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Portland Mayor Sam Adams' Former Spokesman Sues City for $600K

Wade Nkrumah, the former spokeman for Portland Mayor Sam Adams, is suing the city for nearly $600,00 saying his reputation was ruined when Adams allegedly lied about the reason Nkrumah resigned:

Nkrumah "He began working for Adams on Nov. 2, 2008, and he resigned on Jan. 26 of this year after the mayor’s relationship with former legislative intern Beau Breedlove came to light. The lawsuit claims Adams lied to Nkrumah twice about whether the mayor had a sexual relationship with Breedlove. According to the lawsuit, Nkrumah says his resignation was 'because Adams persistent lies made working conditions intolerable as Adams’ spokesperson …' Nkrumah claims in the lawsuit he agreed to tell reporters 'no comment' when asked why he resigned if the mayor’s office would say the same. But when asked by a KATU reporter about Nkrumah’s resignation, Adams said it was because the job was 'not what he signed up for in terms of stress.'"


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News: Hate Crimes, Whitney Houston, Volcanoes, Taylor Lautner

 roadOutlook improves for hate crimes bill?

Volcanos  roadSome really hot volcanoes.

 roadI Look To You: Whitney Houston unleashes new album cover.

 roadTransgender woman attacked by two men in Queens. Men face felony hate crime charges: "The victim, Carmella Etienne, told police the two assailants chased her down last week near the intersection of 199th Street and 116th Avenue while throwing rocks and bottles, yelling slurs and threatening to kill her."

 roadOne person dead, several injured after Madonna's tour stage collapses in Marseille, France.

 roadHoward Bragman on the "Hollywood machine" that keeps actors closeted: "It's not in an agent's interest to tell a client to come out of the closet. They don't want to shake things up. Because, in the end, it's all about money, and they don't want anything to hurt the bottom line."

 roadFormer Portland Mayor Tom Potter explains why he's backing recall of Sam Adams: "...during his time as City Commissioner and Mayor, Sam Adams has demonstrated his serious lack of judgment, a complete lack of integrity, his serial lying to win an election and his callous disregard for others.  What this issue is about for me is the mayor's attempt to deny and cover up his actions."

Cleve  roadSan Diego News Network talks to Cleve Jones.

 roadInternational Mr. Leather President Chuck Renslow bans barebacking vendors, videos and paraphenalia from 2010 IML Event.

 roadShia LaBeouf heads out for a shirtless jog.

 roadGLAAD to step up efforts to thwart hate speech in online gaming: "This Saturday, Electronic Arts is hosting a panel discussion on the topic and will look at what gaming companies can do to limit this behavior, create more gay-friendly games and educate gamers about the need for more sensitivity. Justin Cole, director of digital and online media at GLAAD and the panel moderator, said the problem is widespread among online gamers."

 roadBay Area Reporter: LGBT gamers fight online closets.

 roadMystery goo moves through sea in Alaska: "The Coast Guard is sure the mystery gunk is a biological creation and has ruled out an oil spill or hazardous substance. But the goo remains a puzzle, as Alaskans can’t remember seeing anything similar before, the ADN reported.

Lautner  roadTaylor Lautner for Interview magazine.

 roadHow hetero is your Twitter?

 roadTrevor Project named favorite LGBT non-profit in poll.

 roadEpiscopal Church takes a step forward in voting to consider blessings for recognizing same-sex marriages.

 roadMSNBC: Silly Hillary.

 roadThe Horror: Dolce and Gabbana give Madonna and Whitney Houston the same dress to wear on the very same night.

 roadTsunami "shadows" may offer early warning of danger to coastal areas.

 roadWWE Champ Batista needs no water wings.

 roadILGA Europe executive director Dirk De Meirleir leaves abruptly: "The sudden departure was announced in a short email from ILGA-Europe’s executive board to its membership, partners and funders.  A copy of the email was obtained by UK Gay News. It read:  'The Executive Board of ILGA-Europe would like to inform ILGA-Europe membership, partners and funders that the employment of Dirk De Meirleir as Executive Director of ILGA-Europe has ended. The Executive Board wishes Dirk De Meirleir all the best in his future career. The Executive Board in the coming month will proceed with the recruitment process of a new Executive Director. The Board and the management team have set up a deputising system which will enable effective day-to-day management and running of the organisation."

News: Meteorite, Harry Jackson, D.C. Aide's Death, Mark Wahlberg

 road60 people attend 25th annual memorial service for Charlie Howard in Maine: "Howard, who could not swim, was killed on July 7, 1984, when three teenage boys tossed him into Kenduskeag Stream from the State Street bridge. He was 23."

