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News: Whoopi Goldberg, Burger King, Botox, Rick Warren, Idaho


South Carolina Governor Sanford returns from AWOL trip, says he went to Argentina. Now we know why.



Blade Runner Frank Lloyd Wright house on sale.


The most blatantly sexual Burger King ad ever.


Washington Post debuts gay-inclusive marriage announcement section.


Whoopi Goldberg conquers fear; flies for the first time in 13 years.


Gavin Newsom raises rainbow flag at San Francisco City Hall.


Robert Pattinson bloodied up.


Rick Warren tells breakaway Episcopalians and Anglicans: "We are to love the people of the world no matter what they believe; we are to not love the value system of the world. And the problem today is lot of Christians are getting that reversed. They love the value system and hate the people."


Mormon breakaway group wants reconciliation with gays.



Limited-edition Harvey Milk photomosaic to raise money for LGBT Community Center and the GLBT Historical Society: "Called 'Milk,' the artwork uses 2,300 black and white photos of Milk and the Castro during the 1970s from the historical society's archives to recreate a photo of the slain San Francisco supervisor taken by his close friend and photographer Dan Nicoletta."


Sally Kern goes off on Obama's radical homosexual agenda.


Not only is Botox a remedy for emotion, it may be effective against baldness.


SURVEY: 23% of people in Northern Ireland would mind having a gay person as a neighbor.


Boise, Idaho authorities target men in outdoor sex sting: "We were 100 feet from Mystic Cove Park where school's out, kids play, it is a secluded area. But who's to say that children can't be down there running around? We have been monitoring this particular area of the Boise River. We have zero tolerance for this behavior and will continue all necessary enforcement efforts necessary to stop it from re-occurring."


More beefcake from Milan fashion week.



But when will they ditch their promise rings?


Obama drafting federal protections for trans employees.


New gay travel portal launched in Tel Aviv.


San Diego City Council passes resolution urging repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell".


Mixner: What if the Obamas had to live under "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"? "First of all, Michelle Obama and the children would have to immediately move out of the White House. Base housing would absolutely not be available for same sex couples and their families. In fact, they would be ineligible for any housing, PX or other benefits accorded to straight people. While serving as Commander in Chief, Barack Obama would have to find ways to secretly and safely meet with his wife and children since if anyone knew he had a same sex family he would lose his job and all his benefits. In some cases, they could impeach him for having a same sex relationship."

The Gayest Painting of Our Time?


In my online travels I ran across this kitschy take on Noah's Ark yesterday on Flickr and was momentarily stunned by the gayness of it all. 'Noah's Gay Wedding Cruise', which artist Paul Richmond created for a gallery show called “Sweet & Low: Optimism in a Pessimistic Age” at Gallery Arcane in San Francisco, features an iconic cast of characters — Ellen & Portia, Rosie and Kelli, Jack Twist and Ennis del Mar, Bert and Ernie, Elton John and David Furnish as well as penguins and assorted other homo fauna.

However, I was much more amused by the range of drowning sinners bobbing about in the flood: a sopped Ann Coulter, Larry Craig clinging to a toilet, Sally Kern, Fred Phelps, and Kenneth Starr. That's Pat Boone's guitar. A 'Yes on 8' supporter.

As art it's not really up my alley, but I could certainly appreciate the message.


Sally Kern Calls for Anti-Gay 'Great Awakening'

The Oklahoma Gazette reports on the "Clouds Over America" conference of the John Birch Society in Oklahoma, at which gun-toting Oklahoma legislator and homophobe Sally Kern "called for a new 'Great Awakening,' referring to a period of religious revivals from the 18th century considered precursor to the American Revolution."

Kern_2Kern laid out various points of a "homosexual agenda" in which gays would ultimately triumph by convincing the world that homosexuality is a "superior lifestyle."

Said Kern to choruses of "amens": "You know, I've done a lot of reading on this. I wish I could describe to you their behavior. I will not because I would be redder than this suit. It's their behavior that we oppose. The theme of equality and freedom is the approach that the homosexuals are using today — totally perverting the true intention of what our Constitution meant. The homosexuals get it — it's a struggle between our religious freedoms and their right to do what they want to do...The solution is another Great Awakening, folks. We need a spiritual revival, and that will only come if God’s people, especially you pastors, will stand in your pulpits and vocally preach the word of God and thus declare the Lord this sin, and preach it in love, only then does our nation have a chance of overcoming the scourge of AIDS, HIV and the devastating destruction that the homosexual lifestyle is bringing on your children and our grandchildren."

God help us all.

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Sally Kern Stopped from Entering Oklahoma Capitol with Gun [tr]

Enid, Oklahoma Politician Gary James Makes No Apologies for Bias

Gary James, an Enid, Oklahoma restaurant owner, who is running for a spot on the City Council, has come under scrutiny for his racist and homophobic remarks, and the policies at his establishment, the Chicaro Club.

Watch the news report, AFTER THE JUMP...

Garyjames_2Reports News 9: "James, who is also running for a spot on the Enid City Council, is keeping out what he calls 'trash' and 'people on welfare.' Earlier this week, he told the local paper anyone who wears a hat inside a building is gay, and will be asked to leave. James said he isn't homophobic or racist. He just refuses to allow anyone who makes him or his customers uneasy inside his business."

Last week, Enid News reported: "James reportedly has asked black people and people he believes are homosexual to leave his establishment. James said he has asked people to leave the bar, but it is not based on race or sexual orientation. However, he does have some strong words to describe those he won’t allow in his establishment, calling them 'trash' and 'faggots.' ... 'If a racist is someone who doesn’t like unproductive trash, then it’s true. I’m talking about white, black, brown or yellow. I don’t like unproductive people,' James said Monday. 'People who know me, know better.' He said he has never asked anyone to leave his club based solely on their race, and said he has asked many more white customers than black customers to leave because they caused a problem. He said he has asked customers to leave who are wearing clothes he does not approve of. 'I don’t like girlie men. I’m not fond of men with all kinds of metal in their face,' he said. 'My customers don’t want them around, and I don’t want them around. I don’t consider that racist. I have black friends, but they are productive. Guys who come in with their britches down to their knees won’t get served in my place.'"

Given this information and what we know about politics in Oklahoma, we think he's got a pretty good shot. The election is February 10. And by the way, Oklahoma does not prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Watch the local news report, AFTER THE JUMP...

Senator James Inhofe Gay Bashing Again in New Ad [tr]
Sally Kern: A Judeo-Christian Warrior with a Loaded Gun [tr]
Brent Rinehart Says He Doesn't Know What 'Homophobic' Means [tr]

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Sally Kern Poll: 99% Say Prop 8 Right, 1% Don't Know


Kern_2Sally Kern, the recently re-elected gun-toting Oklahoma state representative who thinks gays are worse than terrorists took a poll on her website about whether or not Californians did the right thing in passing Prop 8, and apparently deleted all the "no" votes (click on image below for poll data).

She's a 'Kernservative'. She says so on her site. You see this is how Kernservative polls work. You delete the votes you don't like.

Just like when Saddam Hussein won the 2002 elections with 100% of the vote.


Towleroad Guide to the Tube #350

BRISTOL PALIN: YouTuber says he's the real father of her baby. By the way, he also (surprise) wants to start his career in the music business.

SALLY KERN: Michelangelo Signorile's full interview at the RNC (no audio for first question). Here's part two.

SODOMY: The Young Turks talk to a Republican obsessed with sodomy at the RNC.

NORM COLEMAN: The U.S. Senator from Minnesota runs...

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