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Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Chris Evans and Others Claim Responsibility for 'Deflategate': VIDEO


Since far too much media coverage has been devoted this week to the so-called 'Deflategate' controversy, a few Patriots fans have come forward to take responsibility in advance of Sunday's Super Bowl game.

Demand the perpetrators: "Now leave Tom Brady alone. Tom Brady had nothing to do with this because he's too busy, being awesome...And those lips. Amen. Those lips. It wasn't Brady, unless he deflated those footballs with his piercing blue eyes."


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Conan Admits He Would 'Definitely Sleep With Tom Brady' - VIDEO


On his late night show, Conan O'Brien got into the politics of girl crushes vs. guy crushes and the semantic differences between guy crushes, man crushes, boy crushes, and bromances. During the discussion, guest Elizabeth Banks suggested that her husband for instance would "do it with Tom Brady": "Like who wouldn't?" O'Brien found himself having to agree:

Conan1O'BRIEN: You husband would do it with Tom Brady?

BANKS: I don't know, if Tom Brady were into it.

O'BRIEN: You know what? I think I would do it with Tom Brady...I definitely think I would sleep with Tom Brady.

BANKS: I don't know why you wouldn't.

Watch as the pair delve into hypothetical (and heteronormative?) man-on-man love-making, AFTER THE JUMP...

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NEWS: Gym Selfies, The Economy, TSA, Lindsay Lohan, Same Love, Evil Giant Robots

Road Nick Jonas posted a shirtless photo on Instagram that has drawn the attention of many straight girl and gay boy fans across the web. Hugh Jackman posted a selfie too, but it showed less skin and a much more indimidating face.

Nick Jonas Shirtless Selfie Road A new report released by Dallas Fed conservatively estimates that the economic crisis that plagued the U.S. from 2007 to 2009 cost the economy $14 trillion, which is approximately one year's domestic GDP. 

Road After it was revealed that he had fallen behind in the polls, New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner has released a new campaign ad, saying that "quit isn't the way we roll..." 

Road Mexican rock band "Molotov" has announced that it will no longer use the word "maricon", due to a recent anti-gay attack against a Chilean teen that cost the victim his leg. Many LGBT advocates have also called for them to stop playing their popular song "Puto". However, the band defended the song, claiming that it advocates "anyone who attempts our freedom".

Road According to the U.S. Commerce Department, economic growth was reportedly 1.7% during the second quarter, which is significantly more than many economists previously estimated. 

Road Daniel Chong, the San Diego student who was left alone in a cell by the DEA for five days before authorities realized their error, has reportedly settled his lawsuit for $4.1 million

Road Singer Mary Lambert, best known as the voice of the heartwarming chorus of Macklemore's "Same Love", has released an extended, full song version entitled "She Keeps Me Warm". 

Road X-Men fans (including this writer) are rejoicing the fact that sentinels (aka evil giant robots) will be making an appearance in the upcoming film adaptation of X-Men: Days of Future Past. Trust me, if you're at all a fan of the franchise She Keeps Me Warm
(and gay parable), this is big news. 

Road According to a new report, misconduct by members of the TSA has risen by 26% over the last three years. 

Road Game of Thrones star Kit Harington (aka John Snow) confessed at a panel recently that Season 4 will be his favorite season of the show yet.

Road Lindsay Lohan was just recently released from rehab. Based on photos, she appears to be doing significantly better.  

Road New email documents released by the Department of Defense reveal that San Diego Pride Parade Organizers might have given permission for gay servicemembers to wear their uniforms before the DOD actually gave authorization. 

Road Project Runway winner Christian Siriano got engaged to long-time boyfriend Brad Walsh earlier this week.

Road A New York Appeals Court recently declared the city's ban on "large sodas" to be unconstitutional. 

Road Kristen Stewart recently told a member of the paparazzi "you don't deserve to breathe the same air as I do". How do we know? He caught it on video.

