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Second Season of 'Looking' Gets a Premiere Date

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The second season of HBO's gay-themed series Looking is set to premiere on Sunday, January 11 at 10 pm ET, Deadline reports, in a block of programming kicked off by the 4th season of Girls at 9 pm, the new comedy Togetherness, at 9:30 pm.

The forthcoming series will feature 10 episodes.

The cast is featured in leather for this year's OUT 100. Check out 15 photos from the set of Looking taken earlier this year, HERE.

'American Horror Story: Freak Show' RECAP - 'Pink Cupcakes' [Spoilers]


 THAT's more like it. I stand by my assessment that the Edward Mordrake episodes were fairly weak. For a Halloween horror spectacular, the two-part story was only scary to those who have a crippling fear of exposition. Unlike tonight's episode, which was tense and disturbing and also sexy and even at times funny. ("I'd rather be boiled in oil than be on television" is no "KNOTTY PINE?!" but it was still the kind of line that only Jessica Lange could deliver properly.)

Tonight also marked Matt Bomer's American Horror Story debut, and it certainly was ... memorable. 

Let’s start with the Dandy story of the evening. But before we get into all the terrifying, twisted action, can we just take a minute to ogle appreciate Finn Wittrock?

I'll save the spoilers (and more hunky undies GIFs) for AFTER THE JUMP ...

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HBO Developing Dramedy Centered Around A Queer Black Man And His Brothers

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The creative minds behind Red Tails and Dear White People are collaborating on Bros., a new dramedy in development for HBO centered around a queer black man and his straight brothers. Originally titled Bros Before Hos, the series revolves around Kendall, a man newly out to his brothers and navigating his way through life as a modern gay man.

Much like HBO’s Girls and Looking, the buzz and early production work around Bros makes it out to be driven more by its characters’ interactions with one another rather than the central conceit of the show. Ben Jones, the series’ lead writer, explained that he doesn’t envision the show as being a black story or a gay story.

“There seem to be more stories that deal with the interior lives of black women, but it’s hard to find stories that deal with the interior lives of black men,” He explained to Indiewire earlier this year. “We’re either thugs or athletes, but there’s so much more to who we are that falls in between that spectrum.”

Bros. would be one of HBO’s first series to feature an LGBT character of color starring in a central role--a move very much in line with the general trend towards increased queer diversity in cable programming.

“We both know so many people, not just African-Americans, who question why there isn’t more programming that reflects the growing diversity of the American experience,” Jokes said Bros. director Anthony Hemingway and his reason for leading production. “So it’s incredibly satisfying to be a part of something that might otherwise be overlooked or ignored.”

Watch an early production teaser of Bros. AFTER THE JUMP... 

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What To Watch This Week on TV: A Big Week For Bomer


Check out our weekly guide to make sure you're catching the big premieres, crucial episodes and the stuff you won't admit you watch when no one's looking.

— Politics makes strange bedfellows, but it also makes fantastic comedy. It’s the midterm elections Tuesday, and Comedy Central’s resident newsmen Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert will be following all the action live starting at 11 p.m.

Two chances to see Matt Bomer in action this week, AFTER THE JUMP ...

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Worlds Collide in First Trailer for Netflix's Upcoming Historical Drama 'Marco Polo' - VIDEO


Netflix is expanding its empire of online content with its first historical drama Marco Polo. Set in the 13th century, the series will follow Polo, played by Lorenzo Richelmy, during his explorations of the European content while in the employ of Kublai Khan, the fifth Great Khan of the Mongol Empire.

Netflix released an official trailer for the show that reflects the company’s continued push into the kinds of content that HBO, Showtime, and Cinemax have dominated for years. Marco Polo looks to be a mature, adult-oriented show featuring the kind drugs, sex, and deception-fueled plotlines that would make the royal families of Westeros blush. 

Watch the first trailer AFTER THE JUMP...

Marco Polo will be available to stream via Netflix on December 12.


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'American Horror Story: Freak Show' RECAP - 'Edward Mordrake, Pt. 2' [Spoilers]


First off, the good news: In addition to Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka joining the end of this seasonAmerican Horror Story vet Lily Rabe is returning. And! She's revisiting one of her previous roles in the series.

But now the bad news ... tonight's episode was not the strongest. As the titular villain for this year's two-part Halloween episode, you would think Edward Mordrake (Wes Bentley) could have been a bit more menacing. Sure, he was ultimately after a soul to drag back to Hell or something like that, but his most immediate threat was to talk to you until you cry. Not sure how I feel yet about whom he selected, but I'm already surprised about how sad I am to potentially say goodbye to his chosen one.

Without further ado, let's pop a squat on our rusty nail toilet and settle into this week's recap, AFTER THE JUMP ...

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