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Seann William Scott is the Butt of Jokes: VIDEO


Seann William Scott spend a good period of his time on Jimmy Kimmel last night discussing the insecurity he faced regarding a shot of his rear end in the upcoming American Pie sequel American Reunion.


And Jason Biggs wants to make clear what you're seeing in the full frontal: "That was me. That was all me. It's funny, I guess I understand because there's all kinds of movie magic, but we made sure that there's a close up shot -- and then we go to a wide shot."

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Seann William Scott's Gay-Defending 'Goon': VIDEO


I had seen a few news items about Seann William Scott's upcoming hockey flick Goon (which is apparently the #1 movie in Canada right now) but had no idea its plot was kicked off with a homophobic slur incident.

Outsports reports: Scott

“Goon” is about Doug, a nice but not overly intelligent man, is working as a bouncer in a bar. One night he and his friend, Ryan, go to a hockey game where one of the hockey players, who ends up in the penalty box, gets irritated calling Ryan a fag. Doug does not like this because his brother is gay and when the hockey player attacks Ryan, Doug steps in and beats the hockey player.

Have any Canadian readers seen it?

The film's trailer, AFTER THE JUMP...

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News: Iraq, Lorenzo Martone, Bottoms, Real Housewives, T.R. Knight


61 Episcopal clergy ousted over alignment with anti-gay bishop.


ABC News on executions of gay Iraqis: "The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs believes as many as 30 people have been killed during the last three months because they were -- or were perceived to be -- gay."



Inside Marc Jacobs' 30th birthday party for Lorenzo Martone at not-yet-opened NYC club Avenue.


Real Housewives of New Jersey's Danielle has a criminal record and a mugshot.


Biggest cities for bottoms: Houston, Miami, San Francisco, L.A..


Tennessee hate crimes bill pushed to 2010: "Opposition to the bill came forward with false claims that it would criminalize religious speech. This claim ignores the reality that not a single case has ever been filed against a minister under current statue for promoting intolerance or denying understanding of the transgendered community."


T.R. Knight and Mark Cornelsen still a hot item.


Britain's Got Talent judge defends Susan Boyle, explains meltdown: "Susan is finding it very, very difficult to cope, and to stay calm. She has been in tears many times during the last few days, and even, fleetingly, felt like quitting the show altogether at one point and fleeing all the attention. I am calling today for everyone to give her a break."



Boston gay basher Fabio Brandao gets off easy: "Brandao today admitted kicking and hitting the men while using homophobic slurs during the beating last August. Three other attackers have never been identified. The 29-year-old Brandao received a two-year suspended sentence and won’t spend time in prison if he follows terms set by a Boston Municipal Court judge, including alcohol counseling and paying the victims’ medical bills."


Seann William Scott and Adam Brody are a couple of dicks.


George Clooney on Prop 8: "At some point in our lifetime, gay marriage won't be an issue, and everyone who stood against this civil right will look as outdated as George Wallace standing on the school steps keeping James Hood from entering the University of Alabama because he was black."



Forty people who staged a sit-in at the County Administration Center in San Diego over Prop 8 left peacefully: "The demonstrators had sat for hours in the waiting area in the county clerk's marriage license office to show their support for same-sex marriage. Three same-sex couples asked for marriage licenses and were denied. The event was organized in response to the state Supreme Court's decision Tuesday to uphold the state's gay marriage ban. Just before closing time at 5 p.m., about five hours after the first protesters had arrived, seven or eight sheriff's deputies came in and told everyone it was time to go." 


Chace Crawford talks about his upcoming Footloose gig.



Filipino man Philip Belarmino granted asylum by U.S. immigration judge: "His asylum application was based on his persecution in his homeland for being a homosexual. Expert immigration lawyers are generally of the opinion that cases involving applications for asylum based on gender are impossible to win. Another hurdle that Belarmino had to overcome was the one year statutory bar for the filing of asylum applications from the time of entry in the United States. Belarmino filed his application more than one year after his arrival."


Shirley Tan invited to testify at hearings for Uniting American Families Act: "When I spoke to  Jay today, she said that the family is very honored and extremely excited to go to D.C.  for this historic hearing.  They are looking forward to a visit to their representatives offices, Rep Jackie Speier and Senator Feinstein, especially to thank all the staffers who worked so hard to help them."


Russell Tovey 20-something werewolf series coming to BBC America.


Prop 8 setbacks a "big gay shrug.": "...these setbacks are not insurmountable roadblocks. They are merely obnoxious speed bumps on what social conservatives see as our nation's ungodly highway to hell. They only slow us down a little."

Seann William Scott, Jock-Strapped and Ready to Serve


Talk about fuzzy balls...

Can't afford a nude tennis lesson from Andy Roddick, then how 'bout one from Seann William Scott in a jock strap? Some screencaps from the forthcoming tennis comedy Balls Out: The Gary Houseman Story have leaked online and show a pornstached Scott as a tennis coach with a very stripped down wardrobe.

More (probably NSFW) AFTER THE JUMP...

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Seann William Scott's Adventure in the Outhouse


How actors choose what stories they're going to tell on the late night shows is a mystery to me but Seann William Scott is certainly carrying on the Stifler-ian tradition of potty humor. There are strange things going on in the Scott family backyard. Last night on Jimmy Kimmel, Scott told a scatological tale of a utopian world beyond our own.

Watch it, AFTER THE JUMP...

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News: Seann William Scott, Gaysbians, Pavilion, South Africa

road.jpg South African parliamentary committee clears way for passage of same-sex marriage legislation: "The civil unions bill will go to a full session of parliament Tuesday. Despite the unease in the ANC ranks, it is expected to pass as lawmakers have been ordered to follow the party line and told there is little room for maneuver...South Africa recognized gay rights in the constitution adopted after apartheid ended in 1994 - the first in the world to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. But the government long opposed attempts to extend the definition of marriage in court to include same-sex couples in the mostly Christian country."

Swsroad.jpg I vote 'yes' for Seann William Scott as porn-stached Gary the Tennis Coach.

road.jpg Virginia Senator George Allen in hiding: "A senior Allen staffer tells CNN that the senator is 'sequestered in his home, ‘shell shocked,’ and going through ‘a nightmare,’ during this period of limbo.'"

road.jpg Voting for the Gay Bloggies ends today!

Pavilionroad.jpg Fire Island Pines Pavilion begins to rise again...

road.jpg Is Darwin, Australia becoming a new gay Mecca down under? "While the streets are not exactly lined with rainbow flags or feather boas, the legendary Northern Territory friendliness now seems to extend to the complete range of human beings, regardless of sexual orientation. With all the Paul Hogan wannabes running around in Outback drag, gaysbians are hardly remarkable on the streetscape. It's hard not to arouse a johnson for the easy styles of living in Australia's north."
Um, gaysbians?

road.jpg Beyonce and Eva Longoria to play lesbian lovers in Sofia coppola-directed film adaptation of Tipping the Velvet: "Longoria says, 'Yes it's true, we're talking about doing that. It's such a wonderful novel, a beautiful love story.' Knowles adds, 'We've had Brokeback Mountain so the time is right for this divine novel to get the same treatment.'"


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