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Baby Daddy's Derek Theler 'Embarrassed' About His Physique


As far as humble-brags go, this one takes the flour-less cake. Derek Theler, the comedic relief on ABC Family's ‘Baby Daddy’ and object of lust for those with eyes, confessed to Men’s Fitness that, though he is no stranger to shirtlessness, be it on TV or IG, he is a bit embarrassed by how often he shows off his Greek physique:

Part of your success on Baby Daddy may have to do with your physique…

That is absolutely what I’m known for, and I think it’s in my contract that I have to have my shirt off every other episode. It’s funny because I actually am kind of embarrassed about it, but when I do come out of the bathroom wearing a towel for no reason (laughs) I try not to put it out there, but I work hard on looking as good as I can, and I’m young, so it’s something I guess I should be proud of.

For a look back at some of Theler’s more memorable social media moments sans shirt click HERE and HERE

Shirtless Zac Efron Handcrafting Skateboards! - VIDEO


Zac Efron has been working with Lekker Skateboards for charity.

Efron has already issued a shirtless photo on the job but Lekker has just issued a video which includes the human plinko machine moving in all his shirtless glory.


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Two Guys One Pup: VIDEO


That is all.


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Terry Crews and Jimmy Fallon Perform the World's First 'Nip Sync' Duet: VIDEO


This is something new for The Tonight Show. Forget lip synching. Welcome nip synching.

Watch Terry Crews and Jimmy Fallon's body double put their pecs to work on an oiled-up version of "Ebony and Ivory", AFTER THE JUMP...

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Ricky Martin's Shirtless Beauty Mask Selfie: PHOTO


Ricky Martin was being pampered in a spa somewhere on Tuesday and his torso decided to say hi to his followers on Instagram.

Zac Efron Has His Shirt Ripped Off at the MTV Movie Awards: VIDEO


Rita Ora demonstrated what's expected of the winner of MTV's 'Best Shirtless Moment' at the MTV Movie Awards last night after Zac Efron took the state to accept his popcorn.

Watch the full presentation, AFTER THE JUMP...


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