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Gambino mob hitman didn't mean to tell everyone he was gay: “'He didn’t want to make an announcement to the world,' said one person with knowledge of the case who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the dangers facing Mr. Mormando. 'He wanted the judge to know what risks he took — why he wasn’t just your average cooperator, someone who had simply broken the code.'"



Sam Taylor-Wood's sleeping Beckham image to appear on condoms in Spain.


Why Hello There: 'Welcome to My Home' star Brenda Dickson wrongly imprisoned for four months!


Rep. Alan Grayson launches website to document those who have died because they had no health care.


James Franco makes silent appearance on SNL.


Boston DJ Barry Scott denied new trial against Provincetown police.


Nepal to seek status as LGBT tourist destination: "Nepal government has held a series of meetings with well-known international tour operators and non-profit organisations to promote Nepal as a potential destination for LGBTs, the Kantipur online said on Thursday. Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) officials hope that LGBT arrivals will give a boost to the number of visitors to the country as the government mulls new way to bring in a million foreign tourists in the Nepal Tourism Year 2011."


WATCH: John Mayer's music video for "Heartbreak Warfare".



McCain supporters' testosterone dropped on election night.


Ethiopia pleas with international community for food aid.


Pee Wee Herman plans comeback: "I don't want anyone for one second to think that I am titillated by images of children."


Philadelphia Gay News serves as test run for U.S. Census ad.


LAPD cuts ties with the Boy Scouts.


Uganda bill that would penalizes gays with death put off until 2010: "Parliament was too busy, just now, to handle the important matter of the Anti- Homosexuality bill. Apparently it is very, very far ahead in the future, but that gives you time to check in with your MP and tell them how much you support the Bahati Bill." American Evangelicals are playing role in efforts there to exterminate gays...



Fatal men's bathhouse fire now a homicide investigation in Winnipeg: "The bathhouse's owner, Somchai Pengpharsuks, told the Free Press last week he believed the blaze was set by two men on the building's second floor. He said the incident was potentially hate-motivated, according to information he received, because the bathhouse is frequented predominantly by gay men. Both men died of smoke inhalation in a fire that police believe was "deliberately set," said a police spokesman.


Glee planning "all Madonna" episode.


Former Oregon senator to lead new recall effort against Portland Mayor Sam Adams: "The PAC's treasurer, Teresa McGuire said this time around opponents will use paid signature collectors, much the same as other nonprofit campaigns."


Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper hires homophobe speechwriter: "Referring to former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau's 1969 decision to decriminalize homosexuality, Hannaford wrote in 2005, 'Fine, said lots of people. Leave gays alone? Fair enough. But, let 'em be Boy Scout leaders? Have each other's benefits? Adopt kids? Marry each other? Ridiculous. Anybody seeking political office who suggested it would have been laughed off the hustings. Yet, the Liberals are ready to legalize gay marriage. How did we get to this point?'"

Music News: "Greatest" Hits? Plus The Smiths, Sam Taylor-Wood, The Smiths, P!nk, Take That, Lady GaGa


GuestbloggerRobbie Daw presents a weekly pop music update here on Towleroad! Robbie runs his own site called Chart Rigger.

Holiday season typically sees a slew of "greatest hits" and "best ofs" released by record labels. This year is certainly no exception. By January compilations from the following will have been released: Christina Aguilera, The Smiths, Celine Dion, Hilary Duff, Enrique Iglesias, Anastacia, Sarah McLachlan, Dave Koz, Mariah Carey, Goo Goo Dolls, Rascal Flatts, Celtic Woman, Jump5 and Boyzone, as well as a Best Of Bond theme collection and a 10-disc Motown box set.


And, sure, in the case of Duff, Iglesias and McLachlan, an artist will usually contribute two new songs if they're actually participating in the label's decision to put the collection out. But in the case of Mariah's The Ballads, not only is nothing new included, but thanks to this being slapped together by her previous label Sony, there aren't even selections from her last three albums.

A Mariah Carey ballads compilation with no "We Belong Together"? Hmmm.

Of course, in the digital age, how necessary is a greatest hits set anyway? On the one hand, fans of a band or singer probably own all the tracks already—and can whip up a better playlist in three minutes than any corporate exec could after undergoing five setlist determining marketing meetings. But then there are always newer generations of fans to consider; ones who don't already own every album, single, European B-side and unreleased Sarah McLachlan rarity.


At any rate, two to consider:

The Smiths, The Sound Of The Smiths:
  Both Morrissey and Johnny Marr were involved in the song selection and mastering. The single disc edition contains all the singles, while the "Deluxe" edition has a second disc of rarer tunes (on American shores, at least) like "Wonderful Woman," "Jeane," "I Keep Mine Hidden" and "Money Changes Everything." Also included are live versions of "London," "Handsome Devil" and "What's The World." (November 11)

Motown: The Complete No. 1's:  This 10-disc box set is arranged chronologically and goes all the way from the Miracle's "Shop Around" (1961) to Erykah Badu's "Bag Lady" (2000). There are 191 tracks total, and the title is apparently justified by grabbing #1 singles from every major international chart and genre. Incidentally, January marks Motown's 50th anniversary. (December 9)   

road.jpg  A few music clips for the week:

1. Sam Taylor-Wood, "I'm In Love With A German Film Star": The London-based contemporary artist pairs up with her pals the Pet Shop Boys for a cover of the Passions' lone hit.

2. Take That, "Greatest Day": Shot in L.A., this is the official video—unlike the audio-only clip I posted two weeks ago—for the lead single off the four-piece's upcoming U.K. album The Circus.

3. T.I. featuring Rihanna, "Live Your Life": Recently became Rihanna's fifth chart-topping single in two years.

4. Hilary Duff, "Reach Out": One of two new songs off her upcoming Best Of...

Pink_3 road.jpg  THE WEEK'S NEW RELEASES:

P!nk's fifth album Funhouse, featuring her #1-charting hit "So What," and production from Max Martin, Danja, Billy Man and Tony Kanal.

Lady GaGa's debut The Fame, which was already released in many countries throughout August and September.

The Cure's thirteenth studio album, 4:13 Dream, containing 13 tracks.

Snow Patrol's A Hundred Million Suns.

New singles from David Archuleta ("Angels"), Usher ("Hush"), Sam Taylor-Wood & Pet Shop Boys ("I'm In Love With A German Film Star") and Taylor Swift ("You're Not Sorry").

Naked Man Fails to Show at Hillary Clinton Fundraiser


Photographer Sam Taylor-Wood's "Soliloquy VII" was conspicuously absent from the wall at a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton at the home of "elite Democrats" Tony and Heather Podesta, the Washington Post reports:

"The huge photograph of the nude man was missing from its usual spot on the living room wall, and some guests concluded that politically correct Clintonites had demanded that the naked guy disappear. ... 'It's an iconic photograph in political fundraising circles,' Tony Podesta told us yesterday. The $250,000 picture made quite a backdrop at a fundraiser for Clinton's Senate campaign, where the official photographer spent the night with his back to the art to prevent her from appearing in a shot with the naked guy. 'She teases me about it all the time,' said Podesta."

Podesta says the photograph was taken down for "conservation reasons".


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