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Gay Couple Considers Travel Options in New 'Hotwire' Spot: VIDEO


Travel deal site Hotwire is rolling out a new campaign which welcomes its gay clientele, including those for whom sleep is more important than sex.

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Marriott Kicks Off #LoveTravels Campaign, Showcases LGBT Community: VIDEO


What is #LoveTravels? Everyone seems to have a different answer in Marriott's new photo and video campaign for LGBT-friendly travel initiatives, and perhaps that is the point. Each couple, individual, and family brings something unique to the table--prior experiences, differing identities, their own baggage (literally)--and deserves an experience that suits them. 

CollinsSays the hotel chain's lesbian and gay travel website:

At Marriott®, there is no room for inequality. We believe that every guest, whoever they are, wherever they go, should feel comfortable and welcome the moment they walk through our doors.

#LoveTravels when you can be yourself — whoever you are and wherever you go. We partnered with renowned photographer Braden Summers to capture beautiful portraits that show the world how love travels the moment you walk through our doors.

Individuals photographed for the campaign include openly gay NBA player Jason Collins and transgender model Geena Rocero.

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New Ad for Las Vegas Suggests It's Great for Men Looking for a Gay Down-Low Connection: VIDEO


When the wife's away...


Visit Las Vegas, the tourism group behind the ad, writes: "Las Vegas means: no assumptions, no judgment, come as you are, be who you want and do what you like. When you visit Las Vegas, we encourage you to embrace who you are at your very core. A Las Vegas vacation will push your comfort zone and create unforgettable moments."

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Bearded Hottie Creates Epic Around-The-World Selfie: VIDEO

Selfie Real

With the help of a GoPro camera and a stick, photographer and “adventure rider” Alex Chacon created a 360-degree selfie documenting his exhaustive travels around the globe that spanned 36 countries, 600 days, 5 motorcycles, and 125,946 miles.

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TSA Changes Policy To Accommodate Gay Couples

Cesar Zapata and Hunter Carter

The security theater organization that is the TSA has made some changes to their screening processes and will now recognize same-sex couples and screen them together in the same way that opposite-sex couples are, the Washington Blade reports.

The change was prompted by a recent trio of incidents involving American Airlines personnel separating partners during security screenings and check-ins at the airport, most recently César Zapata and Hunter Carter, pictured above, as they attempted to fly out of Medellin in Colombia.

An American Airlines representative said of one of the incidents that the employee “followed existing security screening rules mandated by the [TSA]." Tomás Georgi, one of the victims in a different incident, said American Airlines Director of Customer Relations Tim Rhodes “dismissed my complaints as the fault of TSA and took no responsibility.” TSA has now taken that excuse away from any airline with their new screening procedures. Of course all of these problems would be avoided altogether if the TSA were abolished given that it serves no functional purpose in terms of enhancing security, but until that day gay couples will be entitled to equal indignities as those of their heterosexual counterparts.

Virgin Galactic Space Tourism Vehicle Makes Highest Flight Yet: VIDEO


Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo commercial aircraft has successfully completed yet another test flight, according to LiveLeak, this time achieving an altitude of 71,000 feet, 2,000 feet higher than their previous record. The latest in a series of exciting developments, the flight on January 10th indicated that Virgin Galactic is on schedule to begin providing commercial space flight by the end of 2014. Projects like this make anything seem possible, but would you want to travel into space? 

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