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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #289

BUSH AND GOLF: President learns it's not a good idea to hit the back nine when we're at war.

TONY ROMO: Does a hatchet job on "Take Me Out to the Ball Game">.

KENT COUNTY GOP: A video (and possible ad) that the Kent County, Michigan GOP has created that paints Barack Obama as a white-flag-waiving elitist.

ANDREW CHRISTIAN: The underwear designer takes his goods to the beaches of Rio to see if the locals will make the switch.

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Justin Timberlake Submits to Fierce Ball-Crushing for Pepsi


Is it "childish and immature" to watch Justin Timberlake having his stuff crushed multiple times on a mailbox? Sure. This just-released Super Bowl spot for "Pepsi Stuff" also features Tony Romo and a dragged up Andy Samberg.

News: Interview Magazine, Tony Romo, Gayelle, Finger Length

road.jpg Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama exchange nasty radio ads here and here.

Romoroad.jpg Tony Romo can't shake off the albatross that brought down the Dallas Cowboys.

road.jpg Underground movement underway by lesbians who don't want to be called 'lesbian' anymore. Their replacement name: Gayelle.

road.jpg Washington state legislature has largest gay caucus in the U.S.: "Marko Liias, a 26-year-old Democrat from Mukilteo, started the legislative session earlier this month, replacing former Rep. Brian Sullivan, who left the Legislature for the Snohomish County Council. Liias' arrival gives Washington six openly gay lawmakers, ahead of California's five. That makes Washington the state with the largest Capitol gay caucus, according to the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, a Washington, D.C.-based political action committee. 'Anything that we can do, me as an individual, or us as a state, to be leaders on this issue and be role models is excellent,' Liias told The Associated Press Wednesday. 'The message really is, everyone deserves a stake in Washington, and everyone has a stake in Washington's future.' Liias joins Reps. Jamie Pedersen, D-Seattle, Jim Moeller, D-Vancouver and Dave Upthegrove, D-Des Moines, and Sens. Ed Murray, D-Seattle, and Joe McDermott, D-Seattle." (CORRECTION: Victory Fund issues - statement: NH has most out legislators)

road.jpg CLICK HERE if you're interested in knowing the funky name for the new James Bond film.

road.jpg And guess who else has a new name? P Diddy.

Craigroad.jpg Publisher Sandra Brant and editor-in-chief Ingrid Sischy leave Interview magazine.

road.jpg Ceremony to be held on Monday in Westminster will remember Holocaust victims, including gays: "Groups such as the Roma, gay people and people with disabilities who also suffered under Nazi rule will be commemorated through song and imagery along with victims of other genocides.The event is part of a wider programme of education in Westminster's youth centres to explore the issues of racism, homophobia and sexism."

road.jpg A closer look at finger lengths.

road.jpg John Travolta had an obsession with Heath Ledger: "I wanted to meet him because I was very impressed with him from the very beginning. His agent introduced me to him at a party, and I just fell — I used every accolade. Actors need other actors to be inspired by, and he was 'my' actor....My feeling on Heath is I don't want to lose him at any age, 28 or 88, like Marlon Brando. I didn't like his passing, he was special to me, and he was a friend. At any age you don't want to lose someone like that — he was a valuable guy. I am truly sorry and my heart goes out to everyone who knew him and loved him, and actually, my heart goes out to me, I really don't like it. I don't like it…"

road.jpg New South Wales police fight back against accusations of homophobia related to the recent surge of anti-gay violence in and around Sydney: "It should be pointed out that it can be very difficult for police officers to ask a victim whether they believe a crime was motivated by homophobia, or if it is a hate-related crime, especially if the victim has not voluntarily stated their sexuality. It is a sensitive topic that can lead to allegations of police either making inappropriate assumptions about someone’s sexuality or, or on the other hand, not treating a crime as a hate crime."

