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Former NFL Star Hines Ward on Gay Athletes: 'If You Can Help Me Win A Super Bowl, I'm All Up For It' - VIDEO

Hines Ward

Appearing as a guest on Meredith Vieira's talk show, former NFL wide receiver Hines Ward fielded a question on professional sports dealing with Michael Sam and gay athletes in general.

Said Ward in part:

"If you can help me win a Super Bowl, then I'm all up for it, 'cause that's what it all matters to me."

Speaking about locker room shenanigans, Ward pointed out he's recieved his fair share of teasing as a biracial person:

"I get teased all the time, you've got to have thick skin...It's just their ignorance about not knowing what a biracial person is all about, or what a gay person is all about."

You can watch the clip between Ward and Vieira AFTER THE JUMP...

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NBA Player Blake Griffin Attempts Simulated Sex Act With Male Trainer: VIDEO


Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin was chilling on the sidelines during Thursday night's game against the Brooklyn Nets when he apparently got a craving for some simulated head from a trainer in the wrong place at the wrong time.

See the faux-llatio in action, AFTER THE JUMP...

Outsports is also running a poll asking readers their thoughts on the incident - with "Boys will be boys" currently leading in the poll's answer choices. What do you think?

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Powerful MLK Video from the NBA Features 'Barrier Breaker' Jason Collins: WATCH


The NBA is celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day with a video called "Barrier Breakers" showcasing many of the league's firsts including the first out gay player Jason Collins.

Writes the league:

The NBA has a strong history of firsts when it comes to breaking down racial barriers and proverbial glass ceilings. In this spot, we explore the strides made within the NBA that not only embody Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech, but the overall guiding principles of the Civil Rights movement.

Watch the powerful clip, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Irish Sports Star Donal Óg Cusack Explores Homophobia Worldwide In New Documentary: VIDEO

Donal Óg Cusack

In a documentary to be screened next week on Irish broadcaster RTE, the first openly gay GAA sports star Donal Óg Cusack looks at the attitudes and opinions towards homosexuality in Ireland and around the world, reports the Independent.

The legendary goalkeeper for Cork’s hurling team caused a stir when he came out in 2009.

In Coming Out of the Curve, Cusack argues that homophobia is "the last great prejudice of our time.”

0He speaks with politician Vitaly Milinov, one of the main forces behind Russia's extreme anti-gay law. Cusack also travels to the United States where he meets gay people who are happy to share their stories.

One of those stories is from rugby player Brian 'Bru' Amerlynck (right) who battled for years with his homosexuality before deciding to come out last year.

Back in Ireland, Cusack speaks with Cork footballer Valerie Mulcahy who says she found it difficult during her formative years to deal with her sexuality. Mulcahy is the first female GAA player to come out publicly.

Towards the end of the documentary, Cusack says:

"I hope that humans will evolve to a stage where this will not matter anymore. I believe that time will come but it would be naïve to think that we are at that stage right now.”

Watch an interview with Cusack just after he came out, along with a powerful speech he gave at the Foyle Pride Festival, County Derry in 2012, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Michael Sam Reportedly Engaged to Boyfriend Vito Cammisano


Unconfirmed reports are coming in that Michael Sam is now engaged to longtime boyfriend Vito Cammisano.

TMZ writes that it's "unclear who asked who ... but one of Vito's friends (who was on the University of Missouri swim team with Vito) is already congratulating the couple about it on Twitter ... and Sam "liked" her post."

Page Six reports the couple got engaged in Rome during their European vacation through Italy and Spain. Sam turned 25 on Wednesday. 

Congrats to the happy couple if reports are true!

Watch a clip of Sam discussing his thoughts on marriage for last month's Oprah Winfrey Network documentary (and more shots from the European vacation), AFTER THE JUMP...

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Outsports names Tony Dungy 'A--hole Of The Year': VIDEO


It takes a pretty big a--hole to beat out Russian President Vladimir Putin, but that's precisely what NFL-coach-turned-NBC-analyst Tony Dungy has done. 

In a year when Michael Sam was by far the No. 1 gay sports story, it's no surprise that the LGBT site Outsports has chosen as its "A--hole of the Year" one of Sam's biggest detractors. 

Outsports named Dungy (above left) "A--hole Of The Year" for his statement in July that he would not have drafted Sam, the NFL's first openly gay player — and for a subsequent attempt to cover up his homophobia by saying the statement was based on the fact that Sam's presence would be a distraction, not his sexual orientation. 

The deeply religious Dungy's attempted cover-up was pretty obvious given his record — which includes support for an anti-gay hate group in Indiana in 2007 and a tweet last year saying he didn't agree with openly gay NBA player Jason Collins' "lifestyle."

And Dungy's argument that Sam's presence would be a distraction seems awfully hypocritical — and that much more homophobic — in light of his previous support for other NFL players including dog-killer Michael Vick and wife-beater Ray Rice. 

All of which has continued to fuel speculation that Dungy's son, who committed suicide in 2005, was gay, according to Outsports' Cyd Ziegler: 

It's shameful that NBC continues to give this man a platform from which he can push LGBT athletes and youth deeper into the closet. ... 

People like Dungy are the worst part of sports: heralded for their "fatherly" position to some players and given a pass for creating a dynamic in sports where gay athletes are driven by fear. He needlessly gives Christians in sport a very bad name, and his designation of "father figure" in the NFL gives validity to the anti-gay beliefs of others.

Watch a video in which Ziegler plays Dungy's alter ego, AFTER THE JUMP ... 

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