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road.jpg Patrick Sammon steps down as president of Log Cabin Republicans.

Paddickroad.jpg London's gay former top cop Brian Paddick joins cast of I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here, reveals George Michael used to ask him for drugs: [Paddick] famously championed a lenient approach to drug possession during his tenure. He said today: 'Every time I met up with George Michael, the first thing he’d always ask was: 'Have you got a spliff?'...'The joke wears off after a while, but he said it again and again.'" Also on board the show, believe it or not, are George Takei and Martina Navratilova.

road.jpg Pregnant man Thomas Beatie has another bun in the oven: "Thomas Beatie, who is in his first trimester, tells Walters he did not go back on the male hormone testosterone after Susan's birth so he could have another baby. 'I feel good,' he said. 'I had my checkups with my hormone level, as far as the HCG. And everything is right on track.' He says the baby is due June 12."

road.jpg Showtime and Stan Lee collaborating on gay superhero project based upon Perry Moore's novel Hero. Moore is writing the script.

road.jpg Oregon woman beaten with a rock after telling man that she's gay: "Washington County sheriff's deputies said the woman was walking along a street in Aloha on Tuesday when a young man asked for a cigarette. The woman said the man asked whether she was gay and became angry when she told him that she was. Deputies said the two struggled, she fell, he beat her with a rock and his fists, and then she escaped. The suspect was described as white, 16 to 22 years old, about 6 feet tall and slender with very large ears."

road.jpg Top Chef: New York gays form "Team Rainbow".

Gaelroad.jpg Gael Garcia Bernal gets pensive for Flaunt.

road.jpg European Parliament asks Bulgaria to recognize same-sex couples in its domestic partner legislation: " The all-party ‘intergroup’ for gay and lesbian rights has written to the Bulgarian Prime Minister, Sergei Stanishev, and members of the National Assembly expressing concerns that same-sex couples are not included in the draft legislation. 'Unions between opposite-sex and same-sex couples are based on the same ground,' says the letter, signed by MEPs Michael Cashman, Lissy Gräner, Raúl Romeva and Sophie In´t Veld."

road.jpg Brody Jenner without his bros, or clothes.

road.jpg Following the 'witchhunt' it experienced last year, Senegal's gay community is now regrouping with the aid of the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission: "IGLHRC had stepped in to respond to the arrests and condemn the violence already last year, but now hopes to be able to turn from emergency aid to the development of a forceful Senegalese movement fighting for less discrimination of sexual minorities and increased legal rights."

Gigandetroad.jpg What's the point of having Cam Gigandet in Men's Health if he's not going to show off his assets.

road.jpg Sleepless kids become fat adults. Sleepless adults become fatter.

road.jpg The story behind Commercial Closet founder Michael Wilke's departure from the organization in the wake of its GLAAD merger: " Negotiations for a January, 2009 merger had been all but finalized and, in June, Wilke and his editorial director had moved into GLAAD’s New York offices. On Monday, days after learning from his board of directors that the merger had gone through two months ahead of schedule, Wilke says he found out from an article on Ad Age’s Website that he would no longer be with the organization he’d founded seven years ago. 'There wasn’t supposed to be a shutdown,' Wilke told 'That was never planned. I know the board was very concerned about being in the black at the end of the year, so their solution was to cancel our big fundraiser and to let me go.'"

road.jpg Christina Aguilera not sure if Lady Gaga is a man or a woman.

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road.jpg Unhealthy. Nearly 40% of gay men do not disclose their sexual orientation to their doctors: "The survey found a striking distinction: While 78 percent of the men who had sex with men and identified themselves as homosexual said they had discussed their sexuality with their doctors, none of the men who had sex with men but identified themselves as bisexual had told their doctors."

