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Tim Tebow's Spirituality and Openly Religious Nature Helped Get Him Signed, Says Patriots Owner

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft says Tim Tebow was signed to the team partly because he's openly religious, the NY Post reports:

Tebow“He’s a winner, and the fact that spirituality is so important to him is very appealing to me.”

Kraft also labeled Tebow’s openly religious nature as “an added dimension” that helped convince the Patriots to sign him to a two-year deal (with no guaranteed money) after five weeks on the NFL unemployment line.

Kraft even echoed the infamous comment by Jets owner Woody Johnson last summer that “you can never have enough Tebow” — a comment Johnson came to regret after the Jets barely used Tebow during the regular season and then released him in April.

“You can’t have enough good people around you, and [Tebow] has the added dimension of spirituality being so important to him, and that personally appeals to me a lot,” Kraft said.

Tebow's spirituality has extended, as you recall, to advocacy for the anti-gay, anti-choice evangelical group Focus on the Family. He appeared in a Super Bowl ad for the far-right ministry in 2010.

Landry Jones, Rookie Steelers Quarterback, Supports Gay Players Despite Christian Background

Pittsburgh Steelers rookie quarterback Landry Jones spoke with Outsports reporter Cyd Zeigler at the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) Rookie Premiere.   He discussed his Christian beliefs and the novel perspective that they shouldn't interfere with having a gay player on his team.  Asked about how Christian and gay players would mesh on the field, Jones had this to say:

Landry_jones"There's not a conflict," Jones said. "People are people and God tells us to love everybody. And so that's what I do."  

"Now, do I condone what they're doing? No, I don't think it's right," he continued.

"But, am I going to go out there and not talk to them? Am I going to go out there and be hateful and mean to them? I think that's ignorant. I think we respect and love everybody. But, there's also a moral standard there for me, and I'm going to take a stand on that. I don't think it's right, but it's their life and I'm not going to go up because someone is gay and be mean or hateful and say terrible things to them. I'm going to treat them like a human being."

Jones recalls other NFL players, the notorious Tim Tebow in particular, with his strong Christian background.  During their interview, Zeigler noticed a Biblical passage from Philippians printed on Jones' hand.  But Jones also respects the gay community, and gay players:

"It doesn't matter if you're gay or if you're straight," Jones said. "If you can play the game of football, you're going to be on a team and you're going to have a job. Just like if you're in a regular business setting. If you can do your job well, you can do your job. You can get paid and earn a living and provide for your family, whatever your family looks like." 

Jones' words echo the recent outspoken support of former NFL player Kurt Warner and recently dismissed-and-resigned punter Chris Kluwe.  And though Landry is hesitant to fully support the gay community, Zeigler suggests that his may be the halfway-there perspective we need to embrace in the sports world:

If we're going to open sports for everyone, Jones' willingness to put his personal feelings aside and treat people equally is the kind of perspective we must be willing to hear. Just as we want men like Jones to accept us, we must accept them.

Jets Release Tim Tebow

The New York Jets have released Tim Tebow, the NYT reports:

Tim_tebowOn Monday morning, the Jets cut Tebow with no pomp, a victim of circumstance. They acknowledged an experiment gone awry with a news release that said, simply, “Jets waive QB Tim Tebow.” There was no mention in that release of Tebow’s statistics with the Jets, perhaps in part because there were none worth mentioning.

He was more afterthought than asset, more distraction than revelation, a decoy who played a greater role on special teams than behind center.

Business Insider adds:

"It's unclear where Tebow goes from here."

Calling Dr. Robert Jeffress at First Baptist in Dallas...

Anti-Gay Megachurch Pastor Robert Jeffress Responds to Tebow Controversy in Sunday Sermon: VIDEO


In his Sunday sermon at the Frist Baptist Church in Dallas, Dr. Robert Jeffress responded to the controversy surrounding Tim Tebow's now canceled plans to speak to the church, and the positions that led to public outcry, Think Progress reports.

Said Jeffress:

You know, it is an amazing thing to me that a church is called anti-Semitic simply because we preach that everyone — Jew, Baptist, Catholic, Hindu, atheist — everyone must trust in Christ in order to go to Heaven. It’s amazing to me that we’re called anti-gay simply because we say sex ought to be between a man and a woman in marriage; somehow that’s construed to be anti-gay. [...]

The bad news is there is such a thing called sin, and the Bible says we are all guilty of it, and we are all headed for an eternity of separation from God. But it the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is it doesn’t matter who you are or what you have done. It doesn’t matter whether you were a Jew, a Baptist, a Catholic, a Muslim, a Hindu, a homosexual, an adulterer, a thief, or a cheat. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done, you can be forgive of your sins if you trust in Jesus Christ as your savior. That’s not a message of hate; that’s a message of hope.


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Anti-Gay Megachurch Pastor Spurned by Tim Tebow Speaks Out: VIDEO


Dr. Robert Jeffress, the megachurch pastor spurned by Tim Tebow, pushes the lie that gays are more likely to molest children. Meanwhile, AFA spokeshater Bryan Fischer says that Tebow is the latest victim of the "bigoted bullies at Big Gay."

And though Jeffress, has said that Tebow has expressed to him that he will come once the controversy blows over, that may not happen after all:

According to Jeffress, after hanging up after their “very affable conversation,” Tebow texted the pastor to say that he was “going to reconsider his decision to cancel and would be in contact with me further today. He wanted to talk to me further about it, which I said, ‘Great.’”

However, Jeffress was being interviewed on the radio Thursday when Tebow started tweeting a series of statements that contradicted that: “due to new information that has been brought to my attention, I have decided to cancel my…” “upcoming appearance. I will continue to use the platform God has blessed me with to bring Faith, Hope and Love to all those needing a brighter day.”

Just as Twitter was lighting up with the word that Tebow was taking a knee, Jeffress said the quarterback sent him another text message, telling the pastor that “some advisers around him had counseled him that he needed to go ahead and not come and he was going to stick with that decision.”

Check out both clips, AFTER THE JUMP...


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Tim Tebow Cancels Appearance at Anti-Gay Extremist Megachurch

TebowFootball player Tim Tebow today canceled an April appearance at First Baptist Dallas megachurch, a place of worship whose pastor Robert Jeffress has made extremist statements about Roman Catholics, Mormons, Muslims, gays and lesbians and President Obama.

Apparently Tebow caught a whiff of something on the internet.

He tweeted:

While I was looking forward to sharing a message of hope and Christ's unconditional love with the faithful members of the historic...First Baptist Church of Dallas in April, due to new information that has been brought to my attention, I have decided to cancel my upcoming appearance. I will continue to use the platform God has blessed me with to bring Faith, Hope and Love to all those needing a brighter day. Thank you for all of your love and support. God Bless!


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