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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #456

EVOLUTION: If atheists ruled the world. All text taken directly from online Christian fundamentalist forums.

SUZE ORMAN: T.R. Knight presents Suze Orman with GLAAD's Vito Russo award for promoting equal rights for the LGBT community in New York. Suze asked those gathered to support corporations that support LGBT rights.

G20 PROTESTS: Police move in on demonstrators at the G20 Summit in London.

RYAN MOATS: The officer who detained Moats in a hospital parking lot to give him a speeding ticket while his mother-in-law died speaks to CBS11.

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Suze Orman, Tyra Banks, Phil Donahue among GLAAD's NY Honorees


GLAAD handed out its annual media awards in New York City over the weekend. Tyra Banks received the Excellence in Media Award, Suze Orman received the Vito Russo Award, and Phil Donahue received a Special Recognition award.

SuzeSaid Banks: "You embraced me and now I embrace you in front of millions to show how beautiful you are, how absolutely amazing you are, how giving you are. And I will continue to do that as long as I have a platform. I will continue to get the message out about gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people."

Said Orman: "I want every single one of you in this room to take note of what corporations put their time and money behind gays, behind lesbians -- behind you. Do you want to continue to give your money to people in corporations that oppress us, that keep us down? Or do you want to give your money to the corporations who can help us rise and change what needs to be changed in the United States of America today."

Said Donahue: "The majority of the people in the nation agree with us. Our job now is to summon these people to stand up and say so out loud. To tell them to join us."

Glaadaward GLAAD also unveiled a new statuette for its winners. If you want specifics, it's 12 inches high, weighs 7 pounds, and is die-cast zinc, hand finished with a satin texture and plated with a custom nickel and rhodium finish for a dark luster, and comes on a black-stained ash base.

Fashion designer Jack Mackenroth filed a personal report on his blog, applauding GLAAD's choices of Suze Orman and Phil Donahue, though he had some critical thoughts about some of the other choices:

"I just really don’t understand why Tyra Banks was being honored. Because she has gay people on her show? Big deal. It’s about fashion and modeling. We are a dime a dozen in those industries. I may enjoy watching Mr. and Ms. Jay prance around the set of Top Model but I don’t think they do anything to advance the LGBT cause. If anything they perpetuate the idea that gay men are all over-the-top borderline drag queens. Nothing against them personally. I just think GLAAD should dig a little deeper. I also found it a bit offensive that Clay Aiken was making an appearance. He is another one who has been sending the message to America that being gay is not OK. He does not represent me. There are so many talented, out, GLBT people that could have been chosen. I was truly disappointed. Now I know that we need to align with our straight allies. I just think GLAAD needs to rethink some of their choices."

GLAAD's L.A. ceremony is coming up on April 18th and honors Kathy Griffin, Bishop Gene Robinson and The L Word. Others who will be appearing there are Jessica Alba, Dustin Lance Black; Balthazar Getty; Megan Mullally; Alan Cumming; Gus Van Sant; George Takei; Bruno Tonioli; Robert Gant, Peter Paige, Thea Gill, Michelle Clunie; Wilson Cruz; and Chad Allen.

Finally, they'll arrive in San Francisco on May 9th to hand out another round.

Father Tony of The Bilerico Project filed a video report. You can watch it, and see the full list of award winners from this weekend's ceremony in New York, AFTER THE JUMP...

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News: Jesus Luz, Hawaii, T.R. Knight, Kansas, Suze Orman, Mexico

 roadAppointment of John Berry, the openly gay Obama nominee to head the Office of Personnel Management, to be swift because of the waning morality wars?

John_joel  roadElton John and Billy Joel hit the road together.

 roadLuz Out: Madonna dumps Jesus.

 roadGay Wichita man gives huge collection of LGBT historical materials to the University of Kansas: "Library officials say the collection, documenting the history of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transsexuals in the Midwest, gives insight into the experiences of the gays in the Midwest. 'This addition could potentially put us on the map for GLBT materials in the Midwest,' said Tami Albin, undergraduate instruction and outreach librarian at KU. McKinney's collection of more than 160 boxes strengthens the holdings the library already maintains, Williams said."

 roadMtm Mary Tyler Moore a right-winger? “Maybe more of a libertarian centrist. If McCain had asked me to campaign for him, I would have...I do watch a lot of Fox News. I like Charles Krauthammer and Bill O’Reilly.”

 roadStudy on LGBT poor released.

 roadThat dude from the OC makes a pretty hot cop.