Tws_2road.jpg Tricia Walsh-Smith: making a name for marriage.

road.jpg Drive to ban gays as adoptive or foster parents falls short of signatures, gets 30 day extension of deadline: "Supporters need 61,794 signatures to get the measure on the ballot. Secretary of State Charlie Daniels' office certified that 57,888 of the signatures the group submitted in were valid and came from registered voters. Cox said about 4.5 percent of the signatures the group turned in were disqualified because of errors by notaries. Of the remaining signatures, 91.3 percent were valid, he said."

road.jpg Trans man Thomas Beatie sold his baby photos to People for $300,000.

road.jpg Bahamas: Could teen charged with murder be linked to gay serial killings?

road.jpg Tribute: Lifetime to air 10-hour Estelle Getty marathon.

road.jpg Michigan to consider expanded hate crimes law: "Michigan’s hate crime law would expand to include intimidation of gays and lesbians and people with disabilities, and would make hanging a noose or burning a cross on someone else’s property specific crimes, under changes urged by civil rights groups today. Those changes will be put on a fast track in the House next month, said Rep. Paul Condino, D-Southfield, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. He said he would introduce a bill today to strengthen the state’s ethnic intimidation law."

Scottroad.jpg Cape Cod Jury rules against Boston DJ Barry Scott in Provincetown police excessive force case: "Scott was arrested July 14 after police broke up a private birthday party he was DJ-ing after alleged noise complaints. In the process, Scott claims that officers smashed him against the side of a house and repeatedly kicked him. In the subsequent months, he and his supporters have been vocal critics of the actions of the Provincetown police department. Prior to today’s ruling, he has appeared in court 15 times on the charges." Scott plans to appeal.

road.jpg Indian Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil to be guest of honor at Stockholm Pride: "I am honoured to be invited as one of the opening speakers for StockholmPride. Especially since I live in a country where LGBT issues continue to be ridiculously taboo, no matter how universally practiced."

road.jpg Christopher Ciccone to the New York Observer on the publication of his Madonna tell-all: " was like a giant fucking orgasm. Therapy I already had; this was pure sex."

Toilethailroad.jpg Hailstones blast man off toilet in Austria.

road.jpg A look at Batman's gay past...

road.jpg Pump up the volume: Brangelina twins conceived in vitro.

road.jpg As session end looms, Massachusetts House has yet to take up repeal of 1913 marriage law.

road.jpg Hartlepool: Police appeal for witnesses after UK gay bash.

road.jpg Josh Brolin makes first appearance after bar brawl: "[I'm] sorry. I'm kind of in a bad predicament right now."

road.jpg British man awarded £22,000 in damages over Facebook profile that suggested he was gay: "Grant Raphael created a false profile of his former schoolfriend Matthew Firscht on the social networking site with his name and date of birth. He wrongly stated that Mr Firscht was signed up to gay groups, had lied to avoid paying loans and was 'looking for whatever I can get' in his relationship profile. Mr Raphael, a freelance cameraman, had said the entry had been created by party gate-crashers at his flat. Awarding Mr Firscht and his company £22,000 in damages, a High Court judge yesterday ruled that the defence had been 'built on lies'. It is believed to be the first successful defamation and privacy law case involving Facebook in the UK. Judge Richard Parkes QC said that Mr Raphael was liable for the internet entries and had lied about the posts."

Pregnant Trans Man Thomas Beatie's Baby Photos Revealed


This morning on Good Morning America, photos of pregnant trans man Thomas Beatie's three-week-old daughter Susan Juliette were revealed.

Beatiebaby3I've screencapped a few of the photos here and clipped the segment, AFTER THE JUMP...

Pregnant Trans Man Thomas Beatie to Give Birth Shortly [tr]
FOX Red Eye Hosts Trash Pregnant Trans Man Thomas Beatie [tr]
Morning Joe Hosts Disgusted by 'Pregnant Dude' Thomas Beatie [tr]


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News: Howard Dean, iPhone, Lance Armstrong, Reggae, Ryan Gosling

road.jpg Russian gay activists to picket Iranian Embassy in Moscow. Nikolai Alexeyev: "We need to continuously remind the state authorities that the death penalty must be abolished."

Iphoneroad.jpg Line forms a week early for 3G iPhone...

road.jpg Ryan Gosling makes an excellent case for the white T-shirt.

road.jpg Larry Craig's bathroom stall to return to spotlight: "Thousands of members of the international media will have to walk past it when they land at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport for the Republican National Convention in St. Paul at the end of the summer. Many will feel obligated to stop and file a story. For the party that bills itself as stronger on family values than the Democrats, it likely will prove an unwelcome distraction."

road.jpg UK Study: employees who are "out" at work perform better.

road.jpg Half Blood Prince: First look at new Harry Potter film.

