antibodies that recognise it when the real virus comes along."

News: Charlotte, Carrie Prejean, San Diego Kiss-In, AIDS in Africa

RoadSTUDY: Gay men in Africa ignored with regard to AIDS.

RoadSan Diego: Mass kiss-in planned for Wednesday night at Mormon Temple.

Ctscans RoadRadiologist turns CT scans into psychedelic art.

RoadWorst ending to a movie ever, or the best?

RoadThe Awl talks to Michael K of Dlisted.

RoadFormer Senator Bob Packwood voices support for Employment Non-Disrimination Act (ENDA): "After three decades, isn't it time we conclude this chapter by ending this discrimination and urge Congress to make all workplaces equally accepting of Americans who are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender? It's never too late to do the right thing."

RoadChanning Tatum does shirtless Dirty Dancing parody.

RoadHomophobic ministry planning to bring Jesus to Charlotte, North Carolina Pride this weekend on July 25. And not in a good way.

RoadVictory Fund endorses 12 new candidates from across the nation.

RoadBritney Spears converting to Judaism?

RoadCloudproject Theoretical cloud project would make ice cream fall like snow.

RoadMatt Damon looking fine in NYC.

RoadJimmy Carter leaves Southern Baptist Church over church leadership's position on women: “It is simply self-defeating for any community to discriminate against half its population. We need to challenge these self-serving and outdated attitudes and practices…”

RoadChexydecimal remembers poet Hart Crane on what would have been his 110th birthday.

RoadSimon Rex series gets a trailer.

Harry_ron RoadWhen Harry met Ron.

RoadHugo Boss model Joshua Walter arrested for crime spree.

RoadIndian man murders father's gay lover: "Upset over his father’s gay relationship, son of deputy chief medical officer Dr Krishna Dev Raj Srivastava, allegedly murdered the 38-year-old partner of his father. The incident was reported from Pashupatinagar area under the Naubasta police station late on Sunday night."

RoadProtect Marriage Washington using paid signature gatherers: $1 per signature.

RoadFive seconds: yes it really is a tease.

Baptistmessenger RoadBaptist Messenger newspaper forges signatures of Governor Henry and Secretary of State Savage to make it look like they support Rep. Sally Kern's nutty 'Proclamation for Morality'.

RoadFormer Miss California Carrie Prejean gets a book deal: "Carrie Prejean will publish a memoir called Still Standing. Conservative book house Regnery Publishing said Monday that it will release the book. Prejean believes her crown was taken because she said she opposed gay marriage.... Prejean was replaced by the Miss California pageant's first runner-up, Tami Farrell. Farrell has also said she believes marriage should be between a man and a woman."

RoadUK Christian doctor removed from Northamptonshire County Council over views on gay adoption: "The paediatrician had asked to be allowed to abstain from voting in cases involving same-sex couples. But that led to her being barred from the panel altogether. The married mother of one said she had been 'made to pay for being honest and upholding my personal integrity. I don't feel that placing children for adoption with same-sex couples is the best place for them,' said the 50-year-old doctor."


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