Carrey_mcgregor  roadJim Carrey - Ewan McGregor gay prison romance to go straight to DVD?

 roadAn update on the status of civil unions in Hawaii: "Right now the bill is waiting for Senate President Colleen Hanabusa, with the support of her colleagues, to pull it from the JGO Committee and bring it to the Senate floor for a full vote. We are working hard on the legislators. We have the support of the majority of Senators. But our opposition, made up of the Hawaii Family Forum and the christian hate groups, are, as always, very well bankrolled...

 roadT.R. Knight in car accident on Hollywood Boulevard.

 roadGay Republicans seeking alternative to Log Cabin: "Jimmy LaSalvia, a former Log Cabin policy director, said he’s had discussions with gay Republicans at GOP events and concluded that Log Cabin is 'missing a lot of opportunities to provide a voice for gay conservatives...We’re looking at a political landscape where gay Republicans aren’t represented,' he said. 'Log Cabin’s absence has left a void on the political landscape.' Log Cabin, which didn’t respond to the Blade’s request for comment, is operating at minimal capacity even as it prepares for its annual national convention, which will take place in April this year in D.C."

 roadSix years ago Shrub lied to the world.

 roadIrish MP Iris Robinson avoids prosecution for calling gays an abomination: "The Public Prosecution Service (PPS) in Northern Ireland confirmed today it was not proceeding with an investigation into the MP's comments. Robinson, who is married to Northern Ireland's first minister, Peter Robinson, also said gay people could be 'cured' of their homosexuality by psychotherapy.

 roadTori Amos debuts new music at SXSW.

Galan  roadMexico's Social Democratic Party nominates gay man and 31-year-old helicopter pilot as mayoral candidate in Guadalajara, Mexico: "The party earned about 2.6 percent support nationwide in a December poll. Galan acknowledges that winning 'is not the most likely scenario' in Guadalajara, which has been in the hands of the right-wing National Action Party for more than a decade. But he said Tuesday he hopes to raise proposals to 'improve the situation for the majority by addressing the needs of minorities.'"

 roadStill around: The attention whore of the GOP is horny for conservatives.

 roadWWD profiles Suze Orman: "One New Year’s Eve, at the age of 12 or 13 ('I can’t remember which'), Orman went to a party and hung out with a girl named Susie Kaplan, whom Orman had a crush on. 'It was late and Susie had fallen asleep with her head on my lap and my best friend Laurie Brown looked at us, got it, and started a rumor that I was a lesbian. Of course, I denied it. During my freshman year of college, I came back and said, ‘Laurie, remember that rumor you started about me years ago? Well, that was true.’'"

Suze Orman on Marriage Equality: Prop 8 Took Away a Birthright


Financial guru Suze Orman talked to viewers about her Valentine's Day wish:

"In my opinion it is such a travesty that, a few months ago, Proposition 8, in California, passed. Proposition 2, in Florida, passed. What is that about, everybody? We are taking away a birthright, if you ask me, for people to get the most out of the money that they have spent their lives working. Those people are making money. They pay taxes on the money. Every single one of us deserves to have the same financial benefits whether we are gay or whether we are straight. And therefore, we have got to do everything we can to turn that around. Every single one of us deserves to be loved. Every single one of us deserves to love. And every single one of us deserves to make the most of the money that we have. That’s my Valentine’s Day wish for every single one of us."

Watch it, AFTER THE JUMP...

(via americablog)

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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #369

YOU VOTE: More celebrities urge involvement in the voting process.

ELISABETH MCCAIN HASSELBECK: and the ladies of The View erupt over campaign allegations.

SARAH PALIN: I didn't bring up Ayers, the New York Times did.

GWEN IFILL: Palin "blew me off" during the debate.