Beardroad.jpg Lance Armstrong gets a beard.

road.jpg Signorile on Arthur Finkelstein, the gay Republican behind Jesse Helms: "Conservative, then-closeted, Republican political operative Arthur Finkelstein helped engineer Helms' racist campaign against African-American Charlotte Mayor Harvey Gantt in 1990, as Helms was vilifying gay sexuality, blocking AIDS funding, stalling prevention and attacking queer artists. (See the ad below that was aired at the height of the campaign and which resulted in Gantt going from a a lead in the polls to defeat on Election Day). Had Jesse Helms not had the handiwork of Finkelstein, who worked for Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and various right-wing senators, he might have lost that race. Instead, we had another decade of his antigay grip on the Republican Party, as he blocked HIV prevention measures and thousands more died."

road.jpg SALON: Transgender man delivered a baby, but failed to deliver respect.

road.jpg Nicole Kidman gives birth to a Sunday on a Monday.

Obamaplaneroad.jpg Obama campaign plane makes emergency stop due to mechanical problems.

road.jpg "No Homo" the latest catchphrase to sweep NFL locker rooms: "LenDale White says to Vince Young: 'Vince, you’ve got great nips. No homo.' Did you catch the subtle twist there? LenDale has said something that on any other day might be considered gay, but, and this is key, he’s inoculated his heterosexuality by appending, no homo at the end. No homo also works at the front of the phrase but then it’s much less enjoyable because the other party has been keyed into the homosexuality of the statement that’s to follow. Hence, 'No homo. Vince you’ve got great nips.' No dice there."

road.jpg Reggae music label plans "Straight Pride Parade" in Brooklyn to protest ban of gay murder music artist Stapler.

Deanroad.jpg Howard Dean holds holiday fundraiser in Provincetown: "From a small podium Dean spoke of the enormous progress that has been made in terms of civil rights — for instance, the number of states that have had referendums on gay marriage — despite eight years under 'one of most oppressive presidents' the country has ever known and a Supreme Court he characterized as 'a disgrace. It’s interesting,' he said. 'Sometimes you have to just sit back and look. The grassroots have changed dramatically.'"

Bertharoad.jpg NBC to buy The Weather Channel for $3.5 billion. Hurricane Bertha forms in the Atlantic...

road.jpg Matt Damon checks into the Green Zone.

road.jpg Michael Ausiello: Hit TV show planning big gay twist.

road.jpg Getting away with it: Kylie Minogue breaks royal protocol as she is bestowed with the Order of the British Empire...

News: Thomas Beatie Goes Forth And Multiplies, AZ Governor Speaks Out, Baby Brolin Does Bush, Ciao For Now & More

Nm_pregnant2_080609_mnroad.jpg It's A Gir—Baby!: Thomas Beatie, the so-called "Pregnant Man," gave birth to a healthy girl today. Congrats to both brave parents! I think they have been unfairly ostracized and hope their daughter grows up healthy and happy.

road.jpg Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano came out against amending her state's Constitution to outlaw gay marriage. "I believe marriage is between a man and a woman. I don’t think the constitutional amendment is necessary. The voters of Arizona will have a chance to decide this. Personally, I’m going to oppose it. We already have a statute that defines marriage. The courts have already said the statute is constitutional."

road.jpg Speak of the Devil: The "Austin 12"—prominent gay Texan Republicans who met with George W. Bush in 2000—are not solidly behind John McCain. In fact, three are either in favor of, or are considering voting for, Barack Obama. David Greer, who was on Bush's AIDS advisory board in 2003 but who became a registered Democrat that same year, says, "As long as there’s a far right in the party, gay Republicans are way too small in numbers…to have any effect on the party. We actually end up doing greater and lasting harm to the GLBT community."

Ciao_filmroad.jpg If you do Outfest, check out Ciao by Yen Tan, a moody, introspective examination of the reactions from a man's best friend and latest Internet datemate when they meet after his untimely death. I caught this at New Fest and found it really mesmerizing. Plus the actors are hot (pictured). Official site here.

road.jpg Now wines are coming out of the closet.

road.jpg The Broadway debut of Katie Holmes, in a production of Arthur Miller’s All My Sons, is not exactly setting the world on fire.