Jacksonghost  roadMichael Jackson's "ghost" spotted on hood of car.

 roadWhitney Houston looking fine.

 roadMarion Barry blames current ethics investigations on gay councilman David Catania: "Barry, a longtime supporter of LGBT rights in D.C., has cited dischord between the LGBT community and African-American religious leaders for his current stance on marriage equality.  New ethics questions have surfaced about Barry’s role in administering grant money authorized by the city council."

 roadYou look better with your shirt off: Madonna single "Celebrate" to go to radio August 3.

 roadMadge steps out with Jesus Luz, Dolce and Gabbana in Milan.

 roadNYU Law dean Richard Revesz defends invitation to homophobic visiting Singaporean law professor Li-ann Thio. You may remember her from this post.

 roadPortland police accused of failing to protect gays and lesbians from homophobic attacks at city's Pride festival: "According to police reports, videos and eyewitness accounts, the trouble that started late on the night of June 13 outside a bar in Portland's Old Town included fistfights and several obscenity-laden shouting matches."

Wahlberg  roadMarky Mark returns to the ring.

 roadIan Thorpe turns to boxing?

 roadKathy Griffin to host Schmemmys.

 roadBishop Harry Jackson and gang write open letter to Obama: Pissed about cases against DOMA, cocktail party for gays.

 roadA look inside Mika's new album, We Are Golden.

 roadSun warnings "overstated" in skin cancer risk?

 roadFlorida's New Times looks into the case of Carol Anne Burger, the Florida gay rights activist who stabbed her lover Jessica Kalish to death with a screwdriver, 222 times.

Deschaine  roadGay D.C. Council aide Desi Deschaine drowns in Baltimore: "Deschaine, the communications director for D.C. Council member Jack Evans, died in Baltimore's Inner Harbor area after a weekend boating trip. His body was recovered Tuesday morning. A source said Deschaine left a private boat owned by his boyfriend, J'aime Huret, after docking Sunday night to take a walk. Deschaine never returned, and authorities believe he fell off a dock into the water."

 roadGays in El Paso, Texas want new training for police following Chico's Tacos kiss incident.

 roadBrüno banned in Ukraine: "The ministry said Wednesday that Cohen's depictions of sexual organs, homosexual intercourse and language are obscene and improper."

 roadBrazil's Jonatas Faro.

Meteorite  roadMeteorite found on country walk to be auctioned, expected to fetch £90,000.

 roadRing of roses: David Beckham adds to collection of tattoos.

 roadRapper Noriega: There are gays all over Hip-Hop.

 roadGrassroots campaign to recall Portland Mayor Sam Adams gets its first high-profile suppporter in the form of former mayor Tom Potter: "Potter made his backing known in a comment he left over the weekend on his wife's Facebook page. Potter's wife, Karin Hansen, posted a status update on her page saying she has petitions for the recall and directing people to a site where they can join the effort."

 roadHugh Jackman takes on new role as Avon man.

 roadThe new season of HGTV's Design Star features two gay designers, Jason Champion and Nathan Galui.

 roadWitnesses to murder recant statements in Lateisha Green murder trial: "Two prosecution witnesses who told police they saw an accused 20-year-old man kill a transgendered woman recanted their statements on the witness stand Tuesday. Siblings Johnny and Jasmine Gaston testified that investigators told them what to say about the shooting of 22-year-old Lateisha Green at a Syracuse house party last November."

News: The Gloved One, Mrs. Slocombe, Big Brother, The Cubs


Neil Patrick Harris to host the Emmys?



Glove for sale.


NO! Mrs. Slocombe and her pussy died!


Also, choreographer Pina Bausch. And Karl Malden.


Same-sex marriage stalls in Rhode Island: "None of the bills legalizing same-sex marriage in Rhode Island advanced to a floor vote this session, continuing a trend begun in 1997."


Chaz Bono plays with the paparazzi.


Michael Jackson's will. No public viewing at Neverland. Funeral to be held at L.A.'s Staples Center.


Pennsylvania's Allegheny County passes law forbidding discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.


Stampp Corbin on the Obama Pride reception: "There will be some who even will gather in the Capitol in October to protest your administration’s lack of attention to equal protection for LGBT Americans. You want pressure? We’ll give it to you in spades."


Hollywood gives up on ideas.



Meet Kevin, the gay Big Brother houseguest.


Beau Breedlove has sour grapes over his affair with Portland Mayor Sam Adams. Adams was cleared of wrongdoing last week. Now, because the Oregon AG said he no longer had credibility after posing nude for Unzipped magazine and getting paid for it, Breedlove seems to want revenge: "It really upsets me. It’s just lie after lie after lie until we’re at the end of the bowl and the last person to be burned from the situation is me."


Snippet: The Killers do "Hotel California".


DJ Earworm: My life would suck without you in my place.


Manhattan apartment prices plummet to just $760,000 to $849,000 in the median range.


Wentworth Miller broke out of prison, now he's going to Law & Order: SVU.



Homophobia alive and well among Chicago baseball fans.


Labor big Stuart Appelbaum outs himself.


Dallas Million Gay March to move out of gay ghetto into "more mainstream area" next year.


