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Dwayne Johnson and Steve Carell Discuss Brave Man-on-Man Kiss


Steve Carell and Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson applauded their own courage for locking lips for the upcoming feature Get Smart in an interview with the AP:

Said Carell: "The Rock has softer lips. I guess I could say that. He smells like strawberry shortcake. For me, that's why they call him The Rock. He rocks people's worlds...He is such a good guy. We just laughed that whole day. That was a total no-brainer in terms of that scene. There was never one moment of hesitation or awkwardness. He's game for anything, let me put it that way."

Said Johnson: "It was just one of those things where I thought well, you know, 'What could be the most entertaining and funniest moment that we could think of that would still make sense and still kind of root in reality?' We came up with a great kiss. 'I thought if Jake Gyllenhaal can do it, Will Smith can do it, then I can do it, too. I'm going to own it. I was like, 'Give me those lips right now. Right now.'"

So brave.

Check out the trailer, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Steve Carell Puts Out for George Clooney


Is there any Hollywood leading man that can resist the charms of George Clooney?

CarellhodWhile we're familiar with his men's room rendezvous with Brad Pitt and his ongoing love affair with Matt Damon, and his obvious flirtations with Fabio, CBS News on LOGO's Itay Hod worked the Oscar red carpet and discovered that Clooney and Steve Carell also have a past.

When Hod encountered Carell on the red carpet, Carell said, "I saw George Clooney a couple moments ago. My heart palpitated."

Moments later Clooney explained Carell's weakness: "He can say that because I was with him one drunken evening, and he puts out."

By George, pretty soon folks might start believing him!

See the red carpet clip, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Singer's Harvey Milk Film in Jeopardy as Van Sant's Gains Steam

The Mayor of Castro Street, the long-in-development film about SF Supervisor Harvey Milk which is the second of two films in development about the gay rights pioneer, looks less and less likely to be a reality as Gus van Sant's competing production start date of January 22 quickly approaches.

Milk_carellOne half of the producing duo behind the Singer project, Craig Zadan, expressed dismay to website Film Stew, and also broke the news that the project was to be the first major crossover dramatic role for actor Steve Carell:

"Bryan was supposed to direct The Mayor of Castro Street immediately following Valkyrie. And out of the blue, Gus Van Sant came along with another Harvey Milk script. So although we have been working on this movie for 16 years, where finally we found the moment in time where we got the right script, the right director and even - we haven’t really discussed this – shall we say, interest in the movie from Steve Carell to play Harvey Milk… Once we started thinking about it [the idea of Carell as Milk], we thought, 'Wow, that’s a great idea.' “So we were all primed to make it; Warner Bros. was primed to make it; and, in theory, we would have been going into production right after the writers strike. But now, with the Gus Van Sant movie going ahead [Milk, with Sean Penn in the lead role], nobody wants to have another situation like Capote. They [Van Sant, Focus] haven’t starting shooting yet, so anything can happen. But the handwriting is on the wall that if they go into production and start shooting, we won’t get to make our movie."

Last week, I reported that preparations were already well underway by the Milk team to transform San Francisco's Castro district back to the way it was in the 70's by performing a cosmetic facelift that would return classic gay bars like Toad Hall to their original sites.

Got Milk? [film stew]

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The Office Gets a Raise for De-Stereotyping Gays

Folks around the gay blogosphere are applauding last night's episode of The Office — "Gay Witch Hunt" — which focused on the unintentional outing of the show's paper supply accountant, played by Oscar Nuñez. After watching the above clip and reading the reviews, I'm sorry I missed it.

A few reactions:

NunezViva la Graham: "I think they handled this very well. they got the most laughs by making fools of those who can only identify gay people through stereotypes, which is commendable."

Queer Beacon: "In Gay Witch Hunt, it is clear that being homophobic is idiotic and ignorant. What an unbelievable season premiere. It could not have been more positive for us gays. Oh, and in a very awkward demonstration of acceptance, both Steve Carell and Rainn Wilson (the office's eccentric brownnoser paper salesman) kiss Oscar on the lips. That's Steve's crazy way of showing he is, in the end, fine with Oscar being gay. I'll take it."

AfterElton: "Humor often allows touchy subjects to be addressed in ways that get past viewers' protective walls. Last night's episode probably did more to educate viewers on why the use of the word 'fag' is inappropriate than a year's worth of well-intentioned public service announcements could ever do. But The Office went one better. Oscar was never the butt of the show's jokes—that was usually his ignorant, homophobic co-workers who think gay people wear dresses, who giggle uncontrollably at the thought someone is gay, or gullibly believe that 'gaydar' is a product to be ordered online."

Looks like I'll have to download this one from iTunes and set my DVR for the rest of this season.


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