Road In an interview with Men's Health Magazine, Tom Brady announced that he will be opening up a new sports therapy center to "help athletes train smarter". 

Road A trailer has finally been released for Ben Stiller's The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty. Some film afficionados are already speculating that it could be an Oscar contender.

Road The Acedemy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has elected its first ever African-American president, Cheryl Boone Isaacs. 

Tom Brady Barks with Doberman, Wears Spiked Dog Collar: VIDEO


Mario Testino ordered Patriots QB Tom Brady to get into character for his Vman cover shoot by barking with his cover co-star, a doberman pinscher. A studded dog collar also helped Brady prepare to growl for the camera.

Watch the behind-the-scenes video of the shoot, AFTER THE JUMP...


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News: Queer History, Babel fish, Apple TV, Fur

NavySealBillboard 1NewsIcon Dogs aren't the only mammals that look adorable shaking themselves dry.

1NewsIcon An Indiana Tea Party group recently posted a billboard that reads "The Navy Seals removed one threat to America...the voters must remove the other."

1NewsIcon Pressure is building for New York City Speaker and potential mayor Christine Quinn to back paid sick leave legislation: "Considering how important this issue is to LGBTQ workers and our brothers and sisters living with HIV/AIDS, it’s disturbing that some of the most prominent and powerful opponents of the legislation come from within the LGBTQ community."

1NewsIcon Learn about the Pop Up Museum of Queer History.

1NewsIcon Lady Gaga on wearing fur: "I am choosing not to comment on whether or not the furs I purchase are faux fur-pile or real because I would think it hypercritical not to acknowledge the python, ostrich, cow hide, leather, lamb, alligator, 'kermit' and not to mention meat, that I have already worn. This should already put me in a category as one who appreciates and adores the beauty of animals in fashion, but am not a strict vegan."

1NewsIcon Former Democratic Congressman Artur Davis, once an Obama campaign co-chair, introduced GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan to voters in Virginia today.

1NewsIcon The FEC once fined a campaign managed by Family Research Council president Tony Perkins for failing to include mailing lists bought from the KKK on a federal disclosure list.

1NewsIcon GOP-allied groups are outspending pro-Obama organizations 8-to-1: "Together, the Koch brothers-linked Americans for Prosperity and pro-Mitt Romney super PAC Restore Our Future combined to spend about $31 million on ads against Obama, an analysis of federal independent expenditure records shows."

TomBradyDog1NewsIcon Tom Brady ain't afraid of no dog.

1NewsIcon Dancing with the Stars dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy allegedly gets rough with his partners.

1NewsIcon What is the nun carrying in her buckets in this American Horror Story: Asylum teaser trailer?

1NewsIcon More than 100 people showed up for a pro-equality protest in Bermuda.

1NewsIcon The Florida-based Christian Family Coalition claims it has a lot of pull in the ballot box, but only 3 of dozens of the non-incumbent candidates the group endorsed won their local elections.

1NewsIcon Evangelical leader Bill Keller is threatening to file an astoundingly unrealistic $100 million lawsuit against the Southern Poverty Law Center for - you guessed it - "inciting" to people who read their summary on hate groups to go after people on that list, including him.

1NewsIcon In lieu of wedding gifts, founder Jason Goldberg and fiance Christian Schoenherr are asking friends to donate to The Four 2012, a curated social media project aimed at getting young Americans who support marriage equality to vote this November. "If we’re going to win these referenda, young people have to get out and vote, and this is the space where they live: social media," said Brian Ellner, who I'm told is working with Blue State Digital to help organize The Four 2012.

1NewsIcon Angel Alan Celino, the mayor of Roxas City in the Phillipines, is suing a radio DJ and his manager for libel after the radio host said he goes to gay bars.

