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WATCH: Toronto's LGBT Water Polo Team Strips Down And Gears Up For Stockholm Eurogames

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Toronto’s LGBT Triggerfish Water Polo team released a promo video featuring teammates in and out of their skivvies and in drag ahead of the 2015 Stockholm Eurogames on Aug. 5-9. The team, which is composed of both men and women, is set to play multiple daily matches throughout the competition, and the team intends on claiming victory.

The video, which centers around various teammates meeting up for practice, has everything you could ask for from teammates in campy drag to gratuitous shots of male players changing into speedos; the Triggerfish team has all their angles covered.

Watch the team in action, both in and out of the pool, AFTER THE JUMP...


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Slate Asks, Has Gay Panic Ruined Bodybuilding?


As with most headlines that end in a question mark, the answer is "No," though in this case the more accurate answer is, "Not entirely but it may be playing a part."

If you've paid any attention to bodybuilding over the years, even just lightly, you may have noticed that the builds have gone from simply being large and well-defined to outright massive, as exemplified by the "super heavyweight" category having a minimum weight of 220 lbs and has competitors as large as 282 lbs...and that's during competition. Bodybuilders tend to weigh more during a "bulking" phase before trimming down to approximately 0% body fat for competition.

So what's with the massive size? In an opinion piece at Slate, Adam Ragusea speculates that meathead machismo and sexual insecurity are the largest contributor to the competition's deviation from a general cultural aesthetic ideal, saying,

It’s all about making straight dudes feel secure watching oiled men flex and pose in tiny skivvies...[I]t’s a lot safer for an unenlightened meathead to idolize another man for his genetic and gym/drug/diet-fueled freakishness than his beauty.

Because this is the world we live in: evidently the only people who can appreciate the male form for aesthetics and beauty are gay men.

5 Closeted Gay Basketball Coaches Attack 'Tacit And Overt' Discrimination In The Sport: VIDEO

Andrew Goldstein

Five anonymous closeted gay college basketball coaches have spoken to Outsports about homophobia in the game and forced lifestyle contracts that are driving them to suicidal thoughts and out of the profession.

One of the anonymous players says that although the National College Athletic Association and many sports corporations have attacked Indiana’s anti-gay law, they “have been perennially silent about the tacit and overt discrimination being levied against gay people in college basketball on a daily basis.”

“As the rest of the nation moves toward inclusion in the workplace, discrimination in college basketball is taking a heavy toll.

“That toll was present in all of the conversations I had with closeted gay college basketball coaches in Indianapolis and since. Each expressed outright pain they felt living a lie in college basketball. Yet they say that lie has been mandated by coaches, administrators and school policies that at best turn a blind eye to homophobia and at worst promote it.”

LogoJim, an assistant at a Division 1 school, says he hit rock bottom because of “a team atmosphere built around years of anti-gay comments by coaches and team members.” His team “was engaged in homophobia so rampant that it drove him to that brink of suicide.”

Tony adds:

"I think about coming out every day. I want to do it every single day. I try to get myself prepared to do it every single day. But that fear of breaking those relationships or losing my job or losing recruits, it just kills me.

"When I get to be around the gay community and my friends, and when I'm home with my friends, that feeling is just becoming way more important to me than holding onto this job. I love the game but I need to have an authentic life.

"If I can't come out soon, I'm going to have to leave the sport. I can't do this much longer."

Watch Andrew Goldstein (above), the first openly gay American male team-sport professional athlete, explain "Why It Is No Longer OK To Say 'Fag' and 'That's So Gay,'"  AFTER THE JUMP

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Mickey Rourke Film Will No Longer Tell the Story of Gay Welsh Rugby Icon Gareth Thomas


The long-in-the-works film spearheaded by actor Mickey Rourke which planned to tell the story of Welsh rugby icon Gareth Thomas, who came out of the closet in 2009, has been changed for fears the U.S. film market "won't get Wales," IGN reports:

Sources close to production, however, claim the film will now be set in Ireland, and Rourke will play a character named Mick ‘The Blade’ Collins. Furthermore, the movie will now be called Irish Thunder.

The Sun's source added: “Gareth was upset about being cut out, but hopes the story raises awareness of how hard it is for gay sportsman to come out. Nobody in America really understands rugby and there are fears they wouldn’t know much about Wales either."

A play about Thomas recently opened at the Sherman Theatre in Cardiff, Wales.

Soccer Star Frank Lampard Would 'Love It' If A Player Came Out: VIDEO


With the issue of gay people in professional sports a hot topic, former England soccer midfielder Frank Lampard has said he would love if a player “came out and everyone treated it with respect," reports the Independent.

Lampard (36), who currently plays for Manchester City, was speaking with Alan Carr on Chatty Man last weekend.

The former Chelsea midfielder said the notion that all soccer players are “macho” doesn’t hold true and that attitudes towards sexuality on and off the pitch have changed significantly.

Carr suggested that of “fifty-thousand professional footballers, one of them must be [gay].”

Lampard replied:

“I think a lot of the problem is, as you say, it’s a fact that it will be out there, as it is in all modern life at all times, but I think we are probably at fault as a sport. I think that it’s that old syndrome where it’s a man’s game and you can’t talk about that. I have to say the game’s changing a lot.

“There are a lot of campaigns. I feel it in the dressing room. There’s a different feel about it. I would love it if someone came out and everyone treated it with respect. You know that thing about ‘we’re macho we play football’, is very old hat.”

In recent years, a number of players - including Arsenal stars Theo Walcott, Mikel Arteta, Olivier Giroud, Santi Cazorla and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain - publicly supported Stonewall’s Rainbow Laces campaign.

Former Leeds player Robbie Rogers came out shortly before retiring in 2013 while Aston Villa’s Thomas Hitzlsperger followed in 2014.

In 1990, Justin Fashanu suffered sever homophobic abuse after coming out and later committed suicide following sexual assault allegations.

Watch an interview with Robbie Rogers, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Indiana Jones in Real Life is Your New Summer Sport: VIDEO


Armed with 6K and 4K video cameras, a Zorb ball, selfie sticks, and a perfectly modeled piece of landscape, these filmmakers were out to create 'Indiana Jones in Real Life', also known as the best summer game you can find out in the countryside.


Because getting crushed by a boulder is much more fun when it's plastic, and double the fun if you are inside the boulder.



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