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Sean Avery Was Called a 'F**king Faggot' on the Ice. Will the NHL Care? — VIDEO


Last night I posted a clip of Philadelphia Flyer Wayne Simmonds calling New York Ranger Sean Avery a "f**king faggot" during their preseason game.

Simmonds Avery was aware the slur had been made, the AP reports:

Avery and Simmonds were at odds in the first period, and television cameras caught Simmonds jawing at Avery, appearing to utter the slur. When Avery was asked by reporters after the game if Simmonds called him "what we think he called you," he answered: "Yeah, yeah."

Avery added:" I mean Kobe got fined 100 grand. Everything is different now. You know, it’s an issue. It is an issue that people are dealing with and trying to overcome. And I guess ten years ago, maybe it was not such an issue. But it is such an issue politically with people in the game and just in life in general."

Nyrangers When asked if he thought the slur was related to a video he made in support of same-sex marriage last May, Avery said, “I mean, it has been said. It has been said for years. Whether I thought about it in that sense, I don’t know.” (video)

He declined to say whether he thought the NHL should take a stand: “That’s something that I’m not really going to comment on. First of all, me commenting on things like that, the backlash that I could receive is unknown and I don’t want to put the team in a situation where they would have to deal with something because of me wanting to see something happen. So, I’m not going to get into it.”

Simmonds was asked about what he said in the locker room and said it was a response to a sucker punch from Avery and "emotions were on high"

When asked about the slur, Simmonds said, "Honestly, we were going back and forth for awhile there and I don't recall every single thing I said to him, but he said some things I didn't like and I said some things he didn't like. But, I can't recall every single word I said...Well we were going back and forth battling the whole time. He definitely said some things to me that I wasn't too happy about. That's the way it is...I don't know. I can't recall every single word that he said. I'm not here to say that or he said this. I'm not going to rat him out. It doesn't really matter to me. It's in the heat of a hockey game, that's what it is."

In fining Kobe Bryant for the same slur, NBA Commissioner David Stern said, “Kobe Bryant’s comment during last night’s game was offensive and inexcusable. While I’m fully aware that basketball is an emotional game, such a distasteful term should never be tolerated. Accordingly, I have fined Kobe $100,000. Kobe and everyone associated with the NBA know that insensitive or derogatory comments are not acceptable and have no place in our game or society.”

Will NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman feel the same way?

Watch Simmonds interview and the slur video, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Did Philadelphia Flyer Wayne Simmonds Call Sean Avery a 'Faggot'?: VIDEO


Philadelphia Flyer Wayne Simmonds, who was the target of a racial slur at a recent game, was seen (and apparently heard) calling New York Ranger Sean Avery something that looked to many observers like "f**king faggot" during a pre-season game this evening.

Outsports writes: "If this ‘faggot’ comment is true, it will be interesting to see how the NHL responds. The NBA has put the price tag for using the word at $100k $50k."

Commenters on pro hockey boards noticed as well.

Watch the video, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Sean Avery Wikipedia Entry Edited to Call Him 'Fag Boy'


New York Ranger Sean Avery's Wikipedia entry was edited earlier this week, and as of this posting still appears in Google's search results as Sean "Fag Boy" Avery.

The entry was presumably edited over his support for marriage equality.

On its help desk page, Wikipedia notes that the entry has been corrected, noting "It's an unfortunate cached version of the page that got saved before the vandalism was detected and removed. However, as Wikipedia is among the top ranking sites in Google Search, it will be updated quite soon enough. It can take from a few hours to a few days, more likely the former. Try checking Google Search again tomorrow. Note that this issue is from Google and beyond the means of anyone here to fix. The actual wiki entry has already been fixed."

Thanks again to Sean Avery for his support of gay rights issues. Unfortunately this illustrates what many LGBT people must endure on a daily basis.

Cynthia Nixon and Sean Avery in Albany to Lobby for New York Marriage Equality: Video


Actress Cynthia Nixon and New York Ranger Sean Avery were in Albany today bringing some star power to lobby senators on marriage equality there.

Said Avery: 

“There’s a gentleman from Staten Island that I’m looking for that I’d like to have a chat with and shore up a couple of votes. I’m going to do it as kindly and gently as possibly for the next couple of hours.”

Watch both of them speak to reporters, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Watch: ESPN Talks to Ravens Linebacker Brendan Ayanbadejo About Support of Gay Rights from Pro Sports Figures


ESPN's Outside the Lines spoke with Baltimore Ravens linebacker about his support for marriage equality and gay rights in response to this week's Twitter controversy involving equality-supporter NY Rangers forward Sean Avery and anti-gay hockey agency Uptown Sports.

I think you'll agree after watching this that Ayanbadejo, who recorded a video in March in support of a marriage equality in Maryland, is one of our strongest allies in pro sports.


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Major Hockey Agency Condemns NY Ranger Sean Avery for Support of Same-Sex Marriage



Uptown Sports Management, an Ontario, Canada-based agency which represents a number of NHL players including Andrew Brunette, Cody McCormick, Chris Neil, Mike Fisher and Carlo Colaiacovo, attacked New York Ranger forward Sean Avery for getting involved with the campaign for marriage equality in New York.

Avery Avery recorded a video for New Yorkers for Marriage Equality which we posted over the weekend. You can watch it again, AFTER THE JUMP...

Wrote the agency in a tweet: "Very sad to read Sean Avery's misguided support of same-gender 'marriage'. Legal or not, it will always be wrong." The tweet was followed up by two more denying anti-gay bigotry, and saying, "This is my personal viewpoint. I Do not hate anyone."

According to CBS, Todd Reynolds, the firm's Vice President and son of the owner, is in charge of the agency's Twitter feed.


Todd.reynolds Reynolds spoke with ever join Cybulski & Company on TSN Radio 1050 and gave this statement:

"There's certainly a voice for the other side on this particular issue. I was merely responding to be the other voice. I believe in standing up for what you believe in. I'm passionate about what I believe in. And I believe in morality and I believe in right and wrong. I know many people with different view points for what is right and wrong.

"But I'm a little disappointed in some of the response. If you oppose a viewpoint, you're immediately targeted by some people as a hater, a bigot, intolerant, homophobic and many other terms. That's obviously not the case for people who know me. … I don't hate anyone. And I'm certainly not a bigot. But I believe in marriage between one man and one woman. It's a social debate that's raged on for quite some time. In Canada and the U.S. it's a hot-button topic right now. I guess maybe it was how I was raised. I believe in voicing your opinion and not being part of the silent majority. "

Donald.reynolds Don Reynolds, the agency president and Todd's father, gave some more obscene quotes to the National Post, saying he stands by his son's tweet, and then comparing same-sex marriage to bestiality:

“It’s sad. I mean, my personal position is that I do not support gay marriage, and I think it’s wrong, as well. It’s not politically correct to, I guess, give your opinion about a thing like that. It’s politically correct on the other side, for people to say, ‘sure, I support gay marriage.’ But the majority, I think, of Canadians would say that they don’t agree with gay marriage – that man and woman were created to be married, not man and man or man and horse, you know?”

On the other hand, sports agents and hockey professionals are also coming out in support of Avery. Outsports has posted a few responses.

Paul Bissonnette, an NHL player for the Phoenix Coyotes, has chimed in as well.

Bissonnette has created a petition demanding Uptown Sports apologize.

(via buffalo74)

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