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Model Geena Rocero Comes Out As Trans During 'First Trans TED Talk': VIDEO


Model, activist and the founder of Gender Proud — a movement that aims to change the global perception of and conversation about transgender individuals — Geena Rocero recently came out in what’s being lauded as the first TED talk about transgender issues on the main stage.

“Gender has always been considered a fact, immutable,” Rocero said. “But we now know it’s actually more fluid complex, and mysterious.”

When Rocero began working as a professional female fashion model, she felt that she had achieved her life’s dream — her outside self finally reflected her inner self.

But for the last nine years, some of her close friends and even her agent did not know that she was assigned a male gender at birth. She kept her past a secret because she was afraid of how people would treat her once she came out as trans.

“All of us are put in boxes by our family, by our religion, by our society — our moment in history, even our own bodies. Some people have the courage to breathe free, not to accept the limitations imposed by the color of their skin or the beliefs of those who surround them. Those people are always a threat to the status quo, to what is considered acceptable.”

Rocero moved from the Phillipines to the U.S. so that she could legally change her name and gender marker. In a column for CNN, Rocero wrote:

“A personal turning point came in 2005, a year before I became a U.S. citizen, when I was traveling through Tokyo. Back then, I still had my Philippines passport and my former male gender marker, but I presented as a woman. I was taken into the immigration office at the airport and questioned for hours about my identity. I have friends in the Philippines -- where there is no law that allows them to change their name and marker -- that have these experiences every time they travel. It's dehumanizing.”

In her TED talk, she explains, “For some people, their IDs are a license to drive or even to get a drink. For me that was my license to live. To feel dignified… Many are not so fortunate.”

In an attempt to help transgender people gain their dignity by affirming their gender in government documents worldwide, Rocero has launched a petition and an IndieGoGo account to help fund Gender Proud's initial efforts.

See her talk, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Trans Scientist Critically Injured in Deer Attack

KatestoneA freak animal encounter has left Kate Stone, a Cambridge research engineer and owner of U.K. tech company Novalia, in critical condition. Stone was attacked by a deer outside of a home in a small Scotland town, and sustained major damage to both her spinal column and throat. Doctors reported that Stone was in "serious and stable condition" as of January 1st. 

The Advocate reports:

Gary Burton, owner of the Mo-Dhachaidh Guest House where Stone was staying, told the Press and Journal: "I understand Kate is critical in the hospital's intensive care unit.She was telling me she enjoyed the outdoors in the hills and camping on her own in remote places so any form of paralysis to such an active person will be a disaster. The incident is absolutely shocking and so unexpected. There are plenty of deer around here but you never hear of a stag attacking anyone. The force of the attack must have been ferocious. I went to the scene and found Kate's mobile phone smashed into tiny bits."

An official from Scotland's version of Fish and Game told the Telegraph that this type of deer attack is "highly unusual – a chance in a million.”

The buck was reportedly found in the guest house's garden, and it may have felt cornered by Stone and her group of friends. Still, the nature of the incident is disturbing and odd, to say the least. Our thoughts are with Stone as she recovers.

Be sure and check out a TED Talk video in which Stone discusses her research, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Sergey Brin Wants You to Use Google Glass Because Smartphones are 'Emasculating': VIDEO


Google founder Sergey Brin spoke at the 2013 TED conference about the company's upcoming Google Glass, in which a screen is strapped to your face via a wiry headpiece.

He spent the first few minutes of his presentation trying to trash the smartphone:

"I feel like it’s kind of emasculating. Does anybody else feel that way? You know you're standing around there, and you're just like rubbing this featureless piece of glass. There's not even anything to feel. Is this what you're meant to do with your body?"


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AIDS Ride Founder Dan Pallotta Gives Powerful TED Talk on Why Charitable Giving Industry is Broken: VIDEO


Dan Pallotta, known for creating the multi-day charitable event industry which included the AIDS Rides and Breast Cancer 3-Day events, received a standing ovation for his TED talk about how charity is dysfunctional and his plans to transform it. Pallotta is now president of Advertising for Humanity, which helps foundations and philathropists transform the growth potential of their favorite grantees.

Pallotta says there's an apartheid between the non-profit and the rest of the world that discriminates against the for-profit sector in several different ways, and it's holding back the success of the world's charities. It's what led to the shutdown of Pallotta Teamworks back in 2002 after the firing, all at once, of 350 employees, who were seen as "overhead", and Pallotta talks about this incident, and why it shouldn't have happened.

"This is what happens when we confuse morality with frugality."

Watch his speech, AFTER THE JUMP...

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How 'Power Posing' Can Enhance Your Chances of Success: VIDEO


In a recently-posted TED Talk, social psychologist Amy Cuddy talks about how practicing 'power poses' can enhance your chances of success at dating, job interviews, and other challenging life situations.

Shh. Don't show this to Mitt Romney.


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'The Onion' Takes on the TED Conference: VIDEO


The Onion is set to take on the intellectual, creative think tank TED with its own set of "Onion Talks".

Here's a preview, AFTER THE JUMP...

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