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News: Shia LaBeouf, Provincetown, Robert Frost, Mapplethorpe

road.jpg Nominations for the Eighth Annual Weblog Awards (the 2008 bloggies) are now open. Now, we're not telling you who to nominate, but (wink, wink) there is a GLBT category!

Vf_shia_harrisonroad.jpg Something for everyone: Shia LaBeouf and Harrison Ford deck out the new issue of Vanity Fair.

road.jpg Hey big spender: Suze Orman closes on $3.6 million apartment in New York's refurbished Plaza Hotel.

road.jpg Shake-up at ABC's Brothers and Sisters: Creator Jon Robin Baitz leaving the show? "Whether this truly is Baitz’s 'endgame' in television and the end of his work on Brothers & Sisters is not entirely clear. Earlier in the same post he seems to contradict himself by indicating some level of future involvement with the show he created: 'Now I look forward to writing the odd episode or three, and being useful as close-reader of the cosmology of the show when asked.' contacted Baitz’s representation for a comment, but no reply was received (possibly due to the holidays)."

road.jpg Jude Law sees ghost of Frank Sinatra crouched at his hotel's mini-bar.

road.jpg United States of Pop: DJ Earworm presents a mash-up of Billboard's top 25 most popular songs in the U.S. last year.

Frostroad.jpg Some say the world will end in fire: Poet Robert Frost's former home ransacked and burned at what police say was an underage drinking party. "The intruders broke a window to get into the two-story wood frame building — a furnished residence open in the summer — before destroying tables and chairs, pictures, windows, light fixtures, and dishes. Wicker furniture and dressers were smashed and thrown into a fireplace and burned, apparently to provide heat in the unheated building, he said. Empty beer bottles and cans, plastic cups, and cellophane apparently used to hold marijuana were also found, according to Hodsden. The vandals vomited in the living room and discharged two fire extinguishers inside the building, on a dead-end road off Route 125."

road.jpg Former Brit boyband singer Lee Ryan arrested for assault on London taxi driver.

Ptown_2road.jpg 13 unsolved arson fires in the last 11 weeks have Provincetown on edge and part-time fire department working overtime: "The town's chief fire officer — part-time Chief Michael Trovato — is supposed to report to state authorities in writing within 48 hours any fire or explosion that results in loss of property. But those reports, called the Massachusetts Fire Incident Reports, have not been completed, based on several requests by the Times starting Dec. 11. The fire reports are usually available for public inspection and can serve as a foundation — the first responder's version — of a suspicious fire, said Hyannis Deputy Fire Chief Dean Melanson, who said he was not commenting specifically on Provincetown, and the state fire marshal's spokeswoman, Jennifer Mieth. Trovato said Thursday the reports have not been completed because the number of fires— and his part-time status — have made it tough to keep up with the paperwork. '"And because the fire chief is really exhausted and overwhelmed,' Trovato said, speaking of himself."

Hitchcock_yanduraroad.jpg Top DNC officials subpoenaed in discrimination lawsuit: "Those ordered to provide sworn testimony include chairman Howard Dean, openly gay treasurer Andy Tobias, and Gay and Lesbian Leadership Council executive Director Brian Bond. The suit charges that a campaign of infighting, discrimination and retaliation led to the illegal firing of Hitchcock after his partner, former Clinton appointee Paul Yandura, criticized the Party for what he claimed was a lack of support for LGBT causes, especially on the issue of defeating anti-gay ballot measures."

road.jpg Friend of gays Katherine Heigl gets hitched but where's the bridesman T.R. Knight?

road.jpg Northern Ireland Gay Pride controversy reaches House of Commons: "Stormont Minister Nigel Dodds has thrown his weight behind DUP protests over a placard carried at the Belfast Pride event which read 'Jesus is a fag'. And Security Minister Paul Goggins has revealed that the Parades Commission is seeking a meeting with the march organisers following complaints about alleged breaches of its code. The DUP were outraged when one participant was seen carrying the controversial placard during the colourful August 4 event."

road.jpg Book explores the "artlessness" of Mapplethorpe's Polaroids: "I thought if I could somehow bring that element into art, if I could retain that feeling, I would be doing something that was uniquely my own."


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