1NewsIcon Derek Thompson on why Apple TV isn't a total game changer: "Techies are conflating the idea that Apple wants to disrupt this TV-watching business with the idea that Apple has a shot at disrupting the actual TV-video business. The fact that Apple is now in talks with cable companies to deliver video to their screen shows pretty clearly that the company has all but given up on trying to license content from media companies -- the ones who own the TV shows you watch -- because it's simply too expensive."

LucyLiuXFiles1NewsIcon A lot of famous people appeared on The X-Files when they were just regular people, before they were famous people. The Awl has a handy rundown of the famous people who played minor characters on The X-Files and whether the fictional people those famous people played lived or died.

1NewsIcon I agree with President Obama: a cool super power would be the ability to speak any language. Beats sticking a Babel fish in your ear.

1NewsIcon Shia LaBeouf on the level of realness in his upcoming movie, Nymphomaniac:  "It is what you think it is. There's a disclaimer at the top of the script that basically says, we're doing [the sex] for real. And anything that is 'illegal' will be shot in blurred images. But other than that, everything is happening."

News: Romney's Papers, Denise Rich, Scientology Ban, Alligator

Batter 1NewsIcon Jon Hamm looks fine as always representing the St. Louis Cardinals at the All-Star Legends & Celebrity Softball Game.

1NewsIcon Democratic donor Denise Rich, ex-wife of Marc Rich, the investor pardoned by Bill Clinton, gave up her U.S. citizenship to catch a tax break.

1NewsIcon Tom Brady better watch out, because fellow New England Patriot Rob Gronkowski may be take over his football heart throb status.

1NewsIcon Rafael Nadal is healing himself in Spain.

1NewsIcon A teenager lost his arm after being attacked by an alligator in Florida. It could have been worse: "He's been around alligators all his life, He's smart enough, he knows if he offers him his arm, he won't take his torso. He was smart, he took the risk."

1NewsIcon Here's a not work friendly picture of actor Harry Eden's penis from the gay short Nightswimming.

1NewsIcon Absolute Deadlock: "According to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll, President Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney remain in a deadlocked contest, tied at 47 percent among registered voters and basically where they stood in late May. The new numbers reflect a stubborn constancy: Only twice in 13 surveys over more than a year has either candidate held a lead exceeding the poll’s margin of sampling error. Now, the campaign appears destined to remain extremely close in the final four months before Election Day."

RomneyMoney1NewsIcon Vice President Joe Biden to Mitt Romney, who continues to keep tax records to himself: "Show your papers."

1NewsIcon Mark Ruffalo looks hot everywhere and in everything.

1NewsIcon As part of his divorce settlement with Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise is reportedly forbidden from discussing Scientology with daughter Suri.

1NewsIcon Listen to "Runaways," the latest track from The Killers.

1NewsIcon Even Dear Abby knows that a man whose husband dies is still called a widower. Same-sex marriage doesn't suddenly invert gendered monikers.

1NewsIcon The AIDS Healthcare Foundation is waiting on President Obama to confirm or deny his attendance at the upcoming International AIDS Conference. "We are here to express our concern and dismay that, less than two weeks from the start of the conference, President Obama has yet to commit to attending it," said the group's general counsel, Tom Myers.

1NewsIcon LGBT activists and their allies in Dallas are planning a rally to support Beau Chandler and Mark "Major" Jimenez during their August 2 hearing about their marriage equality protest arrests.

1NewsIcon Writer and director Brian Sloan needs some financial help making a big screen adaptation of his popular teen novel Tale of Two Summers, about the relationship between gay and straight teens.

BjorkWorm21NewsIcon Bjork wore a worm dress while singing in Denmark.

1NewsIcon Sorry, Columbia, Missouri, but it is going to be 923 degrees next Monday.

1NewsIcon And yet another computer that can watch and learn from humans.

1NewsIcon Gay priest and equality activist Father Bernard Lynch confesses that he's been married to a man for 14-years and, no, it is not a celibate marriage. Even more reason for the Vatican to hate him.


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