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Pastor Terry Jones Places Hanging Obama Effigy with Gay Pride Flag Outside Gainesville Church: VIDEO


Quran-burning pastor Terry Jones has placed an effigy of President Obama outside his church, the Dove World Outreach Center. Obama hangs by a noose and holds a Gay Pride flag in one hand and a doll in the other. Nearby are an American flag and an Uncle Sam figure.

The words “Obama is Killing America” are written on a trailer nearby.

Jones did an interview with the HuffPost in which he explained the symbolism:

Jones said the flag was meant to call attention to Obama's stance on same-sex marriage and that the baby doll is there because the president is "favorable toward abortion."

Jones also said that radical Islam is "the most dangerous threat to life and national security in America."

He told a local news station: "It's very clearly not a death threat. It is to represent that he is to...let's say...die politically, if you want to put it like that.

Watch TV20's report, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Watch: Anderson Cooper Covers Terry Jones Quran Burning Sham


Anderson Cooper covered the whole Pastor Terry Jones Quran-burning/NYC mosque sham.  Imam Muhammad Musri (Islamic Society Of Central Florida) accuses Jones of blackmail for drumming up publicity by lying about a scheduled meeting between himself and folks behind Park51.

In part two, Anderson talks with Jeffrey Toobin, David Gergen, Zuhdi Jasser and Paul Begala.


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Pastor Won't Burn Qurans, Claims Meeting with 'Ground Zero' Imam

Some news from the Quran-burning front:

Terry_jones "Pastor Terry Jones today canceled his plan to burn Korans at his Florida church after claiming he has struck a deal with a New York Muslim cleric to relocate the so-called Ground Zero mosque. Jones emerged from his church in Gainesville, Fla., to announce his decision which he said came after days of prayer and said he viewed the supposed deal as 'a sign from God.' The fiery pastor said that Imam Abdel Rauf, the leader behind the Ground Zero mosque in Manhattan, will meet with him in New York on Saturday. 'He has agreed to move it,' Jones said referring to the Ground Zero Islamic cultural center and mosque. 'And we have agreed to cancel our event on Saturday.' ...  'Americans don't want the mosque there and of course Muslims don't want us to burn Korans,' said Jones...But as soon as Jones and al-Masri finished speaking, denials were issued that the Islamic community center and mosque would be moved away from its current controversial location. 'The Muslim Community Center called Park51 in Lower Manhattan is not being moved,' read a statement from SoHo Properties, the developer of the community center that is being called the Ground Zero Mosque."

Jones press conference, AFTER THE JUMP...

UPDATE: The Imam says he has not spoken to Jones and the Park51 has no plans to move, Defense Secretary Robert Gates called Jones earlier today and asked him not to burn Qurans; and Jones websites have been shut down by his host due to hate speech.

Said Rauf: "I'm glad that Pastor Jones has decided to not burn any Qurans. However, I have not spoken to Pastor Jones or Imam Musri. I am surprised by their announcement. We are not going to toy with our religion or any other. Nor are we going to barter. We are here to extend our hands to build peace and harmony."

Westboro Baptist Church says it's going to burn Qurans anyway.

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Watch: Gainesville Pastor Wayne Sapp Defends 9/11 Quran Burning


Chris Matthews talks to Pastor Wayne Sapp, Terry Jones' colleague at the Dove World Outreach Center, about his plans to burn the Quran on 9/11. 

Gaineville, Florida Mayor Craig Lowe, who himself was the target of anti-gay attacks by Jones' church during his election, says the town has rejected Jones:

"What Mr. Jones' so-called church is doing is definitely not representative of Gainesville," says Mayor Craig Lowe, who has declared Saturday "Interfaith Solidarity Day" in his city, for clerics, students and residents to plan peaceful events while the Dove folks torch a couple hundred copies of Islam's holiest book. "This actually presents us with an opportunity to project who we really are."

This morning in a Good Morning America interview, President Obama called Jones' plans to burn Qurans a "recruitment bonanza for al-Qaida."

MSNBC: "The president called it a 'stunt' and exhorted Jones to 'listen to those better angels' and call off the protest this weekend. 'If he's listening, I hope he understands that what he's proposing to do is completely contrary to our values as Americans,' Obama said. 'That this country has been built on the notion of freedom and religious tolerance.' The president also said Jones' plan, if carried out, could serve as an incentive for terrorist-minded individuals 'to blow themselves up' to kill others. 'And as a very practical matter, as commander in chief of the Armed Forces of the United States, I just want him to understand that this stunt that he is talking about pulling could greatly endanger our young men and women in uniform,' the president said."


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Shirley Phelps-Roper: We Burned a Quran, and Nobody Cared!

The Westboro Baptist Church's Shirley Phelps-Roper is speaking out about Pastor Terry Jones and his plans to burn Qurans on 9/11. She's angry, but not for the reasons everyone else is:

Phelps-roper Her irritation Wednesday was not that the Rev. Terry Jones and his Dove World Outreach Center's planned bonfire would offend Muslims worldwide and probably increase the danger to American soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq.

It's that in 2008 she and her father's Topeka flock set fire to a Quran in plain view on a Washington, D.C., street and nobody seemed to care.

"We did it a long time before this guy," Phelps-Roper said by telephone from a street corner in downtown Chicago, scene of the latest Westboro picket — against Jews this time, not gays.

The difference could be that in 2008 many news media outlets had decided to ignore the group's routine of spewing hatred at funerals of fallen American soldiers.

So when Fred Phelps, calling Muhammad a "pedophilic gigolo," went online and invited people to attend the burning, most stayed away.

Wonder if she's going to be bridesmaid at the wedding?

Watch: Terry Jones' 'God Hates the Quran for Being a Fag Day' Ad


The voice from monster truck rally ads invites you to watch the Quran get its ass kicked by Jesus. Featuring a special wedding between Pastor Fred Phelps and his longtime secret love hater Terry Jones.

"Please note: Said wedding may result in a hate so strong as to drain the sweetness from all sugar and whip up more Category 4 hurricanes."

Sullivan notes, "Sometimes this is the only appropriate response."


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