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Canadian Gay Adult Film Actor Found Guilty In Savage Murder, Dismemberment Of Chinese Student


The Quebec Superior Court found Canadian gay adult film actor Luka Rocca Magnotta guilty of first degree murder, among four other related charges, and sentenced to life imprisonment with no chance of applying for parole for 25 years for the brutal dismemberment and shocking murder of Chinese student Lin Jun reports Global NewsLin Diran, the father of Lin Jun, was present at the trial for the verdict while the rest of Lin's family lives in China. Lin Diran read an emotional statement after the conclusion of the trial.

Said Lin Diran:

"In one night, we lost a lifetime of hope, our futures, parts of our past. We do not want to tell our story because it is too sad to repeat. We cannot talk much about Lin Jun without talking about his murder. The murder has robbed us not only of Lin Jun but our ability to think and talk about him without feeling pain and shame."

Magnotta did not testify throughout the duration of the trial. Several defense psychiatrists testified Magnotta was schizophrenic and was in a state of psychosis when he killed Lin; others, testifying for the prosecution, said Magnotta had a personality disorder, with some citing his narcissistic behavior, and had the capacity to know the difference between right and wrong.

Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 3.46.34 PMThe macabre nature of the crime made news around the world, with the story of Magnotta recording his murder of Lin Jun and mailing one of Jun's feet to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, while scattering the rest in public around parts of Canada is straight out of a horror movie. Magnotta's violent history began when he recorded himself on video killing kittens and posting the videos to the web. In 2010, an animal rights group connected Magnotta to the videos however, Magnotta spoke with the British tabloid The Sun, denying his involvement in the killing of the animals.

Magnotta also claimed he was dating Canadian serial killer Karla Homolka who, along with her husband, raped, murdered and tortured three school children including Homolka's younger sister. In May 2012, Magnotta kidnapped Jun and another man (whom he later let go), and videoed himself murdering Jun with an ice pick, which appears to be a sick homage to "Basic Instinct," and later committed necrophiliac acts on Jun's body. Magnotta posted "teasers" of the killing to the web calling the act, amongst others, "1 Lunatic, 1 Ice Pick."

After the mailings, Magnotta fled to Europe. In June 2012, a patron at a Berlin internet cafe recognized Magnotta, who was reading articles about himself on one of the computers, and called the police who arrested the deranged killer. At the conclusion of the trial, Magnotta did not apologize, or express remorse, about the killing to the court or Jun's father. Quebec Superior Court Justice Guy Cournoyer thanked the jury for performing their duties, especially after being subjected to horrifying video and image evidence of the crime.

Said Cournoyer: 

"We’ve asked a lot of you and you rose to the occasion and indeed proved that real and substantive justice is a reality in action. While it may not always be obvious to everyone, a jury trial is one of the most unfailing tests of a civilized country."

Justin Bieber's Overalls Cause International Twitter Incident


Nobody was happy with Justin Bieber's choice of dress to accept the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal from Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper over the weekend.

Twitter in particular was outraged.

Tweeted Bieber: “I met the Prime Minister in overalls lol"

And Harper showed class in response: “In fairness to @justinbieber, I told him I would be wearing my overalls too.”

Bieber explained later: “The pic of me and the Prime Minister was taken in a room in the arena where i was performing at that day. I walked straight from my meet and greet to him, if you 'Hayley' expect me to have a change of clothes let a loan a suit at that specific time that’s crazy, It wasn’t like it was like I was going into his environment we were at a hockey arena. Wow am i ever white trash hayley peterson lol.”

Canadian PM Harper Won't Reopen Debate on Gay Marriage Over Govt. Plans to Invalidate Thousands of Them: VIDEO


The news this morning that Canada's government has "served notice that same-sex couples who came to Canada since 2004 to get married are not legally wed" will not move PM Stephen Harper to reopen the debate on same-sex marriage, he told press today.

The NDP's Olivia Chow said Harper was sending out confusing messages about the government's intentions, calling the about-face ``hugely embarrassing.''

``You can't say that you support gay marriage and then have lawyers say that you don't in court,'' Chow said at a news conference at her Toronto office.

``It's a very backwards way, and I think it will disappoint a lot of Canadians.''

Chow said if the flip-flop was truly a misunderstanding, the prime minister can easily resolve the matter by instructing the government's lawyer in the divorce case to use a different argument.


