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The TV Legacy Of 'Queer Eye For The Straight Guy': VIDEO


When Queer Eye For the Straight Guy premiered in July of 2003, cell phones still had buttons, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court was still months away from becoming the first state to recognize same-sex marriage and no Kardashians had their own TV show.

Queer Eye was not only a surprise hit, but it also became a cultural phenomenon. After five seasons, Carson Kressley, Jai Rodriguez, Ted Allen, Kyan Douglas and Thom Filicia were household names. The original Fab Five will reunite on Bravo Sunday at 9 p.m. Eastern on a special Queer Eye Reunion: 10 Years Later, hosted by Andy Cohen.

A decade later, the reality program's societal impact is still up for some debate. Some applaud the show's ability to expose a broader audience to gay people, while others criticize its reliance on stereotypes.

Whatever Queer Eye's cultural legacy may be, it's left an indelible mark on the television landscape, paving the way for some of the shows we love today.

Check out a few of the shows influenced by Queer Eye For the Straight Guy, AFTER THE JUMP …

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Tabatha Coffey Tells Joy Behar About Her Difficult Coming Out: VIDEO


Tabatha Coffey spoke with Joy Behar last night about growing up in Australia, where her mother owned transgender strip clubs and had an attitude that forced her back into the closet after she came out. She also explains why she'll never have children or wear white.


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Tabatha's Gay Bar Takeover: VIDEO


Tabatha Coffey talks to AfterElton about bringing her 'hard a** b*tch' attitude to Ripples, a longtime gay bar in Long Beach, California:

It’s an institution because it’s been in Long Beach for so long and it was one of the first gay dance clubs in Long Beach. Forty years they’ve been there. So, for me, because it’s been there for such a long time and because it’s been in the family for such a long time, it was important to save it to me, because it’s part of the area. I think it’s important to save that and the legacy of it.The owners were really so stuck in their ways it was crazy. You know what? We’re a different community now. We’re different than we were 40-years ago. Our community has evolved. Forty years ago it was a very different community than it is now. We didn’t have as many choices as we have now. They were still looking at it in this old school way.

Check out some previews of tonight's episode, AFTER THE JUMP...

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