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Sean Hayes Dishes With Ellen About Overseas Adventures With His Other Half, Kissing Will Arnett: VIDEO


The very funny Sean Hayes sat down with Ellen on Friday to dish about his spur-of-the-moment travel excursion to Istanbul with partner Scott Icenogle and Will Arnett - complete with original song numbers and a Sarah Palin impersonation. 

Sean also talked about his new role on the second season of The Millers and filming the kiss between him and Will for a storyline in last Monday's season premiere.

"We had to do that like 25 times...his request"


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Who is the Most Famous Person Sean Hayes Can Get on His Phone? — VIDEO


Billy on the Street's Billy Eichner gives Sean Hayes 60 seconds to call the most famous person that he can on his phone until Billy is satisfied. Will he complete the task and win a special prize, and who will it be?

Find out, AFTER THE JUMP...

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10 LGBT TV Moments From 2013


When it comes to LGBT characters on television, 2013 was the best of times and the worst of times. The first half of the year was part of the record-setting 2012-2013 television season in terms of LGBT representation on television. However, it also saw the end of many shows featuring LGBT characters, including The New NormalSmashSouthland, and Happy Endings

Despite these losses, LGBT characters on television continued to become more multi-dimensional and better reflect the lives of LGBT people in 2013. For example, in the wake of the Supreme Court's decision to strike down DOMA and rule that Prop. 8 proponents have no standing, there were many television weddings and proposals. There was also a small uptick in transgender representation, including characters on the critically lauded Orange Is the New Black and Glee.

Relive 10 of our favorite LGBT moments on television this year and share yours in the comments, AFTER THE JUMP ...

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Gay Iconography: Did 'Just Jack' Do More Harm Than Good?


The phrase "gay icon" gets tossed around a lot, but what does that really mean? Welcome to Gay Iconography, a new feature where we present a proposed iconic figure or character and then ask you to weigh in with your thoughts. This week we look at an iconic (though divisive) television performance on which even the Vice President has an opinion.

For many, Sean Hayes' Emmy-winning portrayal of Jack McFarland on Will & Grace is one of the most important gay television characters of all time. Some argue that he helped introduce gay men to a huge portion of the population, while others believe "Just Jack" reduced gay men to the usual stereotypes.

Will & Grace premiered in 1998 on NBC and immediately grabbed headlines for featuring openly-gay lead characters. The show lasted for eight seasons, with Sean Hayes' Jack (along with Megan Mullally's Karen) at the center of the show's most memorable moments. The show was nominated for 83 Primetime Emmy Awards and won 16. 

While Jack's antics may have endeared him to mainstream audiences, some in the gay community were less amused. Hayes' portrayal of Jack has been criticized for reinforcing stereotypes, particularly the image of the theater-loving, campy gay man.

Since Will & Grace, Hayes has continued to have an impact in television, on- and off-camera. Relive moments from Hayes' work on Will & Grace, as well as his recent work,

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Sean Hayes: 'I Always Felt I Owed the Gay Community an Apology for Coming Out Too Late'

Sean Hayes tells the L.A. Times that early controversy over his Will and Grace character Jack McFarland being "too gay" made him go back into the closet with the media:

HayesI was so young. It made me go back in the closet [with the media] because I was so overwhelmed at 26 or 27. I didn't want the responsibility, I didn't know how to handle the responsibility of speaking for the gay community. I always felt like I owed them a huge apology for coming out too late. Some people in the gay community were very upset with me for not coming out on their terms. They don't stop to think about what's going on in somebody's personal life, and the struggles that they're having. It was all very scary. We got death threats. It was a really rough time for me, but I was also having the time of my life.

Hayes eventually came out publicly in March 2010.

What To Watch On TV This Week: RuPaul's 'Lost Season', 'Sean' debuts, 'Scandal' Returns


As the TV season gets into full swing, check out our new weekly guide to make sure you're catching the big premieres, crucial episodes and the stuff you won't admit you watch when no one's looking.

— Travel back to 2009 with RuPaul's Drag Race: The Lost Season Ru-Vealed. See the original nine queens compete for a $20,000 cash prize on the low-budget first season of the drag reality competition tonight at 9 p.m. Eastern on Logo.

More picks and clips including the latest from Jerry O'Connell, a new Vampire Diaries spin-off, Sean Hayes, and the new season of Scandal, AFTER THE JUMP...

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