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Did You Meet the Worst Lady on an Airplane This Thanksgiving? — VIDEO


We've all met her. And if you're flying this weekend, you'll probably meet her too. From last weekend's Saturday Night Live.


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Here are All of Lady Gaga's Performances and Sketches from SNL: VIDEO


Lady Gaga hosted and served as the musical guest last night for Saturday Night Live turning in a range of sketches that were both promotional and self-deprecating, some more successful than others.

After opening the show with a version of "Applause" she also performed "Do What U Want" with R. Kelly, "Gypsy", threw a potshot or two at Madonna, mocked Kanye West and Kim Kardashian (and herself) while dressed as a geeky Apple store employee: ""I think people who try too hard with their outfits are hiding something."

She also showed up later on as an aged version of herself living for the memories.

Check them all out, AFTER THE JUMP...


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SNL Mocks Lack of Black Female Cast Members in Opening Kerry Washington Skit: VIDEO


SNL decided to address an ongoing controversy over its lack of black female cast members head on last night in a cold open featuring host Kerry Washington and Reverend Al Sharpton. Washington played Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey in the skit.

As we reported yesterday, the nonprofit organization wrote an open letter to creator Lorne Michaels denouncing the lack of African-American women (none since the departure of Maya Rudolph in 2007) cast on the show.

This skit, and the disclaimer which floated over it on the screen were how they decided to address it.


Was SNL's response appropriate? And can Kerry Washington please stay on?


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Group Criticizes SNL For Lack Of Black Female Cast Members

The nonprofit organization has written an open letter to Saturday Night Live creator Lorne Micheals attacking the producer for the show's lack of African-American female cast members. The Hollywood Reporter received the letter exclusively and published it on their website. According to the article:

Kerry_Washington-Scandal(1)Since Maya Rudolph's departure in 2007, SNL has failed to cast even one Black woman -- yet still manages to traffic in dehumanizing portrayals that make race and gender the butt of the joke," reads the letter from executive director Rashad Robinson. "SNL seems committed to aggressively continuing to push images of Black women as incompetent, rude, hypersexual and financially dependent. Frankly, we're tired of this disrespect."

The organization also took a moment to applaud SNL's choice to host tonight's episode: Scandal star Kerry Washington.

That praise was followed up with more criticism from the group: "But it's scandalous that after Ms. Washington's episode wraps on Saturday, this season is unlikely to feature any Black women characters at all."

Read the letter in its entirety, AFTER THE JUMP.

Washington herself was recently interviewed by The Advocate about diversity and how she feels about the support her show has received from the LGBT community. She responded:

For our show in particular, because it represents such diversity on so many levels, sexual orientation included, it means a lot. I always want to be a part of work that speaks to people across the lines that divide us. When fans came up to me, I used to play this game where I'd guess which of my movies they wanted to talk about. It was a totally horrible game based on outward appearances and assumptions about identity. Like, if it was an older black woman, I knew she wanted to talk about Ray. If it was a guy in his 20s, it was Fantastic Four. And if it was a lesbian, it was She Hate Me. But because it has such an amazing following that crosses age, race, gender, and sexual orientation, Scandal has changed the game completely.

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SNL's Version Of A Boy Dance Party: Video

Boy dance

Last night's episode of Saturday Night Live (hosted by Bruce Willis) featured skits that mashed Gravity with the government shutdown and provided a look into what a boy dance party might look like (hint - it involves twerking).


Musical guest Katy Perry showed up with her band of animals to perform a lively theatrical version of "Roar." 

Watch all three clips, AFTER THE JUMP.

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Miley Cyrus Plays Michele Bachmann in SNL Government Shutdown Skit: VIDEO


In Saturday Night Live's cold open last night, Miley Cyrus from the past (left) came to warn present day Miley Cyrus that her MTV VMAs performance was going to cause the U.S. government to shut down.

But the shutdown jokes did not stop there.


In a subsequent skit, Cyrus and the SNL cast spoofed her hit video "We Can't Stop" with a Republican party version called "We Did Stop (The Government)" and Cyrus took on the role of an out-of-control Michele Bachmann, partying with House Speaker John Boehner.

Watch both clips, AFTER THE JUMP...


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