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No Second Term For Gay Portland Mayor Sam Adams

Samadams Openly gay Portland Mayor Sam Adams announced yesterday that he will not seek reelection.

In addition to wanting to focus on his job, Adams, who was elected in 2008, said that he's not sure he could win against opponents who are lining up to challenge him.

From the Miami Herald:

Adams said in an interview in his office that he decided not to seek re-election because he'd have to campaign and fundraise full time. He also said he wouldn't be able to work on his agenda if he had to start campaigning now.
Adams, who would have faced at least two prominent challengers in a re-election bid, said the prospect of a difficult campaign helped him make a decision.

"To run for mayor would be a tough race," Adams said. "It would require that I spend a lot less time on the issues and challenges Portland is facing, and I'm not just willing to phone it in as mayor."

When asked whether an easier race would have changed his mind, Adams responded, "It might have, but I've got to deal with the situation at hand."

Adams' mayoral tenure has been plagued with scandal, first from a confession that he had a sexual relationship with an 18-year old legislative aide, then because of his financial troubles, including missing mortgage payments, and two unsuccessful recall efforts.

Mayor Adams has not decided whether or not to endorse the candidates who hope to take his place.

Gay Stories: A Mayor's Coming Out



Guestblogger Nathan Manske and Marquise Lee are halfway though a 3 month trip around the United States collecting stories for their I'm From Driftwood site. We're finally ready to start catching up with some of the stories collected over the first half of the trip along with some of the insight into what they're seeing now. 

DriftwoodIt was early Sunday morning in Portland, Oregan, and Marquise (videographer extraordinaire) and I arrived to the location where "gay mayor" Sam Adams agreed to meet us and share a story. We were almost out of gas, running late because the Portland marathon blocked traffic, soaked from the non-stop rain and stressed out from all of the above. We saw a black SUV with two police officers inside, on the otherwise empty street corner. "This must be his entourage," I thought. I approached and made eye contact with one of them and smiled. The cop rolled down his window. "Um, hi...I'm here to, uh, meet the mayor," I said. He looked at me and cocked an eyebrow. "Okay. I'm hear to watch the marathon." Oops.

Minutes later, the mayor drives up in his own Prius, with no entourage to be found, and we followed him to a local diner to get his story. I was expecting to hear about how being gay affected his campaign, how he dealt with and overcame the challenges or something that would make him seem like he could handle anything. You know, mayoral stuff. Instead, he shared an intimate and revealing story that made him seem surprisingly vulnerable, but also refreshingly real.

In general, I typically don't want too many coming out stories on IFD. People know them and there are so many more interesting aspects to being LGBT than that one moment of coming out. And sure enough, Mayor Adams shared a coming out story. But it wasn't the teenager-coming-out-to-his-parents-and-there-were-tears story. This one took place at the workplace and it happened less than a decade ago. It stood out to me because it shows that coming out isn't a one time thing. It's a lifelong process. For every new employer, every new friend, every new co-worker, there must be an "I'm gay" moment. Even if you're a mayor-to-be.

Watch Portland Mayor Sam Adams' story, AFTER THE JUMP...

A Survivor's Account of an Unbelievable Hell Called Home [tr]

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Second Effort to Recall Portland Mayor Sam Adams Poised to Fail?

A second effort to recall Portland Mayor Sam Adams may fail, with opponents apparently struggling to collect the 32,000 signatures required by 5 pm today.

RecallThe Oregonian reports: "The recall campaign has struggled, even though it was supposed to have enough money from big-money backers to hire professional signature-gatherers. The first recall attempt, which relied on volunteers, failed in October with a reported 30,000 signatures that were never submitted."

A message on the recall website read, in part: "Thank you for your support over the past year in a movement that demands to bring open, transparent and accountable local government back to our city. The bottom line is we simply can not recall the first 'openly gay mayor' for lying, no matter how many gay men he had to bring down with him. Though, please know that Sam Adams is the one that sold out the GLBTQ community to solely protect himself. The recall has never been about taking away the hard earned rights of anyone, only about holding elected officials accountable. Through the recalls, the veil has been removed, that has for too long obscured the dysfunction of how we, as citizens, are systematically manipulated in elections."

KATU says the veracity of that message has been called into question, though chances for recall seem slim: "Over the weekend, the campaign organizers said they were still about 7,000 to 8,000 signatures short of the goal. Supporters say Adams should be recalled because he lied about his relationship with a teenage legislative intern, Beau Breedlove."

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Beau Breedlove to Use Sam Adams Affair as Memoir Centerpiece

Beau Breedlove, the former legislative intern at the center of the scandal involving Portland Mayor Sam Adams, has decided to write a memoir about it, The Oregonian reports:

Adams_breedlove "His agent, Jon Malysiak, says they are in the preliminary stages of drafting a book proposal and hopes to have it ready in the next month. Malysiak said Breedlove plans to write it himself. 'The book is a reflection on the events of my life before, during and after the 'scandal' surrounding my relationship with Sam Adams,' Breedlove wrote in an e-mail to The Oregonian. 'In addition, the book will cover a broader look at people who have been in similar situations to mine, and how stereotypes both play into the media attention as well as are used as tools against victims. This book is a memoir, and an insight into the change that the GLBTQ community needs to see in the way we are portrayed and represented.'"

Breedlove, who posed nude for Unzipped shortly after the scandal, is currently living in Provincetown. He also has his own blog.

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Fatal men's bathhouse fire now a homicide investigation in Winnipeg: "The bathhouse's owner, Somchai Pengpharsuks, told the Free Press last week he believed the blaze was set by two men on the building's second floor. He said the incident was potentially hate-motivated, according to information he received, because the bathhouse is frequented predominantly by gay men. Both men died of smoke inhalation in a fire that police believe was "deliberately set," said a police spokesman.


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Former Oregon senator to lead new recall effort against Portland Mayor Sam Adams: "The PAC's treasurer, Teresa McGuire said this time around opponents will use paid signature collectors, much the same as other nonprofit campaigns."


Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper hires homophobe speechwriter: "Referring to former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau's 1969 decision to decriminalize homosexuality, Hannaford wrote in 2005, 'Fine, said lots of people. Leave gays alone? Fair enough. But, let 'em be Boy Scout leaders? Have each other's benefits? Adopt kids? Marry each other? Ridiculous. Anybody seeking political office who suggested it would have been laughed off the hustings. Yet, the Liberals are ready to legalize gay marriage. How did we get to this point?'"


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