Brolin_winksroad.jpg Hilarious! Check out pictures of a 19-year-old Josh Brolin playing George W. Bush 20+ years before the upcoming Oliver Stone biopic releasing later this year.

road.jpg The Bishop of Durham attacks anti-gay Anglicans. "The idea they have a monopoly on Biblical truth won’t do," he says. Them’s fightin’ words!

road.jpg Canada's OUTtv, an LGBT network, is all the rage after almost flaming out...and it's owned by heterosexuals.

road.jpg Img_3530_2The N and others honored at The 8th Annual Trevor Project Awards.

road.jpg The very cute Greg Siff (pictured hosting Legendary Bingo at Hamburger Mary's) is the toast of L.A. (Arnold Palmers for everyone!) with his play The Nothing Boys, based on his real-life experience of showing up for his high school reunion only to find one other person there. With good reviews from LA Weekly, Backstage and more, The Nothing Boys has been extended. Check it out.

road.jpg It's an older article, but if you're interested in Big and Little Edie, this piece is well worth reading, with recollections from artist and friend Lois Wright. Wright's My Life at Grey Gardens from last year and Walter Newkirk's new MemoraBEALEia are great summer reads about two of the 20th Century's most fascinating eccentrics.

News: Quentin Tarantino, Ugly Dog, Bulgaria, Michelangelo

road.jpg First-ever "Rainbow Parade" set for Czech Republic: "he National Party (Národní strana) sees the event as a 'pressure on the majority, pressure that is disgusting and awkward, pressure leading to social acceptation of the children being adopted by homosexual couples.' Members of the party are prepared to protest against the march. Police are evaluating potential risks in order to determine what security measures will need to be applied."

Tarantino_2road.jpg Quentin Tarantino accepts Filmmaker on the Edge award from the Provincetown Film Festival. John Waters: "You helped reinvent John Travolta as a man and I reinvented him as a woman."

road.jpg DAD: Amy Winehouse in first stages of Emphysema.

road.jpg Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa to officiate today at marriage of American Beauty producer Bruce Cohen to art consultant Gabriel Catone: "After the state Supreme Court struck down a ban on same-sex marriage last month, Villaraigosa promised to preside at as many ceremonies as possible. But when the ruling took effect last week and other political officials were presiding over same-sex weddings, Villaraigosa was in Israel on a city trip."

road.jpg Nationalists in Bulgaria plan "Week of Intolerance" in response to upcoming gay parade.

road.jpg Gay health therapist Michael Shernoff has died at the age of 57, of pancreatic cancer.

Sistineroad.jpg Book: Michelangelo hid secret messages in Sistine Chapel attacking the Pope.

road.jpg Jane Fonda on her first screen test, with Warren Beatty: "At the time I suspected that Warren might be gay, because he was so cute and had so many unusual, intellectual friends. Well, how wrong can you be?"

road.jpg Brooklyn appellate judges to hear arguments on New York Governor David Paterson's directive to recognize out-of-state same-sex marriages: "he case being heard today, Godfrey v. Spano, will consider whether recognition of same-sex marriages first requires approval from the Legislature. So far the Legislature hasn't passed any laws relating to gay marriage. Whatever decision the Brooklyn appeals court reaches in the Godfrey case is sure to be quickly appealed to the state's highest court, the Court of Appeals."

road.jpg Gerard Butler is a fashionista.

Ugliestroad.jpg Dog named world's ugliest.

road.jpg Salon bookmark: Gore Vidal's Inconvenient Truths.

road.jpg Australian city council apologizes to gays for incident that happened 20 years ago.

road.jpg SF Chronicle columnist's brief encounter with David Beckham: "Beckham is, for lack of a better word, man-tastic. He leans on a stool, wearing a crisp white shirt and silver tie, having just taken off his cream suit jacket. His hair is cut short and simple, ceding attention to his long stubble, which covers his face except for two Band-Aid-size vertical stripes shaved clean on either side of his goatee."

road.jpg They got him!

road.jpg The NYT takes a closer look at pregnant trans man Thomas Beatie: "Partly a carnival sideshow and partly a glimpse at shifting sexual tectonics, his image and story powered past traditional definitions of gender and exposed a realm that seemed more than passing strange to some observers — and altogether natural to those who inhabit it. 'This is just a neat human-interest story about a particular couple using the reproductive capabilities they have,' said Mara Kiesling, director of the National Center for Transgender Equality in Washington. 'There’s really nothing remarkable' about the Beatie pregnancy, she said."


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