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James Franco Shaves Nipples, Flaunts a Tattooed Torso for 'The Long Home': PHOTOS


James Franco's latest film is the coming-of-age story of a Tennessee carpenter and the moral battles he faces over the death of his father years earlier. The film, which Franco is directing, producing, and starring in, is an adaptation of The Long Home by William Gay (his projects do all have a gay angle).

The film is providing Franco a wealth of opportunity to showcase the film as well as his shirtless (and creatively tattooed - love the suspenders) bod on Instagram.

One interesting additional gay angle: the portrait behind Franco in the Instagram photo below was painted by out artist Paul Richmond, who wrote on Facebook:

Last week I was commissioned to paint a portrait for actor James Franco to use in his new movie, The Long Home. Yesterday DennisAaron, and I delivered it to him on the set! It was such a fun adventure that culminated with Aaron and me donning period costumes and appearing in the background of several scenes with him and co-star Courtney Love. James loved the painting and has already commissioned me to do another piece for him. I can't share any pics or details yet, but I'm so glad I was given the ok to tell you about it -- keeping secrets is not my greatest strength. 

Wrote Franco: "I think this is my favorite role/movie I've ever done."

Check out four more shirtless Instagram shots of Franco, including a bloody Ashton Kutcher and a nipple shaving session, AFTER THE JUMP...


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Jon Stewart Digs Into The 'Dad Bod' Trend: VIDEO


Jon Stewart took time last night to look at the trending topic of 'Dad Bods', defined as "a nice balance between a beer gut and working out. The dad bod says, 'I go to the gym occasionally, but I also drink heavily on the weekends and enjoy eating eight slices of pizza at a time.'" 

Does this mean men no longer need to lust after the ripped physiques they are so accustomed to seeing on the cover of 'health' magazines (see below)? Stewart brought in Daily Show correspondent Kristen Schaal to weigh in. Schaal commented, "It's finally time that society recognizes that a man's body changes when he has kids." But, what about women? Is there such a thing as a 'Mom Bod'?  Sort of. The 'Mom Bod', as Schaal points out, is something slightly different: the Hollywood 'Mom-bshell.' Said Schaal with biting sarcasm and yet scathing sincerity of a news broadcast where a svelte female anchor was flanked by two 'Dad Bod'-ed male colleagues, "If that woman had a belly at all they would not let her on that show."

Watch the hilarious and on-point take-down of this latest trend, AFTER THE JUMP...



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Male Strippers Punk Simon Cowell on 'Britain's Got Talent': VIDEO


Magic Mike-style strippers flaunted their abs and pecs on the stage on Britain's Got Talent, but not before fooling the judges into thinking they were dealing with a singing soloist named Lewis Codling who was technical difficulties performing Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On".

The strippers, who call themselves Forbidden Nights, then launched into a performance of Bruno Mars' "Runaway".


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Steve Grand Gets Stripped Down and Oiled Up by Davey Wavey: VIDEO


Singer-songwriter Steve Grand stopped by vlogger Davey Wavey's house to do some real musical promotion for his album since much of the promotion he receives is not for his music, but for his looks.

Grand's visit didn't go as he expected but he did manage to get a bit of promotion in!



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Scott Eastwood Explains the Backstory on His Shirtless Photos: VIDEO


Ahead of his movie release this Friday (The Longest Ride), Scott Eastwood sat down with People magazine to explain the backstory on some of the many, many shirtless photos of him on the internet.


Eastwood also sat down with Pridesource this week to talk about his man crushes, his thoughts on sex scenes, and his gay fans:

Fans are fans, and gay men are great. I support gay marriage and the whole bit. I think everybody should be able to be with who they want to be with. My dad is the same way. He's a total Libertarian - everyone leave everyone alone. Everyone live their own private life. And why does everyone gotta be all up in arms about it? ...I'm a firm believer that everyone's human. We're only on this planet for a short period of time, and we should all just be as kind as we can to other people because, in life, all you really have is how you affect people, in a negative way or a positive way.

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Ellen Decides the Winner of March Madness with Shirtless Male Dancers: VIDEO


In Ellen's world there's only one way to decide any number of issues, and who are we to argue with it? Find out if the March Madness winner is going to be Kentucky, Wisconsin, Michigan State, or Duke.

Let the madness begin, AFTER THE JUMP...

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