Gay resort opens near Tampa: "While open to anyone, the hotel caters almost exclusively to gay men. Photos of butt-baring hot guys adorn the walls — and are available for $169 apiece. The second-floor club has a darkened maze room and other "intimacy zones.'' The courtyard boasts a kumquat tree and a 50-man hot tub, possibly the largest in Tampa. If it sounds like a bathhouse, don't describe it that way to the owners. Technically, and according to the city, the Ybor Resort & Spa is a hotel and a men's health studio. Sex and nudity in public areas is not allowed."

Portland Mayor Sam Adams Cleared of Wrongdoing in Breedlove Case

Openly gay Portland Mayor Sam Adams is in the clear regarding the Beau Breedlove affair:

Samadams "Oregon's attorney general, John Kroger, has finished months of investigation into the sex scandal around Portland's mayor and finds no credible evidence Adams had sex with a teenager in 2005. Kroger issued a report today and held a press conference to say there wasn't enough of a case against Adams to bring it to trial. In particular, Kroger says, Breedlove is not a credible witness, citing acts that brought him money and notoriety. Kroger notes that Breedlove's posed for the gay porn magazine Unzipped and was paid for it and that Breedlove's leaked details about the relationship to journalists."

More here.

Among the details that emerged during the investigation were a loan to Beau Breedlove in the amount of $750 shortly before admitting that he lied about the nature of his relationship with the former legislative intern, and the fact that he went so far as to draft a resignation letter before deciding against giving in to pressure to quit.

Adams released a statement to the press: "The Attorney General's office released the results of its five-month investigation today, clearing me of wrong-doing. I made mistakes in my personal life that led to this investigation. As a result, the city I love was put through an ordeal. I am gratified the investigation has been completed, and I want to reiterate that I am sorry. I want to thank Portlanders for their support and understanding. I want to also thank my colleagues, the hardworking employees of the City of Portland, and my focused staff for helping to deliver exceptional results over the past five months. I will continue to fight to put Portlanders people back to work, address the high-school dropout rate, and strategically plan for Portland's future. Thank you for your support."

Adams was under investigation on five separate statutes and said he's ready to move on: "I'm going to continue to focus on getting Portlanders back to work and decreasing the dropout rate. I've been working hard, and I have a lot more work to do."

Moving on may have its difficulties, however: "A spokesman for the campaign to recall Mayor Sam Adams says the Attorney General’s report today clearing the mayor of criminal prosecution will not affect the recall effort’s plans to start July 7. Recall spokesman Jasun Wurster says the Attorney General can only hold Adams accountable for legal statutes, but that Portland voters should hold him accountable for what Wurster calls civic and ethical violations."

News: Civil Disobedience, Mariah Carey, iPhone 3GS, O.J.


Savage: One year Civil Disobedience plan for gay rights.


Schwarzenegger: Prop 8 challenge should be decided by the courts.



End sign?


Listen: Mariah Carey's new single "Obsessed".


Portland Mayor Sam Adams woes continue: home payment default.


Gizmodo's review of the iPhone 3GS.


Madonna's new kid Mercy and her peeps.


Biologists: Same-sex relationships may drive evolution. "Same-sex sexual behaviors are flexibly deployed in a variety of circumstances, for example as alternative reproductive tactics, as cooperative breeding strategies, as facilitators of social bonding or as mediators of intrasexual conflict. Once this flexibility is established, it becomes in and of itself a selective force that can drive selection on other aspects of physiology, life history, social behaviour and even morphology."


Australian poll: 60% support marriage equality.



It's the 15th anniversary of the O.J. chase.


Thousands flock to Banksy show. "During the show’s opening weekend, almost 8,500 people flooded the Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery, about eight times what the venue would normally expect."


Sex change in China could require permission from the police: "The proposed guidelines, posted Tuesday, say candidates for surgery must show an agreement from police to change their sex on their identification cards once the procedure is complete. The ministry posted the draft guidelines to invite public and professional opinions before July 10. China has no laws against sex change surgery, and the ministry says the guidelines are necessary to regulate the procedure."



Jamie Dornan all buttered up for new Calvin Klein campaign.


Anti-gay attack on College Street in Toronto: "Around 2:30am on the morning of Jun 7 — after a night out at El Convento Rico dance club on College St — Corey John and Takonda Majikwa were walking west toward Ossington when a group of men approached them. 'They were drunk and had open beer bottles in their hands,' says John. 'When they approached us they were making remarks as 'faggot,' 'fudge packer' and 'you and your girlfriend.'"' 


Why people tend to enjoy Cristiano Ronaldo's time off best.


Larry Kramer praises book on pre-Oscar Wilde gay sex in Britain: "Certainly nothing like this has appeared in America, thus allowing queer and gender studies to pretty much swamp, nay drown, the gay history field with their gobbledygook theorizing of what might have happened. This ludicrous state of affairs prohibits making statements such as: "they did then what we do now," without the wrath of queer theorists raining down insults of an uncommonly vitriolic nature. You don't have a right to say that! say they. You can't prove it! say they. It's been here all along since the beginning of history, say many others of us. Well now it can be said, and proved, in Britain at any rate, thanks to Upchurch."


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