Lawroad.jpg Jude Law spends a day at the beach.

road.jpg Queerty talks to author Tom Dolby about his new book The Sixth Form.

road.jpg Berlin film fesitval Panorama arthouse sidebar featuring a bunch of gay films: "Discrimination against gays and lesbians is one of this year’s hot topics in Dokumente and the subject of several films, including 'Das andere Istanbul,' by Doendue Kilic; 'East/West — Sex & Politics,' by Jochen Hick; 'Suddenly, Last Winter,' by Gustav Hofer and Luca Ragazzi, as well as Rosa von Praunheim’s 'Tote Schwule — lebende Lesben.'"

road.jpg Maryland marriage bill gets new sponsors.

News: Tony Romo, NJ Death Penalty, Edward Hopper, YMCA

road.jpg NJ Governor Corzine signs death penalty ban.

road.jpg Des Moines Register endorses Hillary Clinton and John McCain.

Beruberoad.jpg The NYT takes a look at the life of gay historian Allan Bérubé, and his well-known book Coming Out Under Fire: "The book sprang from a box of letters. One day in the 1970s, a friend of one of Mr. Bérubé’s neighbors salvaged from a Dumpster a cache of correspondence exchanged by a dozen gay G.I.’s during the war. The men, who had met at an Army base in Missouri, were posted to different spots, but they continued to write — in particular about what it was like to be gay wherever they had fetched up. The letters found their way to Mr. Bérubé. 'I sorted them out and had a good cry,' he told the University of Chicago alumni magazine in 1997. 'It really captured my heart and raised a lot of questions, so I started doing research.'"

road.jpg Bimbo Curse: Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo hit with worst game in ages as Jessica Simpson appears at game wearing his jersey. It was the first time in three years the Cowboys haven't scored a touchdown, losing to the inferior Philadelphia Eagles. According to People, "The 27-year-old Pro-Bowler ended the game with a quarterback rating of just 22.2 – that's the worst ever in his entire career. (In comparison, his average rating this year is over 100.) His previous low? Last December, when then-girlfriend Carrie Underwood was in the stands."

road.jpg Magazine collector aims to preserve archive of Thailand's gay history.

Hopperroad.jpg Early Sunday Morning: Greenwich Village group tries to preserve Edward Hopper's Big Apple landmarks.

road.jpg PrideWorks conference offers beacon of hope for isolated gay kids: "This was the ninth year of the PrideWorks gathering, which is put on by the Hudson Valley chapter of the Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network. The conference is sponsored by numerous community groups, including a local Merrill Lynch office, the Westchester-Putnam School Boards Association, the Westchester-East Putnam Region PTA and a state senator, Suzi Oppenheimer, a Democrat from Mamaroneck. In the beginning, in 1999, there were no students, just 125 adults, mostly educators who worked with gay children. This year, there were about 200 adults along with 300 boys and girls. Some, like Michael, attended with their parents. More arrived in school buses with their Gay Straight Alliance clubs."

road.jpg Posh Spice skin pouch horrifies onlookers.

Sitinroad.jpg Colorado College students stage bitterly cold day-long sit-in to protest homophobic and racist incidents on campus: "The most recent events include anti-gay graffiti on several dorm room doors. Students say they got together to organize the event to show that they won't tolerate this type of actions on their campus or in their community. Students say this isn't in response to any one event, but a culmination of events over a period of time." (video)

road.jpg YMCA lifeguard in the UK punches lesbian after making homophobic remark: "Luke Rawcliffe, 18, of Rixton Close, Thornton, pleaded guilty to assaulting Louise Raycroft. Pam Smith, prosecuting, said Ms Raycroft was walking through the bus station with her female partner when they were approached by a group of men. Rawcliffe called Miss Raycroft an inappropriate word and without any provocation punched her on the forehead. She was knocked to the floor and hit her head...The defence added that there was an altercation with the two women and one swung out at a friend of Rawcliffe's. Rawcliffe, who had been drinking, then hit the woman on the head."

road.jpg Flyer: Britney Spears scores with "Piece of Me" video all about how the paparazzi chases that mess around. Write what you know.

road.jpg Oldest human being dies at 116.


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