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You Can Binge-Watch the Entire Season of 'Transparent' for Free Today


Those of you looking for a way to sit out the cold weather today might consider binge-watching Transparent, Amazon's Golden Globe-winning series about an L.A. family and its three adult children adjusting to their father's coming out as a trans woman.

Amazon is allowing anyone to view the entire series for free all day today. The catch is that they'll try to hook you into signing up for its Amazon Prime service at a discounted rate.

The show will be at

Also, check out our Bobby Hankinson's interview with star Jeffrey Tambor here.

George Takei Trolls TLC With the New Reality Show, 'My Husband's Not Straight': VIDEO


By now you've seen or at least read about the controversy behind TLC's Mormon-centric reality show My Husband's Not Gay, which follows four men in Utah and promotes the idiotic idea that gay people can can and should choose to be straight in order to conform to their communities of faith.

TakeiNow George Takei has come up with a way to bring equality to the situation: his parody show called — My Husband's Not Straight.

What if straight men tried the same in a gay world?

Says Takei: "These couples try against the odds to remain in their same-sex marriages. The hetero men are ready to deny their natural urges and desires. My Husband's Not Straight. Because not everyone can play gay and stay gay."

Watch the promo, AFTER THE JUMP...


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'The Amazing Race' to Feature Gay Couple Meeting for the First Time on Blind Date: VIDEO


As part of the "all-dating" twist on the upcoming season of The Amazing Race, the show will feature five couples who will be meeting for the first time on a blind date. One of the these teams is Bergen Olson, a 24 year old HR manager and Kurt Belcher, a 23 year old pageant consultant, NowNextNow reports:

Though neither have been successful with long-term relationships — Bergen says he’s had five that lasted under a year, Kurt says he’s never dated — they’re shaping up to be a good match thus far. For now, Bergen says they’ll go by #TeamFabulous.

“My wishlist was someone mature and stable in their career,” Bergen told The Wrap shortly before meeting Kurt for the first time. “In regards to appearance, tall, kind of like the all-American guy, muscular, likes sports, athletic. Good smile. To be honest, all the guys are good looking.”

This upcoming season will also feature six existing couples - including New Kids on the Block singer Jonathan Knight and his boyfriend Harley Rodriguez. 

Check out the casting interviews for Kurt and Bergen where they both share their nervous excitement about meeting one another, AFTER THE JUMP...

The Amazing Race premiere on Wednesday, February 25 at 9:30/8:30c on CBS.

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'American Horror Story: Freak Show' RECAP - 'Curtain Call' [Spoilers]


And with that, season four of American Horror Story draws to a close. Not with a bang, but with a whole lot of bangs.

If there's one thing tonight's Freak Show finale delivered, it was a high body count. Everything about this season has been uneven, from the tone to the pacing to the overall themes. The only constant seemed to be a constant stream of new characters to introduce, including one introduced in tonight's final episode. What Freak Show lacked in focus, it certainly made up for with a steady stream of unlucky lambs to lead to one particularly grand slaughter.

Of course, the downside is I'm left wondering why we bothered getting to know some of these characters at all. 

See who's left standing, AFTER THE JUMP ...

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Nighttime Rainbow Lights Up London's Trafalgar Square: VIDEO

Trafalgar Square night rainbow

Passersby in Trafalgar Square, London were treated to a minor light display from 5:30-8:30 on the evening of January 21st when a fountain spray was lit up with the "world's first 'night rainbow'". The display was there to promote the release of three new upcoming LGBT television series on Channel 4: Cucumber, Banana, and Tofu.

The trio are the creations of Russell T. Davies of Queer As Folk and Doctor Who fame, and like QAF the new trio of shows will center around the ups and downs of gay life.

You can watch the technicolor display, AFTER THE JUMP...

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NKOTB's Jonathan Knight To Appear With Boyfriend On 'The Amazing Race'

Jonathan Knight and Harley Rodriguez

Jonathan Knight of 80's boy band New Kids on the Block has never hidden his orientation, but only made a public announcement after being "outed" by former girlfriend and pop star Tiffany. Knight is continuing living openly by joining the cast of CBS' The Amazing Race next month with his boyfriend Harley Rodriguez. The singer made the announcement over Twitter:

The theme for the season is "all-dating couples", and in stark contrast to Knight and Rodriguez's seven-year relationship, five of the contestant pairs are appearing on the show as blind dates. The new season starts on February 25th.


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