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News: Winnipeg, Brenda Dickson, Nepal, Sam Adams, Stephen Harper


Gambino mob hitman didn't mean to tell everyone he was gay: “'He didn’t want to make an announcement to the world,' said one person with knowledge of the case who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the dangers facing Mr. Mormando. 'He wanted the judge to know what risks he took — why he wasn’t just your average cooperator, someone who had simply broken the code.'"



Sam Taylor-Wood's sleeping Beckham image to appear on condoms in Spain.


Why Hello There: 'Welcome to My Home' star Brenda Dickson wrongly imprisoned for four months!


Rep. Alan Grayson launches website to document those who have died because they had no health care.


James Franco makes silent appearance on SNL.


Boston DJ Barry Scott denied new trial against Provincetown police.


Nepal to seek status as LGBT tourist destination: "Nepal government has held a series of meetings with well-known international tour operators and non-profit organisations to promote Nepal as a potential destination for LGBTs, the Kantipur online said on Thursday. Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) officials hope that LGBT arrivals will give a boost to the number of visitors to the country as the government mulls new way to bring in a million foreign tourists in the Nepal Tourism Year 2011."


WATCH: John Mayer's music video for "Heartbreak Warfare".



McCain supporters' testosterone dropped on election night.


Ethiopia pleas with international community for food aid.


Pee Wee Herman plans comeback: "I don't want anyone for one second to think that I am titillated by images of children."


Philadelphia Gay News serves as test run for U.S. Census ad.


LAPD cuts ties with the Boy Scouts.


Uganda bill that would penalizes gays with death put off until 2010: "Parliament was too busy, just now, to handle the important matter of the Anti- Homosexuality bill. Apparently it is very, very far ahead in the future, but that gives you time to check in with your MP and tell them how much you support the Bahati Bill." American Evangelicals are playing role in efforts there to exterminate gays...



Fatal men's bathhouse fire now a homicide investigation in Winnipeg: "The bathhouse's owner, Somchai Pengpharsuks, told the Free Press last week he believed the blaze was set by two men on the building's second floor. He said the incident was potentially hate-motivated, according to information he received, because the bathhouse is frequented predominantly by gay men. Both men died of smoke inhalation in a fire that police believe was "deliberately set," said a police spokesman.


Glee planning "all Madonna" episode.


Former Oregon senator to lead new recall effort against Portland Mayor Sam Adams: "The PAC's treasurer, Teresa McGuire said this time around opponents will use paid signature collectors, much the same as other nonprofit campaigns."


Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper hires homophobe speechwriter: "Referring to former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau's 1969 decision to decriminalize homosexuality, Hannaford wrote in 2005, 'Fine, said lots of people. Leave gays alone? Fair enough. But, let 'em be Boy Scout leaders? Have each other's benefits? Adopt kids? Marry each other? Ridiculous. Anybody seeking political office who suggested it would have been laughed off the hustings. Yet, the Liberals are ready to legalize gay marriage. How did we get to this point?'"

Parti Québécois leader Andre Boisclair Brokeback Skit Slammed


Openly gay Parti Québécois leader Andre Boisclair has been criticized for appearing in a TV sketch which parodies Brokeback Mountain.

The sketch features George Bush and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper shirtless inside a pup tent. George Bush fondles his nipples before throwing two cherries at Harper. The cherries then appear strategically placed atop two mounds of whipped cream on Harper's chest. The tent unzips and Boisclair, peeking his head through, says "Quebec won't get mixed up in something like that."

The sketch, of course, was immediately broadcast over Canadian new networks, prompting criticism from those who felt that Boisclair's participation was not fitting of a statesman.

AndreboisclairBoisclair appeared surprised by the negative reaction: "I did it in good faith and people will judge for themselves. But now that I see how much of a debate all of this has triggered, it's quite obvious I wouldn't do it again."

Of course, Boisclair has never been known for a platform of good behavior. When he was running for Parti Leader and acknowledged cocaine use, the candidate saw his popularity soar in the polls.

At the time, a former cabinet member attempted to explain that the reason for the jump was the mindset of the French Canadian voter: "We Quebecers fancy our heroes a little bit cheeky, defeatist, hesitant, unsure of themselves, alcoholic, a little or even a lot unreliable, a little bit fraudulent or even a little drugged. We like to say they are like us."

Even members fo his own party have come out against the sketch, but what will the people say?

The sketch is scheduled for broadcast on the Canadian station MusiMax on December 22, but you can see what the fuss is about right here:

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